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23 Celebrities Nailing the Blue Hair Trend In Style

Don’t like how your hair is looking today? How about trying some blue hairstyles as some famous musicians, actors, influencers, and other celebrities?

These celebrities like to have different hair colors and combine them with new haircuts. And we have seen many of them with different blue shades of hair which started a new trend.

If you want some inspiration and ideas, we have picked our list of 23 popular celebs with blue hair for you.

Bold and Stylish Celebrities With Blue Hair

Blue is one of the boldest hair colors, and it’s no wonder that so many celebrities have rocked it over the years. From icy blue to electric blue, there’s a shade of blue hair that’s perfect for everyone.

1. Amandla Stenberg – Blue Braid Topknot with Laid Edges

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Amandla Stenberg

She styled her baby hair as laid edges to frame her face and sectioned her hair into multiple three-strand braids with blue extensions.

Amandla Stenberg’s braids are tied into a messy topknot, with braids loosely falling on the sides of her head.

2. Bella Thorne – Blue Ombre Lob with Waves

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Bella Thorne

The emerald blue ombre dye job gives Bella’s simple lob haircut added depth. Her roots are dark and gradually transition into grey and a blue shade with loose beach waves and a middle part.

3. Chrisspy – Electric Blue Celebrity Haircut with Side Part

Celebrity Rapper With Blue Hair-Chrisspy

A blowout makes Chrisspy’s electric blue locks look much softer. The layered haircut adds more volume as the shorter layers wrap around the longer layers. And the hair maintains a consistent shade throughout, with a side part framing the face from one side.

4. Demi Lovato – Textured Blue Hair with Side Fringe and Low Bun

Celebrity Singer With Blue Hair-Demi Lovato

Demi’s hairstyle focuses on the ends of black hair with blue tips, and the rest of the length has a mix of black with a blue undertone. The textured hair is worn to the side as a fringe, and she wears a messy low bun at the base of the neck.

5. Gwen Stefani – Icy Blue Half-Up Messy Space Buns

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Gwen Stefani

She styles the half-up messy space buns by sectioning half her hair into two ponytails and coiling them around. Then, she leaves the rest of her icy blue hair down while the wet texture gives any stray hairs a spiky look.

6. Halsey – Emerald Blue Feathered Pixie Cut with Bangs

Celebrity Singer Halsey With Short Blue Hair

The short pixie cut frames the face with cropped bangs and a feathered texture that starts at the crown. And the emerald blue color has undertones of green. For added volume and a fuller look, Halsey keeps the hair on the sides of her head.

7. Hilary Duff – Blue Ombre Hair with Textured Layered Cut

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Hilary Duff

The blue ombre hair color for celebrities has hints of turquoise and dark lowlights that match with Hilary’s darker roots.

Her layered cut is styled into loose waves to give it added texture and show the variation of different colors.

8. Jenji Kohan – Short Curls With Dark Blue Money Piece and Cat Eye Frames

Celebrity Writer With Blue Hair-Jenji Kohan

Here is a popular celebrity, Jenji Kohan with blue hair, She has a distinct shade of blue that contrasts with the rest of the dye job.

At the front, the dark blue money piece is styled with a middle part and short curls. And at the back, a steel blue mixes with a lighter shade of blonde.

9. Juliette Lewis – Deep Blue Side Fringe with Messy Low Bun

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis’s blue hair is styled in a messy side bun with plenty of loose strands framing the sides of her face.

On one side, she leaves out a long tendril, and on the other, a curtain fringe. The low bun is tied in a knot with wisps of hair coming loose.

10. Karol G – Sleek Aqua Blue Waves with Dark Roots

Celebrity Singer With Blue Hair-Karol G

A common look on the red carpet, these sleek waves frame one side of the face and fall in front. And the hair on the other side falls at the back. She has a well-defined side part with dark roots that contrast with the aqua-blue hair color.

11. Katy Perry – Ocean Blue Rolled Bangs with Dark Roots

Celebrity Singer With Blue Hair-Katy Perry

Celebrity musician Katy Perry’s blue hair shows hints of dark gray and blue for a three-dimensional color effect.

Her rolled bangs are heavy and leave no empty spaces, showcasing the full spectrum of colors. She left her roots dark, which are visible from the sides of her head.

12. Kylie Jenner – Lob Cut with Teal Blue Balayage Hairstyle

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Kylie Jenner

For this blue lob haircut, social media celebrity Kylie leaves in her natural, darker hair color for the top half of its length.

The bottom half has a teal blue balayage that gently blends in with her darker color. She keeps a curved side part so more of her is pushed to one side.

13. Lady Gaga – Arctic Blue Highlights over Platinum Blonde

Celebrity Singer With Blue Hair-Lady Gaga

Celebrity musician Lady Gaga’s blue hairstyle of choice is a folded topknot rather than a circular bun on the crown of her head. It’s neatly combed to take care of any stray hairs. Her arctic blue highlights blend with her platinum blonde hair color.

14. Lilah Parsons – Turquoise Blue Dip Dye with Dark Curtain Bangs

Celebrity DJ With Blue Hair-Lilah Parsons

Here, she’s gotten a blue highlights on brown hair that only covers the ends of her hair, so it’s only a few inches of light coloring.

Lilah’s natural brown hair slowly transitions to turquoise blue, first becoming a shade of blonde. And on top, she has some wispy curtain bangs.

15. Lily Allen – Midnight Blue Bob with Fringe

Celebrity Singer With Blue Hair-Lily Allen

Lily Allen chose a bob-cut hairstyle that ends just above her chin and keeps a neat edge all around.

The shade is a consistent midnight blue with no other colors or highlights, while the bob is straightened and curved inward.

16. Megan Thee Stallion – Neon Blue Space Buns with Tendril Bangs

Celebrity Rapper With Blue Hair-Megan Thee Stallion

Two long, curled tendrils frame her face, and her baby hairs are combed aside. These blue space buns use the entire length of African-American celebrity Megan Thee Stallion’s hair.

Her neon blue hair is parted from the middle into two sections and twisted into buns on the sides of her head.

17. Nicki Minaj – Half-Blonde, Half-Blue Full Fringe Bangs

Celebrity Rapper With Blue Hair-Nicki Minaj

Celebrity Nicki is well-known for trying different hair colors. This blue and platinum blonde hair color combination is even more gorgeous than the rapper’s pink hair.

Here, one side of her head is platinum blonde, while the other is dark blue, and bangs are two-toned as well.

She has a layered hairstyle and heavy, full fringe bangs without any gaps.

18. Niki DeMartino – Blue Ombre Layered Cut with Outward Curls

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Niki DeMartino

Here, the shorter layers are curled outwards so they wrap around the longer layers for added volume.

The denim blue ombre colors the bottom half of her longer layers, while the shorter layers only have some hints of color.

19. Nikita Dragun – Turquoise Blue Lob with Side Part

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Nikita Dragun

Nikita’s style is a simple and sleek lob that ends just above her shoulders, and the front fringe is cut longer than the backside.

The color is a pale turquoise blue all over, and she has a straight side part with the hair tucked behind her ear on one side.

20. Njomza – Tiffany Blue Ombre with Wispy Bangs and Beach Waves

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Njomza

The front fringes on both sides appear longer than her hair on the back. She styles the bottom half into soft beach waves, and her wispy bangs end just above her eyebrows.

The blue highlights with hints of blonde mixed in to make the color seem lighter.

21. Sharaya J. – Sapphire Blue Pompadour with Fade

Celebrity Rapper With Blue Hair-Sharaya J.

Famous black celebrity rapper, Sharaya J.’s hair is a heavy curl that can keep its shape when molded with wax.

Here, she dyed her hair a sapphire blue that appears lights on the sides because of the fade. The top of her hair is a pompadour that leans to one side.

22. Steph Lecor – Royal Blue Layered Cut with Sideswept Fringe

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Steph Lecor

The color is a deep royal blue with hints of silver on her fringes, and there’s some lightening on the ends. Her long hair is cut into layers, with the top fringe swept to one side with a deep side parting.

23. DJ Tigerlily – Electric Blue Textured Curls with Middle Part

Celebrity With Blue Hair-Tigerlily

Her hair has a neat middle part and is tucked behind her ear on one side. On the other side, her electric blue hair falls to the front. Only the ends are loosely curled, while the top half remains smooth and sleek.

These 23 celebrities with blue hair are a great source of inspiration if you want to find new shades of blue to dye your hair or ideas for hairstyles that complement your hair color. And if you’re considering dying your hair blue, these trendy celebs can give you a couple of tips.