Top 31 Stubble Beard Styles for Men to Make Women Swoon

Stubble beard is attractive, you must have known that already. One way to be perceived as sexy and more attractive to women is by staying away from the razor. It’s quite known how women prefer more masculine men over not-so-masculine men, and one of the main keys to look so is by letting your beard grow instead of shaving it up. With all the variations of styles and trends that facial hair is shaped in these days, you can always get a more masculine yet contemporary look. From full beards, goatees, anchors to even a style as simple as a stubble, make sure to always choose what suits your face shape, age and occasion best, for a perfect presentation.


Handsome Stubble Beard Styles

With all the options you have, to choose from, here we’re going to give you a peek on ten sexy ways to wear a single style, which is the stubble. Below are top 31 stubble beard styles for men.


#1: Light Stubble

Light Stubble beard for boy

If you’ve got a patchy beard, then a light stubble shouldn’t be your go-to style. Otherwise, this simple style – that doesn’t require much styling- will give you a masculine look that won’t make you look like a total macho.

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#2: Medium Stubble

Medium Stubble beard style for men

This well-defined stubble will sure attract the eyes, it’s not so light as to not be noticed, but at the same time not as scruffy. If you’re sporting such stubble make sure to keep it well trimmed and the edges clean-cut for a neater look.


#3: Lazy Stubble

mens lazy Stubble beard style

You might call your unshaven stubble beards as an excuse of not shaving, but that’s okay. As long as, the edges and neckline are clean, you can laze out as you wish.

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#4: Stubble Beards with Moustaches and Soul Patches

Stubble Beards with Moustaches for men

Try to stay away from stubbles without mustaches, they’re not as trendy anymore. If you can connect your mustache to your stubble beard and make your soul patch evident you’ll get an even more attractive end look. Women will surely swoon!


#5: Patchy Stubble Beards

Patchy Stubble Beards for young men

If your facial hair is patchy yet you still want to grow a beard, then don’t hesitate to grow one. Although you should be more careful with the style. Try to grow your mustache and soul patch more than your beard so the main concentration will be on them, and keep your cheek beard neatly trimmed for a striking outcome.

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#6: Symmetrical Stubble Beards

Even if you’re too lazed out to shave or shape your beard, try to at least keep it symmetrical. This way you can be sure that your gorgeous looks won’t diminish or go unnoticed but instead will catch the eyes.


#7: Neat Full Stubble Beards

Full Stubble Beard style you like

For men, facial hair can be a sign of maturity, aggressiveness, and masculinity. And all those features are a huge attraction to women. But be aware that there’s a difference between a scruffy look and a neat, well-trimmed beard.

#8: 5 O’clock Shadow

A simple stubble that is close to a 5 o’clock shadow is one major style acquired by a lot of men. It’s not a surprise though since this style is simple and doesn’t require much maintenance.


#9: Neat Stubbles

Even though stubbles are usually a sign of one’s laziness, neat stubbles can be just as professional. With well-trimmed edges and a connected mustache, you can rock a look worthy of your poise.


#10: Detached Moustaches

mens Moustache with beard

Even stubbles with detached mustaches are trending these days. It’s a simple change in style that makes a huge difference. Although it might not suit all men.

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stubble beard look


stubble beard styles


stubble beard


stubble look


heavy stubble beard




long hair stubble beard



light stubble






trimmed stubble beard




grey stubble



heavy stubble beard


stubble beard styles


With these ten stubble styles, it’s no surprise a number of choices one can have when it comes to grooming your beard. From light stubbles to full stubbles and all that comes in between, you should be certain that a beard never fails to grab attention. But make sure to keep at least the edges and the neckline well trimmed and neat to attract the good type of attention.

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