40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

26. Fade it up


Making the taper fade hairstyle as high as possible allows you to outline your beard. The less hair you have on the top, the more hair seems to appear on the bottom. Even if you have a stubble, the right haircut can make it look prominent.


27. Neat fade

Neat fade

Full and impressive beards are often hard to keep looking neat. Sometimes, men give up on full beard styles and give their facial hair a short cut. However, a neat fade can save the day and make even the fullest beard appear tidy.


28. Soft transition


The soft transition of a taper fade to a fade beard style is imperative to making the overall impression neat and solid. You might even need to use a ruler to create a perfect symmetry to help you achieve the goal.


29. Low scissors fade

great low fade beard style

A low scissors fade looks especially well when you keep the rest of the hair shaved. Allowing stray hair to grow on your cheeks or the neck can undermine the overall appearance. Neatness is the key to a great beard style.


30. Lazy option


While there is nothing lazy about trimming a beard, you can cut yourself some slack when you are doing the fade. You can just follow the outline your hairstylist made when you were getting a taper fade and not go too low.