20 Ways to Style A French Cut Beard – Make Statement With Your Beard

A French Beard, (also known as a French cut beard or a goatee) normally extends to the apex of the chin. Although there can be a little bit of facial hair in the other areas of the face, the French cut area should be the most prominent zone. Guys look really cool with this style of beard.


How to Grow A French Beard

It is really easy to grow a French beard. Start growing your facial hair in the same way that you would grow it if you were trying to produce a full beard.

Once your beard has started to grow, you will have to use a razor to carefully shave the other areas of your face. Clean shave your cheeks and jawline so that they are free of hair. Only leave the section that surrounds your mouth. Continue to keep the rest of your facial hair trimmed.


Best French Beard Styles

Look at the below french beard styles to get some ideas for your next beard style. If you want to color your beard, try these blonde beard styles.

1. Hard Man Style

how to grow french cut beard

A French beard style can be used to give your face a real angular style. Fill in the outline of the French cut for a real burst of intensity.


2. French Beard with Chinstrap

Enhance an amazing French cut beard by joining it up with your sideburns using a chinstrap beard. This shows off a strong and masculine jawline.


3. Full Beard with Thick French Section

A French beard does not always have to stand alone, as long as it is a distinctive part of the style. Grow the section around your mouth so that it is longer and fuller than the rest of your style.

Beard Styles Without Mustache


4. Heavy and Tight

Heavy and tight french cut

A heavy and tight beard creates a really intense look for guys. Keeping the look nice and tight helps to show off the bone structure of the face.


5. Salt and Pepper

A goatee beard looks great on guys who are starting to go gray. The salt and pepper look is often considered to be a very refined one, especially with a well-kept French beard.


6. Braided Fork Beard

French fork beard

Set your look apart from the rest with a French fork beard. You can wear this hair loose or braid each section to protect hair as it grows to add a little something extra to your personal style. 


7. Sparse French Beard 

French beard for oval faces

Creating a small and light beard at the base of the chin is ideal for elongating the appearance of a symmetrical or even a round face. Try a little French beard for oval faces and embrace the idea that hair doesn’t have to be super thick here. 


8. Clean French Beard 

French beard without mustache

Beards are often seen alongside hair at the upper lip, but you can easily show off your facial structure with a French beard without a mustache. This look feels youthful and helps to open up and draw attention to a brightened face. 


9. Beard with Handlebar Mustache 

French beard with handlebar mustache

Soften your interesting look with a French beard with handlebar mustache. This quirky facial hair is fun but feels more familiar with a soft patch of hair covering the base of your chin. 


10. Long French Beard 

French beard for black guys

Balance out cool braids or twists with a French beard for Black guys. Fellows with round faces can enjoy the luxury of a longer beard that lengthens the face at its centermost part. 


11. Anchor Style

If your French beard style has a slight disconnect between the lower portion and the upper portion, it may be called an anchor beard instead. This is reflective of the anchor shape of the cut.


12. Thin French Beard Style

Will Smith's thin french cut beard

Celebrities like Will Smith always look stylish with a French beard. A thin style helps to create a sharp and refined look for fashionable guys.

Braided Beard Styles for Brave Men


13. Thin and Wispy

thin and wispy french beard

This look is great for guys who have an artistic flair. A thin and wispy style can be grown into a thick and full beard as well.


14. Sparse Beard for Ginger Hair 

Light-haired guys know how tough it can be to grow truly thick beards and mustaches. This minimal type of beard allows you to grow hair where it comes in the thickest- at the base of the chin. Plus, it adds sharp definition to the jawline. 


15. Long French with Thin Trim 

Don’t overcrowd your face with facial hair. In fact, by adopting a thin beard at the jawline, you’ll not only open up your facial appearance but you’ll create definition along the jawline. A thin mustache only adds to this look.







Watch the below video to get an idea how to get french beard:


Try out a stylish new look by growing your facial hair into a French beard style. This look is very popular for guys who want to emulate celebrity style.