40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

36. Involve the mustache


Create a smart faded beard style by involving the mustache into the process. The mustache can be the top part of your fade while whatever is below is longer and more voluminous. Look how interesting this style is.


37. Layered fade


A layered scissors fade is the hardest to achieve but it looks spectacular. The top and the bottom layers of the beard is cut shorter than the middle part. This move shapes the beard and makes it look fuller.


38. No fade


If your hair is not too thick, you can leave the fading to the hairstylist. Ask the hairdresser to create a taper fade on your head and leave some space between the hairline and sideburns to give the beard a neater appearance.


39. Classic fade

Classic fade beard style for black men

The classic faded beard style should have you dealing with just the top part of your beard. The rest of the facial hair should be styled as usual. Even a small faded layer on top can give your beard a special look.


40. Creative fade

Classic faded beard style

When you are dealing with a full beard, the classic fade might not be the best idea. However, you can get creative and make a fade wherever you see fit. Just make sure to detach the beard from the hairstyle.


These faded beard styles are just the first step on the road to interesting facial hair styling. You can easily achieve most of these on your own if you have the right tools. Whatever size beard you have, you can enjoy a beard fade.