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Dr. Sheirly Maria Theras

Reviewer: Dr. Sheirly Maria Theras, Licensed Cosmetologist

Lives in: Chennai, India

Expertise: Topical Hair Treatments

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology (FMC)

Experience: 2 years

Major Publications: Author of 4 self published novels in Amazon and

  • Senior Consultant, Skin & Hair, Icare Aesthetics
  • Senior Consultant, Vecura Wellness Clinic
  • Certified in Medical Cosmetology through ILAMED’s Fellowship program
  • Overseen more than 100 hair transplant procedures

Shirley is a seasoned cosmetologist with two years of experience in the industry. She has personally overseen more than 100 hair transplant procedures, as well as administered various other treatments such as PRP and stem cell therapy.

Shirley is a staunch advocate of tailoring every hair loss and scalp condition treatment to the specific needs of the individual. In addition to her hands-on work, Shirley has also authored books, novels, and articles on the topics of hair and skin care.

Sheirly obtained certification in Medical Cosmetology through ILAMED’s Fellowship program, which introduced her to various techniques and treatments such as lasers, chemical peels, trichology, PRP, injectables, and more. Furthermore, collaborating with other experts exposed her to the latest topics and techniques in the field.

Sheirly is also an author, having written and self-published novels.


Reviewed By Dr. Sheirly Maria Theras

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