40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

6. Shaped up fade


Shaped up faded beard styles usually look very impressive regardless of the length of the beard. So be it a chin curtain or even a soul patch, the shaped up form can save the day. However, it can take some time to create.


7. High Fade

High fade beard style

High beard fade starts at the ear height. It looks great when coupled with a high taper fade on your head. However, it can be amazing all on its own. No matter how short the starting point is, the fade itself can be as long as you wish.


8. Slight fade

 faded beard style

For all the lazy bearded guys out there, this slight fade can give some shape to your beard without too much hassle. The goal is to shape up the sideburns and make a line between the head hair and the facial hair.


9. Chin curtain

Chin curtain with fade beardstyle

A faded beard style can be very easy if you have a chin curtain. All you have to bother about is the way the sideburns look. Whatever goes down the chain is easy to style any way you like. The bottom should be trimmed not to appear too long.

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10. Neck hair

 faded beard style

Even the most stylish faded beard can fade against the messy neck hair background. Make sure to keep the faded beard neat. Otherwise, it simply loses its charm. Take some time to shave the neck hair and shape up the beard.