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30 Famous Black Celebs With Blonde Hair (2024 List)

Once thought to be a hair color fit only for fair skin tones, the blonde shade has now become a popular hue for women with darker skin tones. Famous black celebrities with blonde hair can serve as inspiration for you!

If you want to join the bandwagon and grab the chance to go blonde as a black woman, you should find the right blonde shade first. You can do that by considering your skin’s undertone as well as your style.

Continue reading, and let the famous black celebs with blonde hair show you how it’s done.

Popular Black Celebrities with Blonde Hair

Here are some of the most famous black celebrities with blonde hair that will inspire you to take your shot at getting the hair color of your dreams.

1. Beyoncé Knowles – Sunwashed Middle-Parted Ponytail

black celebrity with blonde hair-Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé is one of the most famous black celebrities in the world. Sleek and polished are two things that best describe Beyonce’s hairstyle. While her ponytail is a classic look, her blonde shade takes it to a whole new level.

Her stylist named her hair color sun-washed blonde since it’s reminiscent of that natural sunkissed look. She achieved that with a honey-blonde hair color base with strategically-placed brown to dark blonde highlights.

2. Bia – Ash Blonde Bantu Knots

black celebrity rapper with blonde hair-Bia

Bia is here to give her fellow dark-skinned women some love with her Bantu Knots, and she did that with so much pizzazz. It’s all because of her ash-blonde hair color which balances out the warm tone of her skin.

3. Blac Chyna – Platinum Blonde Braided Top Knot

black celebrity model with blonde hair-Blac Chyna

While there’s no doubt that her platinum blonde shade stands out, it’s her unique take on a top knot that convinced us that Blac Chyna is one of the most stylish black celebrities with blonde hair out there.

Instead of going for a plain top knot, she spiced it up with a few braided strands in different sizes. She also left out thick strands at the front for a slimming face-framing effect.

4. Brianna Perry – White Blonde Wavy Lob

black celebrity rapper with blonde hair-Brianna Perry

Wavy lob has been all the rage lately, but Brianna’s take stands out and it’s all because of her edgy white-blonde hair color. To make this ashy tone suit her warm skin tone, she added a few golden blonde strands in between.

5. Ciara – Light Blonde Sideswept Lob

black celebrity singer with blonde hair-Ciara

With the perfect blonde shade, you can go for a simple hairstyle and you would still look fabulous, and Ciara’s Lob is the perfect example. She kept her hair sweet, simple, and messy, and her light blonde shade gave it the oomph it needed.

6. Elise Neal – Beige Blonde Long Hair + Sideswept Bangs

black actress with blonde hair-Elise Neal

If you want a versatile blonde shade, then Elise is one of the dark-skinned celebrities with blonde hair that you should look up to. Her beige blonde is not too golden nor too ashy.

Instead, it’s sandy and pale, making it the perfect neutral blonde that suits all skin tones.

7. Eva Marcille – White Blonde Boy Cut

black celebrity with blonde hair-Eva Marcille

For a more adventurous look, one of the black celebs with blond hair to follow is Eva. She blew everyone away with her white blonde boy cut that looks sexy and chic and emphasizes her gorgeous jawline.

8. GloRilla – Golden Blonde Vintage Curls

black celebrity rapper with blonde hair-GloRilla

Channel your inner Madonna by copying GloRilla’s intriguing hairstyle. The side-swept vintage curls are an alluring way to conceal a large forehead while the golden blonde shade gives your skin the luminous glow it needs.

9. Iman – Metallic Golden Blonde + Shadow Root

black celebrity model with blonde hair-Iman

With her metallic golden blonde mane, Iman looks like she has a spotlight with her everywhere she goes.

The iridescent sheen makes her hair bright, glowing, and truly captivating. Finish it off with darker roots that will add contrast to the golden locks and make it the center of everyone’s attention.

10. Jada Pinkett Smith – Light Blonde Sideswept Pixie

black celebrity with blonde hair-Jada Pinkett Smith

A pixie cut can look edgy and feminine at the same time, and Jada shows us how to do it. She went for a side-swept pixie cut which perfectly frames her face and softens her look.

On the other hand, her light blonde hair color brightened her complexion naturally.

11. Janelle Monae – Bright Honey Blonde Voluminous Bun

black celebrity with blonde hair-Janelle Monae

Janelle is here to make a fashion statement, and her voluminous bun and bright blonde hair definitely hit the mark. She slicked her bangs to one side to spice them up and give them an asymmetrical look.

12. Jodie Turner-Smith – Icy Blonde Ultra-Short Pixie Cut

black celebrity with blonde hair-Jodie Turner-Smith

Try this hairstyle if you want to get inspired by a short curly-haired black celeb. Jodie is one of the black celebrities with blonde hair who has a fashion-forward take on classic blonde hair. Her icy blonde shade is the perfect color for making her teeny-weenie pixie cut stand out.

13. Jourdan Dunn – Bronde Straight Lob

black celebrity model with blonde hair-Jourdan Dunn

You can also go the classic route, the way Jourdan did it. She went for a bronde balayage which draws attention downwards and emphasizes her beautiful jawline.

14. Karrueche Tran – Platinum Blunt Long Bob

black celebrity with blonde hair-Karrueche Tran

With her long platinum bob, Karrueche is here to breathe fresh air into classic long blonde hair. Her one-length cut is designed to accentuate her facial features, while her platinum blonde shade’s pearly sheen makes her skin shimmer.

15. Kayykilo – Classic Blonde Bob

black music artist with blonde hair-Kayykilo

American rising female rapper, Kayykilo stuck with the classic blonde shade. She even went for the straight and simple look to turn the spotlight on her glowing blonde hair.

16. Keke Palmer – Blonde Hair + Honey Brown Highlights

black celebrity with blonde hair-Keke Palmer

The famous American black actress Keke Palmer rocked this elegant blonde look. Since they almost have the same warm color base, blonde hair and brown highlights always go hand in hand. Luckily, Keke’s hairstylist is well aware of it.

Just take a look at how these warm shades perfectly complemented her skin tone and made it look even more radiant.

17. Keri Hilson – Sandy Blonde Curled Lob + Chocolate Brown Tips

black celebrity with blonde hair-Keri Hilson

One of the most stylish black celebrities with blonde hair to follow is Keri Hilson and she’s here to bring inverted bobs back.

In addition to its face-framing layers, it also has a beautiful reverse ombre which emphasizes her curls beautifully.

18. Lala Anthony- Full Bronde Babylights + Balayage

black celebrity with blonde hair-Lala Anthony

Instead of going full blonde, Lala went for a full babylight and balayage combo. The bronde baby lights are perfectly interwoven into her sleek and straight lob, making it look more radiant than ever.

19. Laverne Cox – Half Crown Braid with Blonde Balayage

black actress with blonde hair-Laverne Cox

With a half-crown braid like Laverne’s, you can look elegant in a crown braid, let your hair loose, and show off your blonde balayage at the same time.

20. Mary J Blige – Blonde Top Curly Ponytail

black celebrity singer with blonde hair-Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige is here to show everyone that there’s no age limit when it comes to sporting a top ponytail. In fact, she even went for a curly one to give it a more youthful flair.

Her gorgeous blonde hair is the cherry on top of her beautiful hairstyle because it made her curls look extra bouncy.

21. Naomi Campbell – Blonde and Brown Medley

black celebrity with blonde hair-Naomi Campbell

Follow Naomi’s lead and keep your hair straight and simple to let the perfect blend of brown and blonde steal the spotlight. Adding brown highlights to your blonde hair is the best way to achieve that natural sun-kissed look.

22. NeNe Leakes – Golden Blonde French Twist

black celebrity with blonde hair-NeNe Leakes

Go for NeNe’s golden French Twist to wear your blonde hair in the most elegant way. This vintage hairstyle is the chicest way to sweep back your hair and show off your best facial features.

23. Nicki Minaj – Two-Toned Blonde and Pastel Peach Hair

black celebrity rapper with blonde hair-Nicki Minaj

If there’s someone who would elevate the blonde look, it would be Nicki Minaj. Instead of going for plain blonde hair, she went for two-toned hair with blonde on one side and peach which gives her. more feminine vibe.

24. Porscha Coleman – Golden Beige Blonde Waves

black celebrity with blonde hair-Porscha Coleman

A beige blonde is an eye-catching option since it has darker beige bits mixed into a lighter blonde base. Take a page from Porscha’s book and add a golden sheen to it for bouncier and shinier waves!

25. Queen Latifah – Copper Blonde Brushed Hair

black celebrity with blonde hair-Queen Latifah

The Queen is here to show us that you don’t need intricate hairstyles. You just need the right blonde shade!

Her copper blonde hair color is a darker golden shade with amber undertones that complemented her warm skin tone and made her eyes pop.

26. Rihanna – Golden Blonde Updo + Choppy Bangs

black celebrity with blonde hair-Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the black celebrities with blonde hair who can turn a fancy updo into an edgy one. Her choppy bangs framed her face beautifully, while the dark roots made her look extra voguish.

27. Saweetie – Classic Blonde Sleek High Bun

black celebrity rapper with blonde hair-Saweetie

Ditch your usual bun and go for Saweetie’s stylish, twisted blonde bun. Keep it tight for the sleekest look, then add some twists at the top to give this serious hairstyle a fun update.

28. Serena Williams – Honey Blond Sexy Waves + Brown Roots

black celebrity with blonde hair-Serena Williams

Honey blonde is the go-to shade for sultry black celebrities with blonde hair like Serena. That’s because this unique tint is a mix of all fun and sexy colors like

29. Tamar Braxton – Golden Blonde Hair + Bronde Highlights

black celebrity with blonde hair-Tamar Braxton

If you don’t want flat-looking blonde hair, check out Tamar’s look. To give her hair a natural multi-dimensional look, she added a few bronde strands which are just a few shades darker than her base.

30. Tyra Banks – Straight Caramel Blonde Hair + Blunt Bangs

black celebrity with blonde hair-Tyra Banks

For an edgy and carefree look, let Tyra show you how it’s done. Her creamy and rich caramel blonde shade is the perfect blend of brown and gold with a metallic tinge that gives off a fancy sun-kissed effect.

Blondes have more fun, but black blondes are an entirely different ballgame, and these black celebrities with blonde hair prove that. If you want to join in the fun, choose from any of these looks and make it your next hair inspiration.

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