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80 Incredible Blowout Haircuts for Men

Blowout haircuts became popular in the 1990s. They were most often called a taper fade. Later they became very famous thanks to Pauly-D from MTV reality show Shore Fame. He came up with a variation of the taper fade and called it “blowout.” So, thanks to Pauly-D this style got a second life in the 2000s.

There were even special blowout-style parties. Pauly-D made public appearances specifically to show people how to create a blowout hairstyle. The style became very popular among Italian Americans, South Asian Americans, and Mexican Americans. However, any man will look great with this haircut if it is created the right way.


How to Give a Blowout Haircut

how to get blowout haircut

To make a perfect blowout haircut you will need professional clippers, a trimmer with T-blade, combs, shears, hairdryer and some good hair gel and hairspray.

Use hair clippers to create the fade on the first 2 inches of length of hairline at the nape and sides. The top of the hair should stay medium length (about 6 inches).

In the end, you will get a 2-inch band of faded short hair around your head (across the back and the sides). At the same time, the hair on top will be medium-length. This is the first step to the blowout hairstyle.

After you are done the cutting, wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Then brush the hair up with a comb and pull it up and back. While holding the hair in this position with a comb, start blow drying.

Take some hair gel and lift the hair, which is left and style it up and back. The hair inside the perimeter covered in gel should just stay blow-dried. Spray some hairspray on your blowout hairstyle and blow dry it again.

While you are doing that, correct any stray hairs to stand up and angle. If your hair is curly, you can use a flat-iron to straighten it out before starting the procedure. However, there a curly blowout variation as well.


Modish Blowout Haircut Ideas

Now you know how to make a classical blowout hairstyle and you can go further. Men have been experimenting with this hairstyle for over 25 years, so they have come up with interesting options for any hair and face type.

Take a look at the 80 interesting blowout haircuts for men we have chosen to give you an idea of what a great blowout style looks like. Take some time to consider your hair type and choose the style you like best. If you are not sure that you can do this at home, any barber will easily make this hairstyle for you.

1. Curly Blowout

curly blowout haircut

Bring those ringlets to life with a curly blowout haircut. First, work a styling creme into damp hair to ensure that those curls will stay in tact. A quick blow dry will give hair lots of lift as well. If you have bangs, let them come forward on your forehead.


2. High Blowout

high blowout haircut

A high blowout haircut works on fellas with hair that is three inches or longer. Your best bet is to cut the sides of your hair short so that the hair up top contains all of the movement and body.


3. Wavy Layers

blowout haircut with waves

To get the full effect of this blowout haircut with waves, your hair should already have some layers. A touch of styling creme will separate each piece of hair to give this look loads of texture. Swoop it all to one side for the ultimate style.


4. Tapered Blowout

tapered blowout haircut

Tapered cuts are the most popular men’s styles today. Hair is cut short on the sides and gorgeous length is displayed up top. Create a tapered blowout haircut for added height and a little extra personality.


5. Pompadour Blowout

blowout pompadour

Show off your most sophisticated self with this sleek blowout pompadour. Hair should be buzzed on the sides of the head and given a deep side part on one side. To create the pompadour, start directly at the root to give maximum height.


6. Blowout for Thick Hair

blowout fade haircut

Lots of guys have trouble maintaining their hair when it’s thick. Blowouts provide the perfect solution so that all of that volume benefits your overall look. Buzz hair tightly at the sides in a tapered style as you work your way up.


7. Blowout for Long Locks

long blowout haircut

A little styling goes a long way on long hair for men. This long blowout haircut creates height at the root while pushing all of your hair back for a clean and sexy vibe. It works especially well to reveal your face if you have facial hair that covers your cheeks and chin.


8. Straight Blowout

straight blowout haircut

Straight locks often make styling a breeze, and this straight blowout haircut is no exception. Blow hair up and away from the top of your forehead to open up the appearance of your gorgeous face. Favor one side over the other for the best style.


9. Piecey Blowout

blowout haircut for guys

Your hair doesn’t have to move as one entity, a piecey look is not only natural but takes away a lot of stress when styling. Hair should be blown out straight and pushed back, but don’t worry about perfection.


10. Blowout with Part

blowout haircut for guys

A blowout with a part is polished way to style your hair while adding shape and dimension to your face. Create a part on your best side and cut hair close to the scalp while letting longer locks fall over the other side. Blow hair out and back with a little styling product and you’re reading to go!


11. Spikes

blowout hair for men

This blowout haircut is perfect for men with curly hair. There is no need to straighten them. All you need to do is add some hair gel to the middle part and not use any hairspray. Style the hair with your fingers to make some spikes. You can also try these popular undercut hairstyles to get a unique look.


12. Brushed Up blowout Fades

spiky blowout hair

This hairstyle is achieved without too much shaving. In fact, it is an imitation of the blowout fade hairstyle. The look is achieved by styling the hair with a lot of hair gel. Style the beard as you prefer and just push the hair upwards. You’re done!


13. Afro blowout

20 Blowout Haircuts for Men 3

African American men are lucky to have hair which doesn’t need almost any hair gel to look perfect in a blowout hairstyle. All that needs to be done is proper shaving of the lower hairline to create a blowout impression.

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14. Short blowout

Blowout Haircuts

This short hairstyle is more of an undercut, but still can be considered a blowout, since the hair is shaved the way it would be in a classical blowout fade hairstyle. The advantage of this cut is that it requires absolutely no maintenance.


15. Straight blowout

blowout haircut for boys

This type of blowout hairstyle could be considered a classic if not for the little amount of hair gel used. This will fit men with no love for the hair products. However, some hairspray will still need to be used to keep the style intact.


16. Blowout fade haircut

blowout fade haircut for men

If you don’t want to make a straight out blowout, there is a more conservative way to go about it. Make a fade to surround the hair on top and then style the top part to be as much of a blowout as possible.


17. The modern blowout

modern blowout

One of the modern ways to style your blowout is to forget about the gel at all. Keep the hair on top short so it is standing up all on its own. This way you’ll be free from using any hair products. In the end, the result is still pretty good.


18. The classics

blowout fade haircuts for Men

This is what the classical African American blowout hairstyle looks like. The hair is properly shaved to create a circle around the head which outlines the top part. The hair on top is left about 5-6 inches long and styled with the use of some hair gel.


19. Blowout art

20 Blowout Haircuts for Men 12

When you are shaving some hair off, regardless the style you are making, there is always room for art. So when the shaving is done for the blowout, there is a lot of room for creativity. Go for lines or geometrical shapes to make your blowout haircut look even more amazing.


20. Long blowout

long blowout haircut

A blowout look can be achieved without shaving. All you need to do is keep the hair on the sides short and style the top part on the blowout way. Since you are being a little lazy with the shaved part, make sure to do your best with the top part styling.


21. Cowlick blowout

20 Blowout Haircuts for Men 14

Make sure to get a little creative with the long part of your blowout haircut. Style it upwards as supposed to be in a classical look and curl down the bangs to create a cowlick appearance, which is one of the quite popular unique ways to go about styling the fringe.


22. Wild blowout

Blowout Hairstyle

If your hair is long enough you can create a really wild blowout. Shave the hair the way the blowout style dictates and then get creative with the top part. You can make anything from a wild mess to a textured pompadour.


23. Asymmetrical blowout

long blow out fade

Classical blowouts stayed in the past. The modern times dictate more unique ideas. Go for asymmetrical styling of the upper part of your blowout and you are sure to look amazing. Don’t be afraid to use the hair gel. It is a compulsory part of any blowout style.


24. Low blowout

mens low fade blowout haircut

If you are not big friends with hair gel, you have a chance to go for more subtle blowout hairstyle such as this low example. Keep your hair styled in a sleek way to create less volume. This hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve and keep intact.


25. Side parted blowout

20 Blowout Haircuts for Men 20

There is absolutely no need to make the blowout look like the one sported by Pauly-D. You can play around with the top part to create a side-parted blowout which will look even better than the classical one and is sure to turn some heads.


26. Comb over blowout

hair blowout for young boy

If your hair is not thick enough for a regular blowout haircut, you can go for a comb-over to create some volume. Make sure to keep the lower part of the hair shaved or very short and you can style the top part the way you like best.

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27. Wispy blowout

Men Blowout Haircut

Leaving your hair long enough for a wispy blowout might be complicated, but everything is possible. Style the top part of your hair with some gel to create a wispy look, which is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.


28. Levels

best hair blow out for men

When you are styling the top part of your blowout you don’t have to make it all leveled out. A great idea would be to make the hair higher in front and lower in the back. This is a wonderful blowout variation, which is quite popular among men nowadays.


29. Highlights

Blowout Haircuts for Men 25

If you decided to go for a classical blowout hairstyle but still want to add some zest to it, go for highlights. There is no reason to color most of your hair. One or two subtle strands will look great if they are dyed with a lighter color than the rest of your mane.


30. Spiky mess

Blowout Haircuts for Men 26

If you don’t follow the classics and are not leaving the sides shaved, you can go a little wild with the top part as well. Leave the hair about 4 -5 inches long and style it to be upright and a little messy.


31. Disconnected blowout

Blowout Haircuts for Men 27

This disconnected style is one of the popular haircuts nowadays. Shave the sides as you would for a blowout hairstyle and style the top part of one side to outline the disconnection. While this is not the true blowout cut, it can still be considered as such.


32. Lateral blowout

blowouts fade hairstyle for men

Keeping the top part of the hair straight and upward might get a little tiring. So you can easily play around with brushing it a little bit to the side to create a new wonderful blowout look that Pauly-D would surely approve.


33. Forward spike

Blowout Haircuts for Men 29

This blowout fade haircut is great for men with thick straight hair. The spikes can be arranged any way you like with the use of some high-quality hair gel. Make the hair in front stand out more to create a blowout look.


34. High comb over

Blowout Haircuts for Men 30

If your hair is thin and will have a hard time standing up in a classical blowout hairstyle you can make a high comb-over which will visually seem very close to a blowout. Keeping this hairstyle intact is not easy, but some gel and spray will do the job.


35. Mohawk blowout

 nice temp fade haircut for men

This blowout hairstyle is quite unique since much more hair is shaved off than usual. However, there is no reason not to call it a blowout since the top looks about the same, just a little thinner. Give it a try, you will love it!


36. Bangs

Blowout Haircuts for Men 32

Bangs can easily become a part of the blowout hairstyle. In the modern world, most of the blowout variations have been tried. So, in order to become unique, you can leave the bangs out to fall down your forehead while keeping the rest of the hair styled with gel.


37. Disconnected pompadour

Blowout Haircuts for Men 33

Shave off the hair as instructed for the blowout haircut and create a disconnected look by styling a nice and sleek pompadour up top. It can easily be turned into a classical blowout with some hair gel and a little time.


38. Curly blowout


Curly hair can easily be integrated into the classical blowout. All you need to do is shave the lower part properly and then you can get as creative as you wish. Grow long hair on top to make a stylish long afro, which doesn’t even need any gel.


39. Smooth blowout


A very smooth way to create a nice blowout style is to keep the curls subdued. Shave the lower part of the hair as supposed to be in a blowout while leaving a nice smooth cap of hair on top. This will make an amazing style!


40. Classical Pauly-D blowout


If you manage to make this blowout, you can call yourself a real professional. This classical style is made by following strict instructions. While this blowout might seem a little outdated, it surely didn’t lose any vibrancy and style.

41. Rolling locks



You can give your hair more volume by rolling your hair over. Use a barrel brush to create big rolls coming right from the roots. Use styling gel to keep your hair in position.


42. Spikes with Shaved Tramlines

men blowout hair cut for Spikes with Shaved

For the top of your style, you just need to spike your hair up and gel it into place. Keep the sides relatively short but do not shave off your hair completely. Use a razor to shave three short tramlines into either side of your hair.


43. Thin Spikes

Thin Spikes hair blowout for young boy

Spikes suit thinner hair types because you can use them to create length and volume in your style. You can put gel into your hair and then run a comb upwards through it. Alternatively, you can tease individual spikes upwards between your thumb and forefinger.


44. Angular Styling


This type of angular styling is a real throwback to the 1980s. The idea is to create a straight line all the way from your jaw to the tips of your hair. Cut the style so it has a flat top.


45. Temple Taper Fade with Sharp Spikes

Temple Taper Fade natural blowout hairstyle for men
Keeping your hairline as a temple taper fade will help to give you a great angular look. If you have very thin hair or if your hair is still growing out, it is best to create sharp spikes by pinching smaller sections of hair together with gel between your finger and your thumb.


46. Angular Afro

This Afro is a variation on the angular theme. Keep all of your cuts straight, smooth and angular to give your style a masculine look. Allow your Afro to grow upwards and allow texture on top, but maintain your angular lines.


47. Trainee ‘fro

 Trainee 'fro blowout haircut for black boy
If you want to keep your Afro even, the Junior ‘fro is a great style to show your barber. Any stray hairs which grow outside of a certain area can be promptly chopped to help to keep the style shaped and even.


48. Wedge Blowout

This wedge style cut is much longer at the front than it is at the back. Keep your wedge looking cool by using a lot of holding gel and a comb to tease your hair into a perfectly manicured style.


49. Man Bun with Undercut

Man Bun with Undercut blowout hairstyle you like
Undercut the lower layers of your hair to create a cool shaven style which segues seamlessly into your beard. Blow dry your hair and then scrape it back and up into a man bun which sits high up on the back of your head.


50. Ivy League Waves

This wavy style is perfect for the highly educated male. Although blowouts are often associated with guys like Pauly-D, there is nothing to stop Ivy League guys rocking the style too. Loose waves in voluminous hair is the ideal choice for these people.

51. Tintin Quiff with Full Facial Hair

Use lots of styling gel and a comb to tease your hair up into a quiff at the front. Offset your manicured hair with a full and manly beard. This combination shows just how easy it is to mix different styles together.


52. Frizzy Blowout

Frizzy Blowout hairstyle for men
A curly blowout style is very different from some of the perfectly manicured examples that can be seen on the list. Curly styles normally require very little styling product to keep them in check. They are great for people who really just want to get up and go.


53. Lightly Swept Waves

 Lightly Swept Waves with blowout hairstyle
If you have long enough hair to create a voluminous style, then you should be able to tease it into this style as well. Use a little less styling gel so that your hair does not stand completely on end, and then distress it a little bit with your hands to create lightly swept waves.


54. Brushed Back and Broody

Blowout your hair so that it is big and full of volume, but roll your comb backwards to create a brushed back style. Light facial hair can help to create a brilliant dark and brooding look which will soon become your signature style.


55. Rolls and Waves

blowout for men blowout hair
Mix up two different blowout styles by wearing your hair wavy at the back but with a rolled fringe at the front. A style like this might look difficult to maintain, but it should take less than 15 minutes to achieve once you have jumped out of the shower.


56. Hair Raiser

This stylish blowout is all about achieving maximum volume and raising the roof with your hair. Using a comb and hairdryer on your style can give it a lot of volume, but you can build it even further by creating a lightly tousled look by running your fingers through your ‘do.


57. All Messed Up

young men best blowout hairstyle
This style give the impression of messy not manicured. Use standard blowout techniques to maximize your volume, and then run your fingers up and across right from the roots. Do this again a few times from opposing directions.


58. Swept Back with an Undercut

Grow your top layer of hair as long as you dare, but keep the underside about 1/4 of an inch in length. Slick the longer sections of your hair up and straight back. Use a comb to add a little definition to the slicked-back hair.


59. Thick Mohawk with Integrated Facial Hair

best looking Thick Mohawk hair for men
Create a blowout mohawk by shaving the back and sides whilst leaving the central reservation of your hair looking long and lush. To integrate facial hair into your style, leave your sideburns and beard trimmed to the same length as the shaven sections of your head hair.


60. Flicked Over Fringe

blowout haircut

If you have longer hair, you can actually finish off any style with a flicked over fringe. All that you need to do is to flick your hair over from one side of your head to the other.


61. Wavy and Textured Blowout Hair

Have you ever seen a wild bedhead look turning into a fashion-forwarded look? If not yet, look at the above image, it is right here! You can achieve this look by scrunching your wavy hair with the help of hands right after blow drying and applying some pomade.


62. Thomas Knight’s Red Blowout

Ginger hair gives a whole new definition to men’s blowout hair and if you have natural red hair, it would be a plus point. So, be creative and style your hair into a textured and messy top for an intense aesthetics.


63. Disheveled Pompadour Look

Sometimes disheveled hair gives you such modish vibes that no other hairstyle can! You can achieve this look by finger combing after the blow drying procedure. It is an enchanting bedhead outlook that you can opt for a casual meet up on weekend.


64. Regal Blowout + Highlights

Go crazy with highlights! It is best for those men who want to add imperial change into their classy blow out hairstyle. The ultimate advantage of having black hair is that you can experiment with any shade of hair color, unhesitatingly.


65. Pedro Bertolini’s Charming Blowout Hair

blowout haircut for long hair

It comes under the list of that blow out hairstyles, which require minimum maintenance and styling time. All you need is a small amount of hair gel and slight blow-drying to achieve the look. The highlights are giving more definition to whole hair structure.


66. Irreplaceable Look

It is an absolute hair goal for those guys who are always in a rush to style their hair. The style might reveal that it requires no styling, but it does require styling and some effort to achieve this look.

The front hair looks styled into long messy bangs after blow drying and the remaining hair looks turned into messy curls by running the hands through hair.


67. Eccentric Faux Hawk

This guy has taken the fifty shades of green to a whole new level. It is a quite bold, vibrant and sharp blow out the hairstyle that features Faux Hawk, curvy shaven sides around the ear and tapered back. If you have guts, go for this one and grab the attention of everyone around you!


68. Clipper Blowout Haircut

If you are looking for an edgier look, but lesser than the spikes you can opt for a blowout clipper hairstyle. It works well on straight hair. To achieve this look, blow dry your hair, brushed up the top side hair and turn the strand into sharp textured by applying hair gel through hands.


69. Blowout Hair with Razor line

It features subtle blow out top, bald fade side and razor line on the sides. The razor line adds more details and funky feature to your look. You can eliminate the razor line if you want a sophisticatedly smoother look.


70. Punk Hair

blowout hairstyle for punk look

It is the best way to contour your chubby or round face shape for a jazzy look. Platinum blonde top makes the whole look even more modish. Grow a lineup garibaldi for debonair appearance. Add stylish tramlines on the sides for an uber-cool look.


71. Messy Blow Out Top with Fade

When you push forward the long curly top hair, you get the above fabulously attractive aesthetics. Grow stubble and blend it into taper fade haircut for a perfect look.


72. Spiky Blowout Hairdo

In addition, to blow dry, this hairstyle needs a handsome amount of styling product to hold the spikes in place throughout the day. If you want a more edgy look, you can go for taper fade or bald fade sides along with a perfect lineup touch.


73. Blowout with an Undercut

Scissor trim the top hair and bald fade the side and back of the head to achieve an undercut. Now, create a hard part, blow-dry the top and roll over the sides for a finished look.


74. Beyond Professional Look

This picture is saying it all! You can opt this extraordinary stylishly blow out Quiff hairstyle for your interview or formal Meetup. Medium stubble will enhance the charisma of your overall personality.


75. Push Back Blowout + Taper Fade

blowout hairstyle with taper fade

To achieve this look, you must have a few inches long hair on top which is blow dried and combed back in the backward direction later. The taper fade sides will provide you edgy and stylish features.


76. Exquisite Blowout for Short Hair

Most of the guys with short hair find it difficult to style their hair with variations. This hairstyle is particularly for these guys who finally decided to overgrow their buzz cut from the top. The blow dry in an upward direction will give a length to your hair as well.


77. Textured Blowout Fringe and Fade

Fringes can be classified as blow out hairstyle depending on the styling treatment. Here, the voluminous texture of hair clearly reveals that the hair is blown dry. Bald fade the sides and back of the head, and side swept the fringe for sharp features.


78. Classic Blowout Haircut

Here is another blow out hair idea for men with short hair. You can rock this tame look anywhere confidently. This blow out comb-over is suitable for those guys who have thin hair texture. Keep the sides and back of the head taper fade and roll over the front hair to add volume to your hair texture.


79. Impressive Blowout Flow Hair

This blonde blowout flow creates an enchanting combination when club up with bald fade and a full beard. Blow dry the top hair and turn it into soft, messy waves at the corner. The light blonde shade will give you a trendy look.


80. Silver Blowout and Tapered Sides

blowout hairstyle for silver hair

If you are bold enough to try inimitable hairstyle, you can opt for this silver blonde hair for this purpose. Leave almost 3 inches long hair on the top and tapered the sides and back of the head gradually. Blow dry the top and turn the hair into pompadour hairstyle.


All these blowout haircuts and hairstyles are great for men who want to change their style but don’t know how to go about doing it. If you are not ready for the high-maintenance classical blowout, go for the less obvious but easier to manage one. Anyone can find a suitable style among the ones we are offering here. Time to give it a try!