Top 21 Chinstrap Beard Styles to Stand Out

New hairstyles and beard styles are getting popularity day by day. Chinstrap beard, short beards, long beards are some facial hairstyles which have grabbed the attention of youngsters.

Chinstrap beard style is equally beneficial for all age groups as you can maintain the size of sideburns, jawline, and goatee according to your face shape while different variations can be made as per hairstyle needs.

Nowadays, many celebrities can be seen in chinstrap beard style while US President Abraham Lincoln and retired baseball star David Ortiz are the famous personalities who had chinstrap beard styles in the past.


What Does Chinstrap Beard Mean

It’s an evergreen beard style among men. The facial hair pulls out from both sides of the face and extends to the jawline. Usually, sideburns are kept thin while the size of jowl hair varies from style to style. Mustache can or cannot be attached with jawline but keep the mustache thin if you are getting thin sideburns.

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How to Grow Chinstrap Beard

chinstrap beard

Chinstrap beard is good for both thick and thin facial hair. Grow 2cm facial hair to get a perfect style. However, if you have double chin or fat face then never go for it as it will give a faster impact. Pull out excessive hair as neat and clean edges and shape are the basic requirements of chinstrap beard.

Thin strap beard is only for those who want a long-term relationship with their beard style. It’s pretty shallow and even few hairs can make a big difference. Massage with oil if you like a thick goatee and dislike think chin hair.


How to Shave Chinstrap Beard

The jawline is the most crucial part of chinstrap beard style which should be maintained anyway. Shave facial hair of your cheeks and neck without disturbing the thin jawline, sideburns, and goatee.

Never use an electric shaver and prefer razor for flawless styling. High-quality trimmer and 0-4 size guard numbers are very helpful in making minor details of the chinstrap beard. Keep the mustache thinner and connect it with jawline by extending the thin strand.

There is no space for the mistake and it’s better to rely on expert hands while disciplined maintenance is required after getting a chinstrap beard.


Maintaining A Chinstrap Beard

Maintenance of chinstrap beard varies from style to style. Some require more maintenance while others require just a little trim. The time of maintenance also depends on the chinstrap beard style. Here are some simple yet effective chinstrap beard style maintenance tips for yours.


  • Let Your Beard Grow

Before trimming, let your facial hair grow up to 1cm because hair less than this length are difficult to cut. It may demand more time but be patient to get perfect and clean results.

  • Trim Close to the Skin

Close trim to the skin always gives optimal result by making a clear difference between a shaved and non-shaved area. So, let the trimmer go close to the skin and don’t leave any hair unshaved. Otherwise, they will grow earlier and disturb the overall design of the chinstrap beard style.

  • Tide Up the Edges

Don’t rely only on the edges made by a razor. Tide up edges with good sharp razor or trimmer to achieve a clean appearance. For professional and organized appearance, regular trimming is necessary as it clears out all flaws of the shave.

  • Never Copy Others

Everyone has a different face and jaw shape. Never copy others and maintain your beard style as per its requirements not just because someone else is doing so.

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Tips Not to End up Having an Ugly Chinstrap

  • Chinstrap beard style demands great care from the barber and one should only visit an expert if he wants a perfect shape. Never trust a newbie or see his work first.
  • Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring the services of a barber, good trimming tools are essential for ideal chinstrap beard. Don’t rely on blunt and low-quality tools unless you want to ruin your looks. Choose branded tools which are sharp and can make perfect edges.
  • Never use the trimmer on dry facial hair. Make them wet so they get soft and easy to trim. Dry hair is hard to cut due to their roughness and hardness. Always stand straight and in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing.
  • Chinstrap beard styles need guard size number one and two clippers for short facial hair while thick and large goatees larger clipper size numbers are used.
  • You can get appealing looks only when you choose the right style of chinstrap beard for you. Select a style according to your face shape and or conditions of your facial hair. Consider your personality rather blindly following celebrities and other persons.
  • Long and thick mustache requires comb before trimming in order to let you now the right idea of the length and give perfect shape to every strand.


Top 21 Chin Strap Beards

We have made a list of top 21 chin strap beards for different face shapes which will be really helpful for you to select the best one according to your face.


1. Pencil Chinstrap without Mustache

chinstrtap without mustache

It’s the best choice for guys who have thin facial hair or who don’t have much time for the maintenance of their beard. Thin sideburns and thin pencil chinstrap evenly extend from the jaw sides. No mustache is required for this style while sideburns are also connected with jawline.