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How To Get Fluffy Hair: 10 Proven Tips (That Work)

Do you want your hair to have more volume without flyaways? Are you wondering how to get fluffy hair without all of the problems of frizz and poof?

Luckily, you have access to more than one technique to make your hair fluffy. That means you can choose your preferred method and swap things out as necessary.

Read on to learn more about fluffy hair and how to get your desired look.

What Does Fluffy Hair Mean?

fluffy hair

Fluffy hair means your hair is full and voluminous with plenty of body and movement. It isn’t super flat, but it’s also not frizzy and untamed. You can have fluffy hair that looks great and is easy to control.

Think of it as a part blowout and part messy texture. It doesn’t look as sleek as a blowout, but it’s smoother than a messier style might be.

The Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair

If you like the look or feel of fluffy hair, you can get it in multiple ways. The good news is that some methods are quick and easy.

However, others take more time and require specific products or tools. Consider the following ways to get fluffy hair so that you can do what works for you.

1. Switch the Part

One of the easiest ways to get fluffy hair is to change where you part your hair. You may have a part you love, but that part will be where your hair is the flattest.

To help reinvigorate your strands, try a new part. If you usually part in the middle, try doing it off-center or closer to one side or the other. And if you part your hair on the side, flip it to the other side.

Do this when your hair is still wet to help lock in the new part. You can also add even more volume to your hair. Now, it may not provide the best results, but it’s a quick solution if you want to see how you’d look with fluffy hair.

2. Add Layers

Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair - Add Layers

The next time you visit the salon, ask your hairstylist to add layers. They can cut a few strands throughout your hair to be different things. Shorter strands can help boost the appearance and volume of the longer strands.

Your stylist could also use special scissors or a razor blade to cut the layers. That will help you get layers at just the right angle.

Be sure to visit your stylist regularly to keep your hair healthy. When your hair is in good shape, it will be easier to make it more voluminous and fluffy. Cut your hair every two to three months to keep it healthy, but you can cut it more often if you want to keep it the same length.

3. Use Volumizing Hair Care

The next time you wash your hair, swap out the products you use. Look for volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These products have a good formula and ingredients to help you achieve your hair goals.

It also helps to add a volumizing mousse after you wash your hair. While your hair is still damp, you can apply the product to create more volume and texture. That’s particularly useful if your hair is fine and straight.

Plus, you don’t have to switch your hair care routine completely. For example, you could use the volumizing shampoo when you want fluffy hair. But you can keep your current products in your rotation for other days.

4. Blow Dry Upside Down

Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair - Blow Dry Upside Down

If you want to dry your hair with a blow dryer, flip your hair so that it’s upside down. This can help lift your hair roots to help stimulate volume at the scalp. You can also add foam or another styling agent to increase the fluffiness.

Be sure you brush your hair as you blow dry it to increase volume even more. Of course, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t fall over. Ask a friend or relative to help you stay safe while using the blow dryer.

Another option is to use a round brush to pull your hair away from the scalp as you blow dry it. Then, you can stand straight up and keep from getting dizzy or falling over.

5. Add a Hair Diffuser

When you blow dry your hair, consider adding a diffuser tool to the end. You can attach it to your current blow dryer or get a new dryer with a diffuser. This method is fantastic for anyone with curly or wavy hair.

The diffuser spreads out the heat to help dry your hair more gently. It can also make the drying process faster, which can further help protect your hair from the heat. You can even use a hair diffuser on dry hair but use a cooler temperature.

This is an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wet your hair. You can still add fluff and bounce, and you can be out the door when you need to.

6. Use Dry Shampoo

Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair - Use Dry Shampoo

If you don’t want to take a full shower, you can use dry shampoo. That way, you can get rid of grime and dirt on your hair that could weigh it down. Applying a bit of dry shampoo to your hair can help absorb excess oil as well.

Then, you can give your hair a bit of extra volume. This can be particularly useful if your hair tends to be very oily since the oil can ruin your fluffy hair. However, it’s also useful if you want to go another day before washing it.

If you want to get the best possible results, you can even use the dry shampoo right after you style your hair. That can help lock in the look so that you can maintain the volume for longer.

7. Sleep With Your Hair in a Bun

One of the lazier yet more effective options for how to get fluffy hair is to sleep with your hair in a bun. You can put your hair in a high bun, but be sure it’s not too tight. Then, go to sleep as you normally would and let the bun work its magic.

When you remove the bun in the morning, your hair will have more volume. You can also throw your hair in a bun for a few hours early in the day. Then, when your evening plans come around, you can remove the bun for fluffy hair.

You can use a typical hair tie or a silk scrunchie to hold your hair up. However, you want to keep it loose to keep it from giving your hair an awkward bend.

8. Tease Your Hair

Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair - Tease Your Hair

Another quick option for getting fluffy hair is to tease it. You can do this by tying up the top sections and working from the bottom. Back brush or backcomb each section one at a time to help add volume.

Teasing is relatively quick, and you don’t need any special products. You can use a brush you already have. If you want to buy something new, you could get a paddle brush.

Of course, be sure to consider what you like to use on your hair. If your hair is curly, a comb might be a better option. However, you can use a brush if you have straight hair, so talk with your hairstylist to see what they recommend based on your hair type.

9. Dye Your Hair

When you visit the salon, you can also have the stylist dye your hair. Dying your hair causes the hair cells to open up, and the dye can get into the free spaces in your hair follicles. That can keep the hair cells from closing all the way.

If you can do that, you’ll help make your hair look bigger and fluffier. Of course, you can also ask your stylist to use the right tools and products to add even more fluff. That way, you can walk out of the salon feeling great about your hair.

Now, you can dye your hair at home to achieve similar results, but doing it yourself is tricky. You might want a friend to help you get all of the strands of your hair. Then, you can still add fluff without having to pay salon prices.

10. Try Hot Rollers

Best Ways To Get Fluffy Hair - Hot Rollers

You can use hot rollers to help make your hair fluffy, and you don’t need to use heat. Instead, consider if you want your hair to be curly as well. If so, you should use thin rollers so that you can wrap your hair around them multiple times.

Larger rollers are useful for getting fluffy hair without necessarily curling it. Leave the rollers in for 10 to 30 minutes, based on how your hair holds curls or fluff. Then, take them out to reveal the finished product.

Hot rollers are nice to use when you have other things to do around the house. You can put your hair up while you finish getting ready for work or an event. Or you could complete some chores while your hair sets up.

How To Keep Hair Fluffy After Sleeping

How To Keep Hair Fluffy After Sleeping

A lot of the methods for how to get fluffy hair are stuff you might do at night. For example, you may shower at the end of the day. However, that can make it hard to keep your hair fluffy throughout the following day.

If you want to keep your hair fluffy after you sleep, put your hair up in a bun. You can do that with wet hair, but you may want to let your hair dry because it can dry strangely if you sleep on it awkwardly.

Another thing to try is a silk pillowcase. The material can help combat frizz and keep your hair looking good.

Does Making Your Hair Fluffy Damage It?

Making your hair fluffy won’t damage it if you use the right steps and techniques. It should be fine if you don’t apply a ton of heat to your hair.

If you have curly or wavy hair, you also might want to avoid using a brush. The wrong brush could cause damage. It may not happen due to making your hair fluffy, but you could pull on strands and ruin the look of your curls.


If you want to get fluffy hair, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Here are some things to avoid if you want to make your hair look full:

  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Don’t use dry shampoo too much
  • Don’t use heat tools all of the time
  • Don’t tease or backcomb your hair too often

Fortunately, you can get fluffy hair in different ways. That means you can give your hair a break from heat or dry shampoo. But you can still achieve the look you want.

Fluffy Hair vs. Poofy Hair: Is There Any Difference?

Difference Between Fluffy and Poofy Hair

Fluffy and poofy hair isn’t the same, even if they sound like it. While they both have plenty of volume, that’s where the similarities end.

Poofy hair generally has some frizz and is natural. However, many people don’t want to have frizzy or poofy hair.

On the other hand, fluffy hair is full and has plenty of volume. People usually want the fluffy look, but it takes some work and the right products to achieve. It’s not typically a natural result of letting your hair be.


If you’re tired of frizz but like volume, you should learn how to get fluffy hair. Don’t confuse the style with poofy hair, which usually isn’t something people want.

You can get fluffy hair easily by sleeping with your hair in a loose bun or by putting it in hot rollers. However, you can also dye your hair for a new color and volume. You can even dry your hair upside down to help add volume.

Give a few methods a try to see which works best for you. Then, you can rotate between them to keep your hair healthy.