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How to Grow and Style Chin Curtain Beard

You have probably heard about Shenandoah, Donegal, Lincoln, etc. beard style names across various cultures worldwide. Interestingly, they are all variations of the iconic chin curtain beard style.

But what is the actual chin curtain beard? In this ultimate guide, you will get to know everything about this beard and some cool styles.

What Is Chin Curtain Beard?

what is chin curtain beard

A chin curtain beard looks like a curtain of hair that hangs down from the chin and covers the lower half of the face. It is similar to a full beard, typically without a mustache.

The term chin curtain beard style is sometimes used interchangeably with Shenandoah, Amish Beard, Dutch Beard, Whaler, Chin Strap beard style, or even Donegal in some cases.

These terms are not always precise synonyms. All these styles involve a full beard along the jawline and chin without a mustache but there are differences in their lengths, widths, and grooming techniques.

For instance, a chin strap beard simply outlines or frames the face. It’s generally kept shorter and thinner than a chin curtain.

An Alaskan chin curtain is a whaler beard that includes hair on the cheeks. The Amish beard style, in contrast, is characterized by trimmed cheeks.

The Origin of Chin Curtain Beard

The exact origin of the chin curtain beard style is hard to pin down, as various forms of facial hair have been in and out of fashion across different cultures and periods.

The style known today as the chin curtain beard became notably popular in the 19th century in the United States.

One of the most famous historical figures to sport a chin curtain beard is probably Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

Moreover, this style has been commonly associated with certain religious and cultural groups. Many Amish and some orthodox Jewish men grow this style of beard for religious shaving rules.

The chin curtain is also known by various names across different regions, such as the Donegal beard in Ireland or the Shenandoah in America.

How To Choose Chin Curtain Beard for Different Face Shapes

The chin curtain beard is a versatile style that can flatter a variety of face shapes. However, it is particularly well-suited for oval, round, and square faces.

Here are some chin curtain beard styles for different face shapes. You can check the mentioned style number in the styles section of this article.

Oval Face Shape:

  • Classic Chin Curtain: It follows the natural jawline and chin, complementing the balanced proportions of an oval face.
  • Modern Chin Curtain: A more contemporary take on the traditional chin curtain can help enhance the versatile oval shape.

Round Face Shape:

  • Yeard Chin Curtain: The length of the beard extends down the neck, which can help elongate a round face.
  • Tapered Jawline Beard: By keeping the sides shorter and allowing the beard at the chin to be slightly longer, it can provide a flattering effect.

Square Face Shape:

  • Wide Chin Curtain: This style with a thicker band of hair can soften the angles of a square face and balance the look.
  • Dutch Beard: A traditionally wide style that flares out towards the bottom can create a commanding presence that complements a square face shape.

How to Grow and Shape A Chin Curtain Beard

how to grow and trim chin curtain beard

A finely styled chin curtain beard involves steps like growing it out, shaping it, shaving the mustache, and maintaining it properly. You can follow the steps below to get the perfect chin curtain beard.

Step 1: Do not trim or shape your beard for about 2 to 4 weeks, or until you’ve grown enough hair to start shaping it into a chin curtain beard. You have to wait a bit more if you have chosen a longer style of chin curtain beard.

During this period, cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Also, do some exercise, eat a proper diet, and sleep sufficiently. These will help for efficient beard growth.

Step 2: The next thing you should do after growing sufficient facial hair is to define the shape of the chin curtain beard. A chin curtain beard is characterized by facial hair following your jawline from ear to ear.

A Chin curtain beard can be either thin or wide, so choose the width that best complements your face shape.

Create a boundary line according to the shape. Shave off any hair that falls outside this line, that includes any hair on your cheeks and neck.

Step 3: A chin curtain is defined by a full beard without a mustache. Take your razor and shave off that mustache, making sure the skin above your upper lip is as smooth as silk. Now, your beard style can be called a chin curtain.

Step 4: Moving on to beard care. To maintain a neat chin curtain beard, trim regularly. This keeps the outline sharp, the length in check, and the width uniform. Don’t forget to wash and condition your beard. Just like the hair on your head, it needs to stay clean and conditioned for the best look and health.

Moisturize your beard by using beard oil or balm. It reduces itchiness and dandruff. Comb your beard regularly. This distributes oils evenly, keeps them tangle-free, and trains your beard to grow in the direction you want.

And that’s how you go from clean shaved to a stylish chin curtain beard.

Best Chin Curtain Beard Styles For Men

From subtle to bold, there is a versatile range of chin curtain beard styles. Find a style that suits your face shape and needs.

1. Classic Chin Curtain

chin curtain beard style

This iconic beard style has a vintage charm. It features a uniform width of hair across the jawline and chin and is defined by its lack of a mustache.

2. Amish

Amish chin curtain beard

Renowned for its religious and cultural significance, the Amish Beard grows freely without any shaping and trimming and usually extends past the jawline and down the neck.

3. Chin Strap

chin strap beard

As the name suggests, the Chinstrap Beard lines the jawline with a strip of hair, like a strap. It’s usually kept short and thin, offering a neat and tidy appearance.

4. Donegal

Donegal chin curtain beard

Hailing from Ireland, the Donegal Beard brings an exotic touch to chin curtain variants. This style involves a full beard connecting to the sideburns.

5. Shenandoah

Shenandoah chin curtain beard

Shenandoah Beard stands out with its fuller and longer form, often rounded at the bottom. In some variations, a small mustache is included, bringing a twist to the conventional chin curtain style.

6. Dutch

Dutch chin curtain beard

The Dutch Beard style is traditionally wide and flares out towards the bottom without a mustache. It’s a creative beard style that hides the sharp jawline and creates a commanding presence.

7. Lincoln

Chin Curtain Lincoln beard

Named after the iconic U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, this beard style is neatly trimmed and contours the jawline and chin. The beard is shorter on the sides and longer on the chin.

8. Wide and Unkempt

wide chin curtain beard

The Wide Chin Curtain features thicker facial hair covering a larger part of the lower face. This substantial appearance offers a bold look, creating an impression of strength and determination.

9. Yeard Curtain

long chin curtain beard

Here is a long beard style for men with a round face shape. Let your beard grow for at least 12 months and comb and oil it regularly to achieve this look.

Pair glasses with the yeard curtain beard to fill up the absence of a mustache. If you want to add some extra spice to this style, shave your head with your mustache too.

10. Short

short chin curtain beard

Now this style is completely opposite to the previous one. A short beard covers the jawline and connected with the soul patch.

11. Tapered

gray chin curtain beard

The gray beard features a tapered full beard that subtly changes in thickness – fuller at the chin and thinner along the jawline. Its angled appearance exhibits a stylish and trendy outlook.

12. Modern

modern chin curtain beard

This style brings a contemporary twist to the traditional chin curtain beard, often paired with fashionable haircuts and sometimes includes a mustache. It’s a blend of tradition with trend.

13. Short Gray

gray chin curtain beard

Older men can try this simple gray beard style. The beard is trimmed at a medium length on the chin. The sideburns are trimmed shorter and connected with the hair.

14. Curly

chin curtain beard for black men

This beard style is ideal for African-American men. The curly facial hair texture can add volume and depth to the beard, giving it a distinctive appearance.

It complements any hairstyle, but pairs particularly well with a close-cropped afro or a stylish fade. This beard style truly celebrates the rich diversity of hair textures.

15. Oval Face

chin curtain beard for oval face

For those with an oval face shape, a chin curtain can be a smart choice. Keeping the sides shorter and allowing the beard at the chin to be slightly longer looks great on an oval face.

16. Square Face

chin curtain beard for square face

Men with square faces can also benefit from a chin curtain beard style. A wider and fuller facial hair can soften the angles of a square face, creating a balanced look.

This style pairs well with hairstyles that add some volume on top, like a quiff or a textured top.

17. Beard with Bald Head

chin curtain beard for bald men

The chin curtain beard balances the bare head. This combination is particularly flattering for men with an oval face shape and is a popular choice among men who enjoy making bold style statements.

18. Chin Curtain with Buzz Cut

buzz cut with chin curtain beard

Pairing a chin curtain beard with a buzz cut is easy quite easy-to-maintain. The buzz cut’s ultra-short length gives a clean look while the messy beard gives a hipster vibe.

19. Rounded Edge

rounded chin curtain beard

The rounded beard offers a distinctive look and gives off a youthful and edgy vibe. The thick and full beard complements the beard perfectly.

This style is particularly suited to men with an inverted triangle or diamond face shape, as it helps balance the facial proportions.

So, that’s everything about the iconic chin curtain beard. This style represents a mix of cultural and historical backgrounds and includes renowned styles like Shenandoah, Donegal, and Lincoln.