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23 Refreshing Curly Man Bun Hairstyles to Explore in 2024

Even if you wouldn’t think that for a pick of top 23 curly man bun hairstyles there wouldn’t even be a variety to choose from, we are here to prove the contrary. A man bun has been a thing for years now. Still, it’s managed to keep its cool and fashionable image to this date.

And even though there is something about it that women find completely irresistible, men with naturally curly hair often think that they can’t pull it off.

In hopes of changing their mind and giving a few great tips and ideas, we are presenting our top picks here.


Coolest Curly Man Bun Hairstyles

We have compiled 23 cool ideas to wear curly hair man bun. Peruse the list and find suitable one for you to flaunt your curls.

1. Low and Loose

low curly bun for men

If you are a guy who has naturally curly locks with layers, don’t leave them loose for a change. Instead, secure them in a low ponytail with or without a parting at the base of the head. Wrap the strands around to create a little bun or let the curls bend naturally in all directions. 


2. Curly Top Knot

messy curly man bun

Make a style statement by clipping the sides keeping the top significantly long. Experiment with a black to brown ombre and wrap the hair to sit on the top of the head. Some curly ends can be left to stick out for a carefree appeal.


3. Space Buns

two curly man buns

Who said space buns are for women only? Men can rock them equally well with a bit of confidence and this look proves it. African-American guys can buzz their sides and back with a subtle line up for a neat look. Style the top into two fluffy buns and voila!


4. Bandana Look

curly man bun with bandana

Instagram / hank_ge

This curly man bun is sure to make the ladies swoon all over you. The dark top turns light brown midway with blonde tips. Swirl around the long tresses and secure with pins. Add a colorful head bandana and complete the look with a trimmed beard. Simply Wow!


5. Man Bun with Braids

curly man bun with braids

Instagram / gabriel_ferrell

Mixed-race guys can show off their long curly tresses by styling the top part of their hair in a half-up bun. The remaining strands can be left loose to sway with the wind or plait them in two braids to dangle forward at the front. Eye-catching, right?


6. Side Design

Don’t chop off all that natural fluff into a boring short haircut. Instead, grow the top long enough to be tied with a rubber band at the back with a subtle puff at the front. Go for a low fade with a shaved slit on one or both sides of the head.


7. Swirled Senegalese Twists

curly hair twists bun for men

Senegalese twists are a protective hairstyle that looks equally stunning on men and women. Go for a hipster appeal by snipping the sides to keep all the attention on the long top where the strands are pulled halfway through a hair tie with the ends swaying loosely at the back.


8. Carefree Appeal

dyed curly hair bun for men

Instagram / andrehaasnoot

Why complicate when a simple hairstyle does the job? Experiment with light blonde highlights and style the tresses in a classic man bun. Remember to pull back the curls loosely to retain their natural pattern and top off with a medium facial stubble. Can’t get any easier! 


9. Hipster Vibes

man bun for curly hair

Instagram / giofilipinohair

Growing out curls with care is not an easy task but the effort is worth it once the desired length is achieved. Express your wild side by styling the coils in a man bun sitting at the front with the long ends left out to cascade towards the back. Don’t forget the colored sunglasses!


10. Chic Undercut

man bun with braids for curly hair

Instagram / ishida_3710

Asian boys with naturally straight hair can curl them for a few weeks by getting a perm. Buzz the sides to contrast against the long top styled in a loose bun/ponytail. Pull out two chunks at the front and plait them with hair cuffs at the ends for a bohemian look.  


11. Two-Toned

curly top knot bun for men

Instagram /

Those blessed with thick hair can shed off some weight with a low undercut. Try a golden blonde ombre on the dark tresses for a two-toned appeal and wrap the curly strands in a bun sitting on the top. Stylish without a doubt!


12. Pull-Through Style

curly man bun with undercut

Instagram / shanefonntane

Turn a usual curly man bun hairstyle into one of a kind. When securing the hair with a hair tie pull it halfway through leaving the ends to fall at the back. This look goes with short, medium, and long hair lengths. Finish off with a temple fade and unkempt facial hair.  


13. Thick Curly Man Bun

thick curly man bun

A man bun is perfect for the professional setting. It’s an easy style you can pull together in minutes and keeps you looking sharp whether it’s work or date night.


14. Curly Half Up Man Bun

curly half up man bun

Go for the rugged look by trying a half up man bun. The bottom half of your hair can remain its natural texture. A half up man bun is a great hairstyle for both work and casual weekend outings.


15. Curly Man Bun with Beard

curly man bun with beard

Tame your curly hair with a stylish man bun secured at the crown of your head. Control that frizz with some hair gel for an ideal work hairstyle that will have you spending only minutes in front of the mirror each morning.


16. Over the Top Curly Bun

curly man bun hairstyles

A little bit scruffy, a little bit artsy, a whole lot of practice. All in one, with a curly man bun on top!

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Tie all of the hair in a bun on the very top of your head. Make sure that it’s not too tight but that the texture of the curls is still visible instead.


17. High Man Bun with Undercut

High top man bun for curly hair

It’s practical and creative man bun for curly hair with an undercut. Very sexy and masculine at the same time, and it doesn’t really take much to make it.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: In order for this to work, your bangs need to be long enough to reach down to the back of your head. The rest is simple. Tie all of your curly hair in a simple high messy bun.


18. Messy Medium-High Bun

Medium-High Bun for Curly Hair

Business in the front, a party in the back – that is totally what this curly hair man bun style screams. What’s best about it, is that it suits everyone.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Use just a little bit of product to tame the curls on the top of your head and tie the hair in a medium-high bun with just a few curls falling loosely around it.


19. Natural Top Knot

natural curly bun for men

Want a quick curly man bun hairstyle that helps you keep your bangs away from your face to become your signature look? Check this one out!

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: If you have curls like these, don’t forget to nurture them with hair products. Otherwise, just twist your bangs into a higher bun on the back of your head, and let the rest fall loosely.


20. Two Braided Man bun 

This one is only for bold, brave and daring guys. Even though it’s not the easiest hairstyle to make, it’s definitely fun.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: If you’re not this skillful on your own, have a fun day at the salon, or ask your girlfriend or sister for help with these awesome braids that start from the beginning of your hairline all the way to a bun on the back of your head with your hair neatly parted right in the middle.


21. Samurai Bun

samurai bun for curly hair

Probably the most famous curly man bun in the last few years for both men and women is the samurai bun. And now it’s officially proven that it can even suit guys with naturally curly hair.

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Tie your bangs and a little bit of hair from the sides in a really high half-bun.


22. Curly Man Bun for Black Men

curly man bun for black men

If you’re a Black man who is growing out their natural hair, all the power to you! Try a handsome hairstyle like the man bun secured at the very top of your head to control that texture.


23. Messy Man Bun

Heading to the gym? A messy man bun may look a little unruly, but it’s actually pretty hot for men with long hair. Throw it up haphazardly and you’ll still look pulled together during your sweat sesh.


These ideas on the top 23 curly man bun hairstyles were certainly inspiring for us. We are sure you will catch a trick or two yourselves.