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27 Fabulous Finger Wave Hairstyles for Long Hair

Women’s finger wave hairstyles were traditionally worn in short hair, but soft finger waves look incredibly worn in luscious long hair. This is a look that oozes glamor, class, and style. Finger waves are a classic hairstyle that first appeared in the 1920s and having a huge revival right now, particularly on the red carpet.  

Finger waves are unique because they have a defined ridge and are much flatter and broader than traditional curls. Anyone can wear their hair in finger waves: this hairstyle looks great on hair of any length, color, and texture.


How To Do Finger Waves On Long Hair

how to do finger waves in long hair

Here is an easy step-by-step method to create finger waves on long hair. You’ll need a small comb and, of course, your fingers.

Step 1: Wash The Hair

Always start with well-conditioned, washed hair. Washed hair will give your hair the foundation for easy molding.


Step 2: Applying Mousse And Gel

You need a Mousse form to help you with styling, and you can use any of your favorites. Apply the mousse on the washed hair, then start making the waves using a rat-tail comb. To avoid entanglement of the hair, you can apply the mousse as you keep styling.


Step 3: Molding Stage

A rat-tail comb will help you shape the hair into an S-shape. Moving in layers, curl small sections of hair around your fingers by placing one finger at the end of the groove to help keep the hair in place while styling. Pin the curls up to let them dry. You can apply a gel, foam, or hairspray to help the curls stay put.


Step 4: Setting Stage

After styling and applying the gel, the setting stage is the last crucial step. Air drying is the recommended method for this style, and styling strips and a silk scarf can keep curls safe during air drying.

You can also set the curls more quickly by using a hair dryer. Be sure to wrap the hair in styling strips before using a hairdryer.

Once dry, unpin the curls and comb through to loosen with your fingers to adjust to your liking.


Beautiful Long Finger Wave Hairstyles for Women

Because creating finger wave hairstyles is time-consuming, many fans of the look choose to visit their hair stylist to have finger waves added to their long hair. If you want to try creating finger waves at home, you will need a fine-tooth comb, at least a dozen duckbill hair clamps, hair gel, and plenty of patience!

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 27 of the best finger wave hairstyles for long hair, perfect for any occasion:

1. The Modern Finger Wave for Long Hair

long Finger Wave hairstyle

If you have long hair and want to add finger waves to it without spending hours styling your hair then the best thing to do is curl the length of your hair first! Sweep your hair across your face into an exaggerated side parting, hold this parting in place by adding hairspray to the roots and length of your hair and then begin curling with either curling irons or hair straighteners.

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Once your hair is curled you can add finger wave inspired waves to the front of your hair by using your fingers and a comb and applying heat to each curl until you have the shape you want: this will create the finger wave effect in your hair without having to spend hours styling it. This is a look that oozes red carpet glamour and is sure to attract attention.


2. Traditional Vintage Finger Waves

Vintage Finger Waves long haircut for women

Although traditionally worn in short hairstyles, traditional vintage finger waves look fantastic when worn with long hair. This is a style that is easy to achieve and is gentle on your hair as it doesn’t require any heat styling. However, it will take a little time and patience.

To create your finger waves, start with damp toweled hair and then liberally add hair gel to ensure the style will hold. Once your hair is prepared, clamp your hair where you would like your first curl to begin, then push your hair up to this clamp using a comb to create a wave.

Once the wave is positioned correctly, hold it in place with another clamp and repeat the process until you have a head full of hair clamps: each one will represent a curl. Wait until your hair is completely dry (this could take several hours) then remove the clamps, very gently comb out the waves if needed, and then your style is complete. If you have short hair, try these styles.


3. Chic Chignon with Finger Wave Detailing

Chic Chignon with Finger Wave hairstyle

If you want to capture the traditional short finger wave look but have long hair, then why not consider combining finger wave elements with a chic updo? Section off the front third of your hair, and leave this section to one side.

With the remaining hair, backcomb the roots and then spray with hairspray to add volume before pulling back the length and clipping it under itself with bobby pins to create a chic updo.

Once the pinned-up element of your style has been achieved and the length removed, simply add exaggerated finger waves to the front of your hair, being sure to work the waves back away from your face until they can ultimately be incorporated into the end of your updo and secured using hidden pins.

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This is a hairstyle that would look great for formal occasions, such as weddings, proms or formal parties. Be sure to work with hair that is dry, and add both texturizing spray and hair spray to the full length of your hair before styling to make it easier to work with.


4. Vintage Finger Waves

finger wave ponytail for long hair

Instagram / mjhairdesign

To throw your look back to a time of classic beautiful hairstyles, go with large soft finger waves on your long hair. Tease the hair at the crown before making a high ponytail. With long tendrils around the face, this updo is a classy choice.


5. Swirled Finger Wave Updo

finger wave updo for long hair

Instagram / mjhairdesign

A chignon is almost any woman’s go-to when they need an elegant hairstyle. But instead of just combing your hair straight back into a low chignon, add some swirled finger waves to give the look extra beautiful detail. 


6. High Voluminous Chignon

long finger wave hairstyle for wedding

For any special occasion you might have coming up, a luxe hairstyle won’t let you down. These soft finger waves jazz up a high chignon, as do the small pearls pinned in for accent. 


7. Avant Garde Finger Waves

vintage long hairstyle with finger wave

Instagram / hairby_anes

If you’re the type of lady who appreciates standout hairstyles, you’ll love this avant garde look. It uses finger waves to dress up the front of a teased, high ponytail. The ponytail is braided but leaves an inch or two loose at the bottom to also be teased.


8. Wedding Finger Waves

A soft, romantic hairstyle is just what you need for a wedding, whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid! After teasing your long hair to get gorgeous volume, add in beautiful finger waves around the hairline to make a ‘frame.’ 


9. Braided Buns with Finger Waves

long hair bun with finger wave

Instagram / mariannakuan

This braided updo takes only minutes to create. You’ll want to make the large smooth finger waves along your face first since they’ll tuck into the bottom two buns. Just make two low ponytails, braid them, then twist.


10. The Finger Wave French Plait

Finger Wave long hairstyle for girl

For a softer updo perfectly suited to long hair and incorporating finger waves into the style, why not try the finger wave French plait?

This is a style that combines both finger waves and pin curls to create a long vintage style that resembles a classic plait. Because so much of the detail of this look is worn at the back of your head, it is a style that is difficult to achieve at home alone: you will either need the help of a patient friend, or a visit to your hair stylist.

If you do choose to visit your hair stylist for a long finger wave updo, such as this one, then remember not to wash your hair on the morning of your appointment: hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two has much more texture in it, and will, therefore, be much easier for your stylist to work with.


11. 1940s Finger Ways for Long Hair

classic Finger Wave for Long Haircut

For a truly vintage-inspired hairstyle, combine classic finger waves throughout the length of your hair with a miniature victory roll to the front of your hair. Whilst traditional finger rolls originated from the 1920s, this softer and longer look is inspired by the 1940s where the waves were softer and balanced by curls worn around the front of the face, to create height and add flattering texture to the style.

Originally these curls were created with rollers, but nowadays it’s much easier to create them using a curling iron. Backcomb the roots of your hair before you begin adding your finger rolls through its length, and then take your curling iron to add a large demi-curl to the front of your style, where you would traditionally wear a fringe.

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12. Overlapping Finger Waves

highlighted bun for long hair with finger wave

If you have a little more time to spend on your long hair, try making two finger waves in two sections of hair close to your face. You can overlap them or gently wind them around each other to get a more textured look. Leave the rest of your hair down or pin it up in a chic bun.


13. Heavy Part with Finger Waves

Your blonde bombshell hair goals are now achievable. This goldilocks flaunts her waves in hair that has been parted off center. Not only do you get Rapunzel-like curls, you get enviable volume.


14. Large Finger Wave Chignon

It’s another gorgeous look featuring a heavy off center part. Parting your hair like this flatters a multitude of face shapes and gives large spiral waves the chance to be front and center. Use a low bun or chignon to gather hair together.


15. Long Loose Waves

Don’t want to spend a bunch of time making the perfect updo? Leave your long waves down and loose and be just as stunning. These perfect spirals are much less styling time and are great as a date hairdo.



side part long hairstyles with finger wave






finger wave hairstyles for long blonde hair





finger wave hairstyles for long thick hair


finger wave hairstyles for long hair


To get the concept of how to do finger wave hairstyles, we recommend the following tutorial:


Finger wave hairstyles look great on hair of all colors and textures: it has been worn on the red carpet by both blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson and sultry brunette Megan Fox! Try out the next time and let us know how you look.