Curly Hair Vs. Straight Hair: Pros and Cons

Every woman is different in her hairstyling, hair color, and the haircut. But, all of this depends a lot on the type of hair. The type of hair is greatly influenced by genetics, so you may have almost the same hair type as your parents. This also goes for the grey hair too. if your parent’s hair tends grey a lot, then that is your destiny too.

curly hair vs straight hair

However, the modern hair and beauty industry today offers a lot of different techniques, treatments, and styling options for all different hair types. It is much easier today to take care of your hair than it was in the past.

This especially goes for both straight and curly hair. as the two basic hair types, these conditions of the hair may or may not be a problem for some women.

The eternal dilemma stays: what is better curly or straight hair?

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Curly Hair

curly hair

There are lots of different types of curly hair. It can come in afro curls, spiral curls, round curls, loose curls. Each type of curls provides a different look at the different hair lengths. Many women find it hard to style and maintain their curly hair, but that has a lot to do with the cut too.

The proper cut is what is essential in giving your curls a nice form and shaping the entire hairstyle to look good. Besides the cut, treating the curly hair with the proper hair care line is also very important.

Curls tend to tangle and break while combing. That is why there are special hairlines for curly hair that offer various products for different styles of curly hair that will make the styling and maintaining much easier. The same goes for the curly colored hair.



  • With the curly hair, you will always have a hairstyle
  • Naturally curly hair looks much richer and vibrant
  • Styling of the curly hair can be easy with just the use hair mousse
  • Some of the best and most unique coloring techniques, like ombre or balayage, look extraordinary on the curly hair
  • Many hairstyles are beautiful, without exception.
  • With the curls, you can have a different hairstyle each day because the curls change their shape from day to day, from wash to wash


  • The curls tend to tangle a lot which might cause a problem like breakage of the hair
  • If suitable hair treatment isn’t used, the curls will lose their shape and not look good at all
  • The curls make the hair big and voluminous, that many women find difficult
  • If one decides to straighten a curly hair, that will take time and most possibly damage the hair because of the heat
  • Cutting curly hair must be done on wet hair, and the length you desire might be shorter at the end because the curls go up. This should be kept in mind when telling the hairdresser about the desired length.

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Straight Hair

straight hair

A large portion of women in the world is born with straight hair – well more or less straight. The ones with really straight hair, like they have come out of the hairdressers are quire rare.

The majority of the women have hair that is straight but does not have a particular shape or form. If it is thick and dense, it will be heavy on the head and without a volume in the roots.

Then, as it falls, it becomes messy and bushy. However, this type of hair is much easier to be styled because it will require less time for stylings.

The straight hair always looks elegant and is appropriate for all events. Most of the straight hairstyles involve long hair, but there are those shorter ones that look good too. Also, like the curly hair, the straight hair is a great base for many coloring techniques like highlights, ombre or balayage.



  • The straight hair is easy to style and maintain
  • It looks good on every face shape and with very length
  • The straight hair is usually soft, which makes it shinier and easier to keep it neat
  • When tied in a pony, the straight hair presents one of the most popular and easy looks to pull off
  • The straight hair can easily be turned in different hairstyle, with the addition of different hair accessories


  • The straight hair can look dirty after only a day or two
  • It lacks volume, most of the time
  • If the hair is damaged or burnt, that will be more visible
  • the hair fall is a common condition with the straight hair
  • if the straight hair is curled, depending on the type of the hair, the curls might not hold very long

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The lists of the pros and cons of straight and curly hair can be much longer, but these are some of the most common and regular issues that women face in their daily routines. The hairstyles and the look of the hair mostly depend on the hair type, the maintaining routine as well as the place where you live.

The women that live in more humid areas know the difficulty of keeping any type of hair in order. That is why everyone needs to find the best and most suitable solution for their hair and stick to it.


What Is the Follicle Shape for Curly and Straight Hair?

Follicle Shape for Curly and Straight Hair

Hair grows out of tiny pores called follicles. The shape of your hair follicles has a significant influence on the texture of your hair. Round follicles cause straight hair to grow. More oval follicles result in wavy hair or loose curls. The more extreme the oval shape gets, especially when it becomes closer to an ellipse shape, the curlier the hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about curly versus straight hair.

Straight or curly hair – which one is stronger?

Curly hair is generally considered more delicate than straight hair. Curly hair is prone to dryness, making it more likely to break or get split ends.

However, the most common determiner of hair strength is the coarseness of the hair strand. It is possible for curly and straight hairs to show fine and delicate qualities. On the other hand, both type can also show strength and thickness.


Is straight hair texture more common than curly texture?

Curly hair textures are more common than straight hair textures. The gene that causes curly hair is dominant, whereas straight hair comes from a recessive gene. If you inherit curly hair genes from one parent and straight hair genes from the other, you end up with curly hair.


Does curly or straight hair look better?

Both look beautiful. The best way to showcase your hair texture is to keep your scalp and hair healthy. You can also ask for hairstyles that flatter your face shape with layers and face-framing pieces.


Does curly or straight hair make you look slimmer?

Straight hair is often styled to slim and lengthen the face. The key is to create volume in the areas of your face you want to appear thinner. Layered and voluminous hair will balance out your wider facial features.


Is straight hair more professional than curls?

Straight hair and curly hair are equally professional. The belief that straight hair is more professional indicates a bias against many ethnic and racial identities where curls are prevalent.


Curly or straight hair, women are always changing their look and looking for something new. The look of the hairstyle can be easily changed so it all comes down to the available time you have for styling your hair.