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20 Samurai Top Knot Styles to Get A Ninja Look

Instead of rapidly fading away, the samurai top knot or bun just continues to grow. Inspired by the long coiffed hairstyles of samurai warriors, the top knot has gained more popularity. Now it’s not just for guys with ultra long hair anymore.

The top knot consists of a smaller bun of hair formed not at the crown, but at the exact top of the head. And though you may think your bun dreams can’t be accomplished, the top knot is an ideal look for those of us with a little short of a bob.


What Is a Samurai Top Knot?

samurai top knot for men

A Samurai bun can be adorned by men with shorter hair. The top knot comes from the traditional Chonmage haircut worn by Japanese men. It dates back to the 15th Century Edo period Samurai.

Top knots are commonly paired with an undercut. This creates a strong disconnect between the volume on top and the temples. A neat, shaved side part can also be used to emphasize this. The sides can also feature a fade to neaten the finish along the nape.

The top can be slicked back and tied into a bun on or just above the crown. Alternatively, it can be swept back in a messy style or made neat. The bun itself being disheveled, ornate or a simple ponytail. It is also becoming something of a trend to go for a Ragnar Lodbrok by braiding the top.


How to Do Samurai Top Knot

how to do samurai top knot for men

So how do you get a top knot, you ask? The hair on the back and sides of your head should be clipped, not cut with scissors. This creates a uniform look that will unify the top knot and make it the most noticeable. This is also the element that separates the top knot vs man bun.

  • Begin with an undercut or fade. This is the place your hair is long at the highest point of your head and cut short on the sides. The hair on the highest point of your makes a beeline for being sufficiently long to achieve your nose when pulled forward.
  • Blow dry your hair for additional volume. Get your hair sodden first, at that point blow dry it, pulling it upward and far from the part. In the event that you have thick or wavy hair, in any case, consider blow drying it straight. This will make it simpler to oversee for this style; your hair should as of now be thick enough in the first place.
  • Apply a styling wax or grease. Rub the item between your palms first to warm it up, at that point apply it equally to the best (long) bit of your hair. On the off chance that you have thick wavy hair, think about a hydrating or saturating cream.
  • Brush your hair back with the utmost attention to detail. Utilize the brush to smooth your hair down however much as could reasonably be expected. Keep your hair between the two sections made by the blur/undercut
  • Assemble your hair into a pigtail. Slip a pin over your wrist first. Assemble your hair into a braid with that hand. Utilize your free hand to slide the barrette off your wrist and onto the braid
  • Curve the pigtail into a circled bun. Wrap the pin a couple of times around the pigtail. On the last wrap, pull the braid just part of the way through the clasp rather than the whole distance.
  • Contact your hair up, as required. Utilize your hands to smooth the hair at the highest point of your head back. In the event that you see any flyaway, daintily fog them with hairspray first, smooth them down.


Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Samurai Top Knot


Classic Samurai Top Knot Hairstyles

Following are the 20 most popular samurai top knot and samurai bun hairstyles that we have compiled for you.

1. Top Knot with Undercut Fade

Samurai Top Knot with Undercut Fade

A slightly faded undercut paired with a samurai top knot.


2. Samurai Top Knot with Low Fade

samurai topknot with low fade

This samurai bun hairstyle is a dramatically faded cut or totally shaved sides paired with a top knot. The neat curve styles up on the head reflecting a grace hairstyle.


3. Hidden Knot

men with samurai top knot

No great patience is required for growing your hair to the desired length to go for the top knot hairstyle. You can try the chirpy and simple sleek samurai top knot hairstyle to get a ravishing look.


4. Samurai Top Knot+Taper Fade

samurai top knot with taper fade

The samurai style high top knot is similar to is tied much higher than the vertex. The knot is styled at the top centre of the head.


5. Top Knot with Disconnected Undercut

Top Knot with Disconnected Undercut

This hairstyle is an unusual hairstyle among men, but men who want to look different can try this horizontal samurai double top knot. Divide the hair into two equal sections from the centerline and tie a knot in the middle.


6. Half Up Top Knot

half up samurai top knot

Instagram / ld_west

This samurai-style knot is suitable for men with medium to long hair, as the top knot requires a certain length to be pulled up. For those with thick hair, this style is a great way to keep hair manageable, as it elevates the hair off the face.


7. Dyed Man Bun

samurai top knot with dyed hair

Instagram / dwyessh_hairwizard

This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to add a touch of tradition to their looks. Also, the samurai bun is an easy way to create a classic knot on the crown of your head. The hair tie holds the bun in place while still allowing some movement.


8. Mohawk Bun

samurai top knot with shaved sides

Instagram / brysonblonde

The shaved sides create a sharp contrast with the samurai top knot on the long mohawk, giving an edgy, masculine look. This style is ideal for men who have thick, coarse hair and want to keep it out of their faces. It is a great way to stay cool in the summer and can be dressed up for a night out.


9. Curly Top Knot

curly samurai top knot

Instagram / jsentrosi

This style is best suited for thick, curly hair. The sides are low faded, while the top is styled into a slicked back top knot. To achieve this look, use a strong hold pomade or gel to slick back the top. Once the top is slicked back, pull the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a band.


10. Disconnected Top Knot

samurai top knot with low undercut

Instagram / barbrenan

It’s a modern and eye-catching variation that gives a fashion-forward vibe to the traditional hairstyle. To style it, start by using a comb or brush to slick back the hair from the front of the head. Then use an elastic band to tie the hair on top to secure the knot.


11. Low Faded Top Knot

This braided samurai topknot hairstyle with fade looks amazing and is the right one for rock stars. Make a center plait neat and style the bun at the center.


12. Top Knot with Hair Design

samurai bun with hair design

This samurai inspired top knot hairstyle is a unique and sexy one and a variation from the man bun hairstyles. Keep your long hair look more stylish with undercut sides. The long hair on the top is tied in a knot and made to look like a man bun.


13. Sleek Top Knot

This look gives you attention due to the fewer details embedded in the hairstyle itself. One thing for sure, this look gives one a clean and spectacular finish that doesn’t scream too much.


14. High Top Fade with Part

samurai style top knot for men

This samurai top knot style resembles the high man bun that is positioned at the top center of the head above the vertex. The rest of the head has a fade with lighter hair which gives hip-hop look to yours. The neat curve styles up on the head reflecting a grace hairstyle.


15. Classic Samurai Topknot

men with samurai topknot

What a stunning and amazing look you can have with the Samurai tapered undercut hairstyle. In this samurai top knot style, the back of the head and the sides are shortened in length. The hair is tapered artistically to style it into a bun using a hair clipper. Be a trendsetter by sporting this hairstyle. This is a hairstyle to steal the hearts of thousands, giving you a sexier look.


16. Messy Top Knot

messy samurai bun for guys

Messy samurai man bun is a unique hairstyle, which gives you a sexy look. The main top knot is the full knot. The hair on the top is tied into a single knot. Generally, a full man knot is at the crown of the head. To style a full top knot, the length of the hair needs to be at least 9 inches for getting a perfect style and shape.


17. Curly Man Bun

Curly samurai bun is a stylish hairstyle for men who want to be fashionable and trendy. The hair is curled and then styled into a top knot.


18. Top Knot with French Braid

The samurai man bun with braid hairstyle looks amazing and is the right one for rock stars. Make a center French plait neat and style the bun at the centre. The left and the right side can be neatly shaven.


19. Samurai Man Bun with Beard

guy with samurai bun and beard

This samurai bun hairstyle is adorable as men grow their hair long must be patient. You will need to wait until the hair is long enough to style into the knot with beards.


20. Pair with Side Braids

samurai top knot with side braids

In this Samurai hairstyle, side plait with samurai top knot hairstyle looks jazzy for rock stars and singers. If you are into music you must give it a try. Make the side plait neat and style the bun at the vertex of the head.


Samurai top knot or samurai bun un can truly zest up your look and make you look like a model, tense and loose. Besides, we suggest blending your samurai haircut with full facial hair or even light stubble. The whiskers and a full head of hair pass on a feeling of masculinity, also it just looks absolutely hot.