8 Popular Celebrities With Pixie Cuts

You often find celebrities sporting the pixie cut. Apart from being intensely stylish, this is a low-maintenance and easy to maintain style. Often that goes a long way in maintaining the appeal of this style.

It is a flexible hairstyle that’ll be a good fit on many occasions with equal aplomb.


Popular Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular celebrities hero-ing the pixie cut.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence absolutely wow her fans in this pixie cut with highlights. It brings out a naturally youthful look and adds a definitive vibrancy to her face.

In case you have a slightly wider forehead or a broad face, this type of hair cut adds a creative edge to your styling.

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2. Michelle Williams

michelle williams pixie hair

Think of the girl next door, striking in her simplicity and this Michelle Williams fine-haired pixie is exactly that. At the first look, there is nothing extraordinary, but then the look grows on you.

You seem to like it a little more every time you see it. The perfect icing on the cake is that this pixie cut is easy to maintain the style that does not need a lot of effort and long care regime.


3. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson with pixie cuts

If you are a fan of a long pixie cut, then here is a celebrity who will show you how to rock it to the hilt. Clean, cool and definitive, this style is all about a comfortable casual look that is also uber chic and totally highlights your features.

Interestingly this blonde pixie cut is a style that works well both in casual and formal occasions. It is a style that looks good on people with broad forehead too.


4. Maria Borges

celebrity pixie cuts

You are in control, and this is a type of hairstyle that portrays this T. Maria Borges. She does not just look stunning in this pixie cut but also someone who deserves the attention and respect.

This celebrity inspired pixie style is all about understated elegance that is hard to ignore at any point. Be it a red carpet event or a corporate meet; this is decidedly a head-turner from the word goes.

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5. Anna Hathaway

Anna Hathaway pixie cuts

This thick pixie cut by Anna Hathway is absolutely breathtaking and redefines the overall styling in a flattering way.

The cute quotient is decidedly there but what is unique about this style is the refreshing aspect. It is clearly a stunner wherever you may step out in this hairstyle.


6. Katy Perry

Sophisticated, chic and absolutely stunning, this celebrity pixie cut is all of that and more. It is the type of style that embodies absolute finesse and quality styling.

When accessorized properly, this style exudes complete elegance. The steely white blonde hair is beautifully teamed with the dark purple lipstick and lilac dress.

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7. Cara Delevigne

celebrity pixie cuts

Delicate, cute and an absolutely petite short pixie, this is a kind of styling that can always lend you a distinctly striking look.

It creates a distinct identity and enhances your delicate features even further to establish your beauty beyond doubt.


8. Kristen Wigg

Kristen Wigg with pixie cuts

If you are a fan of shabby chic, this long bangs on pixie cut variation by celebrity Kirsten Wigg is sure to wow you. Cool, casual and absolutely striking, this is a type of haircut that can make even mundane styling something special.

Versatility and functionality of this asymmetrical pixie style are what make it win hands down. The good news is this is a type of style that can be easily emulated. That no doubt adds to its popularity too.


What is particularly striking about these celebrities sporting the pixie cut is the versatility of the style. If you look at them, they all have very different facial shapes and features. Despite that, this one style manages to make all of them look equally striking and beautiful in every possible way.

It is a style that transcends barriers of age, race and skin tone to lend a refreshingly youthful charm to your face. The fact that it is easy to maintain adds to the appeal of the style in a far-reaching way and makes it rather popular.

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