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17 Fresh Crew Cuts For Men Who Wear Glasses

Crew cut is a popular and fashionable haircut for men of all ages and races. This short hairstyle is characterized by tapered short sides and back and a longer top. If you wear glasses, a crew cut will give you a professional macho look.

To get your crew cut and glass combination, experiment with different glass shapes for your frames, frame colors, or even a mix of nuances that complement your skin tone and overall look.

Bold Crew Cuts with Glasses

Below we have listed some cool crew cuts for men with glasses. Find out your favorite crew cut with eyeglasses look and try different frames to see works best with your face shape and hairstyle.

1. Crew Cut with Rectangular Glass

When you go for a crew cut with rectangular glasses, they will help you balance all the angles from your cut.

Get that nice flirty look by styling a simple wave for your top. Also, keep a short stubble beard that you will trim every few days.

2. Uniform Short Hair With Round Black Glass

crew cut with flsat top and glasses

Round glasses are an ideal choice when you’re getting a uniform-length crew cut because they will soften your entire look.

Also, if your hair is quite rare, without volume, you can build some height. Add some hair gel on your hands and apply it to your hair, styling with a comb.

3. Professional Short Crew Cut With Black Frame Glass

crew cut with beard and glasses

Opt for a tapered undercut and a lifted top that will make your face seem elongated. Also, go for a medium beard and a mustache that you will groom every day.

If you love a more professional look, you can choose a pair of glasses with thick black frames.

4. Platinum Blonde Hair with Beard

men's crew cut with glasses

Create a wonderful contrast between your top hair and beard. Choose a crew cut and dye the hair platinum blonde, while the full beard is kept medium-length in its natural ginger color. Soften the look with a pair of black rounded glasses.

5. Spiky Quiff

long crew cut with glasses

Get a high-top haircut and lift up the front to a spiky quiff. If you want a neat look, shave your face daily and choose a rounded pair of glasses with thin frames.

6. Formal Side Part

crew cut with side part and glasses

This crew cut looks great on men who wear eyeglasses. If you want to look polished and professional try this look. If you are in the military or work in an environment that requires you to look tidy all the time, this side-parted hairstyle is the best option. Don’t get confused between a crew cut and a buzz cut.

7. Platinum Blonde + Undercut

crew cut for blonde hair with glasses

With this undercut crew cut style, your glasses and hair color will get a piece of the spotlight. To pull off this look, you must make sure your skin tone is fair and the pattern from your glasses suits.

As for the top, create a contrast between the very short sides and back and that top, which is much lighter.

8. Crew Cut for Black Men

crew cut for black men with glasses

If you don’t want to pay your hair too much attention, a crew cut is a way to go. It is low-maintenance and keeps the hair short and tamed.

It will definitely look better with a short tapered fade for the sides and a stubble beard.

9. Crew Cut for Receding Hairline

crew cut for older men with glasses

As an older guy with glasses who struggles with a receding hairline, a crew cut will help you better manage hair loss.

Maintain a short back and sides and opt for a longer top that you will style with pomade or hair gel.

10. Pale Blue Top

colored crew cut with glasses

If you have blue eyes and you crave a dramatic change, then choose an unusual color for the apex hair.

Keep the sides in their natural color, bleach the top, and opt for a pale blue nuance that matches your eyes. Go for a short beard that highlights the chin.

11. Boy’s Crew Cut

crew cut for teen boy with glasses

A crew-cut hairstyle is perfect for a nerdy teenager with glasses who wants to look cool. The top should be styled in a messy way, and it will look so chick if you tousle it with your hands.

12. Side Swooped Top

side swept crew cut with glasses

A side-swooped high top will give you height, creating an illusion of a more elongated face figure. If you have prominent cheekbones, this hairdo will help you look much slimmer.

Choose a high fade for the sides and style the hair with a pomade that doesn’t load the hair.

13. Curly Crew Cut

curly crew cut with glasses

A curly top has texture and movement and if you regularly trim it, you’ll get a hairdo that will help you get ready in no time.

Crew cuts are so versatile because they can be pulled off on any hair type and are so low maintenance.

14. Wavy Hair and Glasses

crew cut for red hair with glasses

Go for short sides and a wavy top that is connected to the beard. Use some hair gel to style the front piece, and get dark-rounded glasses that will act as the pop of color of your overall look.

15. Side Parted Pompadour + Fade

crew cut with hard part and glasses

This hairstyle is a combination of a Pompadour and a crew cut that works just fine for a guy who wears glasses. Go for a bald high fade for the sides and back and a side part.

Apply a lot of hair gel to get that flawless, sleek look and style the hair up and to the back.

16. Tousled Blonde Top

crew cut with highlights and glasses

This cute ashy blonde top will look great if you keep the sides in your natural color.

Keep a shaved face that will make you look younger and style that hair by applying pomade to your hands and tousling the top.

17. Bleached Top

tapered crew cut with glasses

Go for a crew cut with a bald high fade and glasses to spice things up a little bit by bleaching the top. Keep it short and style it slightly to the same with some hair gel. The hairstyle will last all day, and it will get that wet look.

The key to combining a crew cut with glasses is to choose a cut that flatters your face shape. Glasses must suit your personality and day-to-day style, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, colors, or patterns for your frames. Let us know in the comments area what type of glasses did you pick and how did you combine them with your cut.