40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

11. Bottom fade

short faded beard style for men

A neat stubble can be the first step to a bottom fade. You have to keep the hair on your face neat and short while allowing the hair on your chin to grow. In a few weeks, you can get a great faded beard style.


12. Ear fade


This is another lazy guy fade that makes the beard look fuller without too much hassle. The name comes from the place the fade is actually starting and pretty much ending. A small shaved space is enough to make a style.


13. Prominence


If you have a huge and prominent beard, consider a little fading on top to shape it. A fade is a simple way to give your beard a new look without trimming away the length. Give it a try!


14. Mixed fade


The impression of this fade comes from the faded hairstyle. The shaved layer on the head makes the sideburns and the beard look prominent. The next step would be growing a few inches of beard length to make the contrast even more striking.


15. Disappearing fade


Shaving the area to separate the hair on your head and your beard is a great way to achieve an impressive faded beard style. Go on to experiment with the length of the hair on your head and face to create real masterpieces.