12 Striking Big Twist Braids – Try These Trends

Along with braids, twists are preferred by women with kinky hair. Twists allow you to experiment many styles and sport some completely different looks. Styles ranging from long and short hair, natural updos and downdos, knots and cornrows are all possible with twists. Big twists in particular, although not as flexible as thin ones, can still be styled and manage to create an amazing voluminous effect.

Here are 12 styles we’re presenting to show you how playing with the length, colors, and thickness of your twists can transform your style completely.


#1: Pitch Black Big Twisted Braids

young girl Pitch Black hairstyle

Black is known to be the king of colors, every accent of it is catchy and attractive. So with your big twist braids being pitch black, don’t resist the urge to walk with your head held up high!


#2: Mutual Conflict

girls favorite Mutual Conflict haircut

Create some cornrows on one side of your head and let the rest of your braid twists loose, all the way to the other side. This creates some liveliness by the dissimilarities of the style.


#3: Bordeaux Bob

 red color Bordeaux Bobhairstyle for women

Usually, big twist braids are more perceived on long hair. However, creating them with short hair extensions forms a more voluminous and urbane style. With a Bordeaux color, you can transform your look to a whole new level of sophistication.

Two Strand Twists


#4: Unicorn Big Twists

young girl favorite Unicorn Twists hairstyle

If you’re in a state where you’d like to give some unusual soft colors a try, then how about going for unicorn colors. These colors can be fused in several methods and ways to give a different look each time. Not to mention, the outstanding contrasting influence they create against your skin.


#5: Different Ombres, Different Styles

Try out different color shades in different styles to figure out what suits you best. As you can see in this image, your braid twists don’t have to be small to achieve such amazing looks, like top knots, buns, loose or pulled back hair, but can be big as well.


#6: Twist Fauxhawk

black girl Twist Fauxhawk hairstyle

With big twists, you can create ones of the most attractive fauxhawks. After taking care of forming neat sides, try to oversize your twists from the top to the back to create a voluminous look that’ll speak for you without words.

Pre-twisted Hair for Crochet Braids


#7: Simply Cornrows

nice Simply Cornrows hairstyle for black young girl

After getting used to cornrows being thinly created, big ones started to stand out more. With your big cornrows starting off as braids, try and alter the style by turning the ends into two strand twists.


#8: Double Top Knot

black Double Top Knot hairstyle for girl

Unveil your fun side with a double top knot and set an amusing atmosphere everywhere you go. It can be created the same way as a single topknot but with parted hair and two top knots instead of one.


#9: Varied Braid Sizes

Create cornrows with varying sizes to reduce any monotony from your style. You can then be creative with the loose ends and try different styles like buns or ponytails.

Nubian Twists

#10: Twisted Crown Braid

Nice Twisted Crown Braid for black little girl

With your big braids create a twist crown with your up-front hair to get a glamorous look. Add some silver strands and you’re all set for a special occasion.


#11: Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre with long twists

Even with your big twists let loose, you can still outshine others by simply choosing the right shade of hue. Dark purple is really impressive in a way that it looks brownish-black in the dark, but generates an amazing sight when light falls over it.

#12: Massive Twist Bun

favorite Massive Twist Bun hairstyle you love

If you’re wondering how to shipshape you big twist braids, whether for a special occasion or a casual day, try creating a massive bun out of your strands. This style is usually fit for various occasions. Add some colored strands if you’d like to make your livelier.

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After seeing those styles, we hope at least you got an idea as to how glamourous big twists can look. Take a little bit care of them and keep them moisturized, so they’d last longer. And don’t be hesitant to try any style with twists, it doesn’t take much to uninstall them if you didn’t like the look.

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