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Demi Lovato’s 22 Best Hair Moments of All Time

The famous American singer, actor, and songwriter Demi Lovato has turned heads with her exceptional hairstyles and hair colors over the years. The award-winning artist consistently keeps fans on their toes, anticipating their next style transformation.

She gained popularity when she appeared in the 2008 film ‘Camp Rock‘. Apart from her roles in TV shows and films, she has released some amazing songs that are deeply loved by her fans.

Throughout her career, Demi Lovato has sported many iconic hairstyles in her long career. She knows how to pull off a hairstyle that suits her personality. We’ll explore some of the best Demi Lovato hairstyles she has done.

Demi Lovato’s Latest Hairstyle in 2024 – Slick Back Hair

Demi Lovato's Latest Hairstyle

Nowadays, Demi Lovato is serving looks in her slicked-back pixie. The slick hair gives an edgy and classy look to Demi’s face. As many celebrities are getting pixie cuts in 2024, she has proven that you can easily make your slicked pixie cut much cooler and chicer with a little styling.

Best of Demi Lovato Hairstyles, Haircuts & Colors

Now that we know what Demi’s hairstyle looks like in 2024, let’s jump back to the past and look at Demi Lovato’s hairstyles and hair colors trending again.

1. Pixie Cut with Bangs

Demi Lovato with Short Hair

If you are someone who loves bangs, you may like to try Demi Lovato’s pixie cut with bangs. The bangs are cut into layers that is giving an unkempt but still stylish look to Demi’s face.

2. Slicked Back Shoulder Cut

Demi Lovato with Slick Back Hairstyle

This slicked-back shoulder cut hairstyle of Demi Lovato is simple but it requires some effort for styling. You must backcomb your hair and apply some styling products like hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Women with even hairlines should try this hairstyle as it looks fantastic on almost every face shape.

3. Layered Haircut on Long Wavy Hair

Demi Lovato's Long Wavy Hair

Don’t want to try a bold haircut but still need something in fashion? How about trying a layered haircut on long hair?

Demi Lovato doesn’t have naturally wavy hair, which means it won’t matter if you have straight or curly hair- the layered haircut will suit you nonetheless. The rule to get the perfect haircut as Demi is to have long hair.

4. Bob Cut

Demi Lovato's Long Bob Haircut

As we can see, Demi Lovato is looking fabulous in her bob cut. Her hair is curled perfectly while the highlights in her hair give a more distinguish look to her overall hairstyle. The perfect way to style a bob cut is by parting your hair from the middle which makes it appear neat.

5. Choppy Lob Haircut

Demi Lovato with Shoulder-length hair

Demi Lovato’s hair in the picture above is cut into a choppy lob hairstyle. This means that her hair is cut into different lengths to give the hair more volume.

Her side part is also playing a role in making her shiny black hair appear voluminous.

6. Shaggy Bob Hair

Demi Lovato's Bob Haircut

Demi Lovato has thin black hair, so she has to style them so they don’t appear too thin. Here, she is seen with a shaggy bob hairstyle with a side part that adds volume to her hair. The hair is not cut into any proper length rather some are cut short while some are a bit longer.

7. Finger Waves on Short Hair

Demi Lovato's vintage Hairstyle

Demi Lovato took social media by storm when she appeared on the red carpet with finger waves. She looks stunning in the finger waves hairstyle and seems like a star from the past.

There are many ways to get finger waves but the most professional way is by wetting your hair and using clips.

8. Space Buns on Bob Cut

Demi Lovato with Multiple Buns

No matter what year we are in, space buns will always be a fun hairstyle. Demi Lovato has perfectly parted her hair into a ‘V’ to give herself three space buns on the top of her head. Her bob has beach waves that add uniqueness to the whole look.

9. Undercut Hair with Half Dyed Purple

Demi Lovato with Purple Ombre Hair

Demi Lovato loves experimenting with hair dyes to give us iconic looks. Her hair is undercut, while the rest is cut into layers. She has effortlessly carried the purple hair color by dyeing it on only half of it.

10. Undercut with Half Bleached Hair

Demi Lovato's Long Hair with Undercut

It seems like Demi Lovato loves undercut hair, but in this picture she has bleached half of her hair while dyeing the top half brown. The hair color is perfectly matching with her eyes and giving the hairstyle a tame look.

11. Side Swept Bangs With Bun + Blue Hair

Demi Lovato's Blue Hairstyle

If you’re looking for hair color inspiration from Demi Lovato’s hair colors, try this look. This colored bun hairstyle looks breathtaking in her deep blue-dyed hair. Her hair is cut into side-swept bangs and the blue is quite prominent. She is truly glowing in that blue hair of hers!

12. Tousled French Twist

Demi Lovato's pompadour Hairstyle

Demi Lovato is quite a sight with her perfectly tousled French twist on blonde hair. The hair looks like a perfect swirl that looks absolutely stunning on her medium-length hair. This hairstyle needs a lot of gelling and hair spraying if you need it to look perfect.

13. Half Up, Half Down Texas Hair

Demi Lovato's Blonde Balayage

Although it is a simple half up, half down hairstyle, it still needs a little backcombing to give it a perfect Texas look.

The most important thing that ties the whole style together is her black roots which give a peek underneath her blonde hair.

14. Sleek High Ponytail

Demi Lovato's Long High Ponytail

Demi Lovato looked so good on the red carpet when she appeared with her sleek high ponytail. Her dyed long blonde hair was perfect for this ponytail as we can see in the picture above.

15. Messy Bun

Demi Lovato's High Bun Hairdo

Not feeling like putting any effort in your hairstyle? How about trying Demi Lovato messy bun that is classy but still gives hints of nonchalance. Just gather you hair into a bun and don’t try to put in any effort if you need the same look of bun as Demi’s.

16. Red Hair

Demi Lovato's Long Red Hair

How about keeping your hair simple but still adding something to it that will make heads turn? Try dyeing your hair the same shade of red as Demi Lovato if you are looking for a hair color that can make your hair special.

17. Perfectly Rolled Hair

Demi Lovato's Auburn Hair

You will need your curling rod if you want to add some defined rolls on your hair. Demi has a layered haircut in the picture above and her hairstylist has curled the hair in a way that each layer is prominent. The rolls are only sectioned into two parts for short and long hair.

18. Shoulder Cut on Jet Black Hair

Demi Lovato with Black Layered Hair

You can keep your hair natural but still stylish by getting a shoulder cut on your jet black hair. Keep your hair natural by only blow drying it after washing the hair. Do a side part to make it appear that you haven’t put much effort into your hairstyle.

19. Layered Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Demi Lovato's Hairstyle of 2009

Although this hairstyle is not much popular in 2024, many girls still love getting layered haircut with sideswept bangs. It is especially perfect for long silky hair that is hard to style.

20. Curled Bob with Bangs

Demi Lovato's Hairstyle of 2008

This hairstyle of Demi Lovato makes her look like she has come straight from some old Hollywood movie. Her bob is perfectly curled while the top of her hair is natural. The front of her hair is cut into curtain bangs that is putting the whole haircut together.

21. Side Swept Bangs with Backcombing

Demi Lovato's Half up hairstyle

As Demi Lovato has silky hair, sometimes it is hard to style her hair in various ways. But the side swept bangs remain superior on Demi and she has paired them with slight backcombing in the middle of her hair. The back combed hair is nicely clipped at the back.

22. Curtain Bangs with Curled Hair

Demi Lovato's Hairstyle of 2008

Demi Lovato’s fans love her curtain bangs that she was often seen with during her younger years. In the picture above, she has perfectly styled her bangs by curling her long brunette hair.

Demi Lovato is a queen of giving us many iconic hairstyles and haircuts. She is often in talks regarding her hair because she makes her every hairstyle matter. We should probably learn a thing or two about hairstyles from her.