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8 Awesome 90s Short Hairstyles for Women

Just in case you’re unaware, the 90s are 100% here to stay. From short, layered chops and butterfly clips to a major grunge aesthetic, this playful decade has come back around to influence the styles of 2024.

The 90s hairstyles have their own unique vibe, just like the other popular decades for vintage hairstyles: the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

We have comprised looks for bob styles, short crops, and tons of curls, so every hair type and texture can participate. Take a look at the awesome short hairstyles from the 1990s.

90s Short Hairstyles For Women

1. 90s Bob

Blunt cut bobs are a major hair trend right now, and their influence can be found in the last decade of the twentieth century.

They have a perfect, face-framing effect that is accentuated by a row of clips at the temple. Stacked accessories are another major trend.

2. 90s Pixie

A gorgeous long pixie with tousled layers is an easy-going throwback trend. While this look requires little styling beyond a good moisturizing conditioner, the long length and long bangs provide plenty of opportunity for creating different looks.

3. 90’s Grunge Short Hair

Bantu knots burst onto the scene in the 90s and grunge iterations have proliferated ever since. Instead of twisting all of your hair up into this funky, multiple bun style, a half-up style is more approachable.

4. 90s Short Curly Hair

A popular 90s hairstyles for women with short curly hair. Curly mops started in the 80s and moved well into the next decade.

Today, these rounded bobs have loads of wispy texture at the top of the head and work wonders to highlight a beautiful face underneath.

Adjust the length of these curly, textured bangs according to your face shape.

5. 90s Short Hair Highlights

These highlights can be a little extreme, but that is kind of the point! It’s a wild iteration of the more subdued and effective face-framing highlights that instantly brighten your face.

If you’re feeling especially playful and punk, try it! You can always use this look as an inspiration for balayage highlights.

6. 90s Popular Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Choppy layers on a feathered updo may be iconic on Halle Berry, but this style can be perfect for you, too. Create layers all throughout the hair, including short and wavering bangs.

Layers should be cut at the back of the head so they branch out from behind the ears in a classic feathery style.

7. 90s Short Ponytail

This short hair look from the 90s is all about sexy, messy texture. No straight lines here! Ponytails both short and long instantly become a throwback with a scrunchie. Babes love these hair ties today because of their gentle, no-pull nature on the hair and scalp.

8. 90s Actress with Short Hair

Drew Barrymore is the ultimate tousle-haired babe. From the locks to the lipstick, this look screams the 90s- and we love it!

Create a sexy, choppy bob with loads of shine. Chin length styles are perfect on rounded jawlines and long bangs with layers that frame the eyes.

The 90s short hairstyles were all about pushing the envelope and creating texture either through layers, buns, or accessories.

Let the decade influence your highlights, pixie chop, or bob haircut and look stylish and cool, even today.