25 Most Attractive Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles

It’s no secret that the man bun undercut is a popular choice of hairstyle for men and it’s also no secret why. The cut allows men who prefer lengthy locks to keep them but the undercut makes the style low maintenance and edgy.

Anyone can rock the look, you just need to have medium to long hair or enough to gather into a man bun. We’ve gathered 25 of the best man bun undercut hairstyles that you should give some thought to if you’re looking to update your look!


Man Bun Undercut

Prepare to be inspired with the 25 man bun undercut hairstyles below!

1. Smooth Hair

short hair man bun with undercut

Rock a man bun with your short hair by adding the undercut to it. Smooth back the top hair when you’re heading out on a date night or need to look extra spiffy for a special occasion.


2. Gradual Fade

Your undercut fade can look even better with the gradual fade feature. Secure your hair into a messy top knot man bun to draw attention to your detailed sides.


3. Curly Hair

curly man bun with undercut

Having a little trouble taming your curly hair? Get those unruly locks into shape by securing them in a man bun with an undercut. This low bun is just above the neck and still shows off texture.


4. Tiny Man Bun

For the Asian man with thin hair, gather it up into a tiny man bun secured midway in the back of the head, using the undercut for edge. Use product to smooth hair free of frizz.


5. Curly Twists

For Black men with twist hair, a large man bun is just the look. With an undercut, you’ll draw attention to your handsome cheekbones and you’ll still be able to show off those twists.


6. Square Undercut

Long thick hair is extra handsome in a high man bun. Instead of rounding out your undercut fade at the neck, try going for a square shape for an unexpected pop of detail.


7. Undercut Fade with Bushy Beard

Men with long hair will love how quickly they can pull together this look. Hair is secured in a high rounded man bun and the undercut fade is a great contrast to a bushy beard.


8. Braided Man Bun

A low undercut is not the only detail that decorates this man bun hairstyle. There is a medium braid right above the fade as well as on top and at the back.


9. Thin Hair

man bun undercut with beard

A man with a high fade undercut will distract from your thin hair as well as connecting seamlessly to your trim sideburns. The smooth top makes a bushy beard not seem so scruffy.


10. Highlights

man bun undercut with side braid

Is your hair dark colored? Add a pop of color to a man bun with an undercut fade with highlights. No need to go chunky – a strip of color up front highlights loose hair and a braided section.


11. Curved Fade Undercut

When it comes to your undercut fade man bun hairstyle, add a curved line instead of a straight one. It’s a small detail that looks great if it lines up with the natural shape of your head.


12. Dread Man Bun

If you have long thin dreads, sometimes you just want to get them out of the way. A man bun with an undercut fade is a stylish way to wear them and even works for professional environments like the office.


13. Greying Hair

Is your hair starting to grey or go white? Rock those natural hairs on a man bun with an undercut fade. It’s an edgy way to embrace your age.


14. Fade Hairline

Round out a man bun hairstyle with an undercut and a faded hairline. It’s a trim, precise line up to frame a stylish look and pairing it with scruffy facial hair is subtle hipster.


15. Box Braids

Used to wearing your box braids down? Switch up the look with a man bun. Worn down or up, you’ll always notice the fade undercut it comes with.


16. Triple Braid Man Bun with Undercut

triple braided bun with undercut

This is where creativity begins. If you know how to make simple 3 strand French braids, then you can wear your bun with 3 French braids on top and the rest of the hair tied into a man bun.


17. Afro Hair Braided Man Bun with Undercut

Afro Hair Braided Bun with Undercut

Having afro hair does not mean that you cannot tie your hair up into a man bun. To keep the hair looking neat and tidy in place, make two braids on each top side of the hair and tie the rest of them into a bun at the back with side undercut.

To add more sleekness to this man bun with undercut look, get a nice trimmed underline and a gap between the hair and the beard.

Cool Man Bun with Beard Styles


18. Messy Mohawk Man Bun

messy mohawk bun with undercut

If you have enough time to give to your hair, then go for this messy Mohawk man bun look with an undercut. The top hair is tied into a messy braid reaching to the crown of the head and the rest of the hair is tied into a messy ponytail-like bun. You may pull out some strands on the front to upgrade the look.


19. The Thick Hair Man Bun

man bun with undercut for thick hair

Having thick hair is a blessing if you want to make your hair into a bun. The bun has more volume and puffiness when tied nicely and to add more definition to the look, get a centimeter gap undercut between the hair and the beard to create a nice man bun undercut look.


20. Messy Long Dreads Bun with Undercut

Messy Long Dreads Bun with Undercut

Like previously said, there are no barriers on having afro hair and to style them into a bun. Anything is possible if you know the right way of handling and styling your hair according to your hair type. Your lovely afro long locks can be tied up into a man bun with undercuts which would keep them intact in place.


21. Top Knot Faux Bun

If you’re out on an adventure to a higher altitude place or a location with strong winds and you don’t want your hair to get damaged or coming over the face, then go for this top knot faux bun with undercut as the right option.


22. Double Top Knot Look

man bun styles with undercut

If you’re running a business and want to look like a proper boss with well-groomed hair, then go for this professional man bun undercut look in which the hair is neatly combed back into a tight double top knot with sharp underlines to accentuate the border between the top hair and the side undercut hair.


23. Bleached Hair Man Bun

If you’re feeling lucky, then go for an all bleached hair look. Celebrities, like Justin Bieber, have tried this look and it looked amazing on him. Tie the hair into a nice man bun at the back and get tapered undercut on sides that connect to the dark-brown beard on the face.


24. The Low-Bun Hairstyle

low man bun with undercut

This undercut with man bun hairstyle is for men who have straight jet-black hair. They can wear a low bun with neatly backcombed hair and sides that are completely undercut with a nice full beard.


25. Mid-Way Messy Bun and Undercut

messy man bun with undercut

Not every type of hair is strong enough to be held in a high and tight man bun with an undercut. If your hair is thin and weak, then you may go for this mid-way messy bun in which the hair is tied loosely at the middle area of the backside of the head.


There is no reason to shy-off from trying these wonderful man bun undercut hairstyles in your hair. We’ve mentioned hairstyles for all hair types and how to style them with some serious hair tips to follow.