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25 Ways to Style A French Cut Beard – Make Statement With Your Beard

A French Beard (also known as a French cut beard or a goatee) typically extends to the apex of the chin. Although there can be a little bit of facial hair in the other areas of the face, the French cut area should be the most prominent zone. Guys look fabulous with this style of beard.

What Is a French Beard?

French Beard

A French beard, also called a circle beard, is a goatee or chin strap beard connected to a mustache. It forms a circular shape around the mouth, hence the name. No one is quite sure where it picked up the “French” moniker—these days, it’s very much an international style.

Who Should Go for a French Beard?

As the examples in this article show, anyone can look great with a French beard! Embrace the density and texture of your facial hair with confidence, and you’ll pull off the look flawlessly. Make sure to trim your beard often to keep it looking sharp.

A French-style beard can be incredibly flattering on those with chiseled jawlines, as fuller beards can hide such an asset.

How To Shape a French Beard

How to shape French Beard

You can start working on your French beard once you have around half an inch of beard growth.

Begin by using a beard trimmer to do the first pass over your cheeks and neck, leaving your mustache and chin untouched.

Next, trim the outline of your beard and mustache into the basic shape you want. Take your time and strive for symmetry!

Now, you will need to clean up your cheeks and neck. Again, go for a luxurious, barbershop-quality shave here—you do not want razor burn or ingrown hairs to detract from the majesty of your beard.

After washing your face with warm water and your favorite cleanser, try applying pre-shave oil to nurture your skin and help your razor glide more smoothly.

Then, to not obscure your beard’s outline, use a clear shaving gel rather than an opaque cream or lather. Finally, rinse your razor after every stroke to prevent razor burn.

At this stage, you will want to tighten the edges of your beard using a blade or trimmer sans guard. Here’s where you show off your creativity and individuality by personalizing your French-style beard to your tastes.

Finally, finish with a rinse and your favorite aftershave. Do not forget to take a minute to admire your handiwork!

Best French Beard Styles

Look at the below french beard styles to get some ideas for your next beard style. If you want to color your beard, try these blonde beard styles.

1. Hard Man Style

how to grow french cut beard

A French beard style can give your face a natural angular style. Fill in the outline of the French cut for a real burst of intensity.

Beard Styles Without Mustache

2. Heavy and Tight

Heavy and tight french cut

A heavy and tight beard creates an intense look for guys. However, keeping the look nice and tight helps show off the face’s bone structure.

3. Salt and Pepper

A goatee beard looks great on guys who are starting to go gray. The salt and pepper look is often considered very refined, especially with a well-kept French beard.

4. Braided Fork Beard

French fork beard

Set your look apart from the rest with a French fork beard. You can wear this hair loose or braid each section to protect hair as it grows to add a little something extra to your style. 

5. Sparse French Beard 

French beard for oval faces

Creating a small and light beard at the base of the chin is ideal for elongating the appearance of a symmetrical or even a round face. Try a little French beard for oval faces and embrace the idea that hair doesn’t have to be thick here. 


bald head with french beard


curly french beard


french beard for round faces


grey french beard


extended french beard


red french beard


french beard with long mustache


salt and pepper french beard


french beard for long faces


chin curtain and french beard


thick french beard


18. Clean French Beard 

French beard without mustache

Beards are often seen alongside hair at the upper lip, but you can easily show off your facial structure with a French beard without a mustache. This look feels youthful and helps to open up and draw attention to a brightened face. 

19. Beard with Handlebar Mustache 

French beard with handlebar mustache

Soften your exciting look with a French beard with a handlebar mustache. This quirky facial hair is fun but feels more familiar with a soft patch of hair covering the base of your chin. 

20. Long French Beard 

French beard for black guys

Balance out cool braids or twists with a French beard for Black guys. Fellows with round faces can enjoy the luxury of a longer beard that lengthens the face at its centermost part. 

21. Anchor Style

If your French beard style has a slight disconnect between the lower and upper portions, it may be called an anchor beard instead. This is reflective of the anchor shape of the cut.

22. Thin French Beard Style

Will Smith's thin french cut beard

Celebrities like Will Smith always look stylish with a French beard. A thin style helps to create a sharp and refined look for fashionable guys.

Braided Beard Styles for Brave Men

23. Thin and Wispy

thin and wispy french beard

This look is great for guys who have an artistic flair. A thin and wispy style can be grown into a thick and full beard as well.


24. Sparse Beard for Ginger Hair 

Light-haired guys know how tough it can be to grow thick beards and mustaches. This minimal beard allows you to grow hair where it comes in the thickest- at the base of the chin. Plus, it adds sharp definition to the jawline. 

25. Long French with Thin Trim 

Don’t overcrowd your face with facial hair. In fact, by adopting a thin beard at the jawline, you’ll not only open up your facial appearance, but you’ll create definition along the jawline. A thin mustache only adds to this look.


Try out a stylish new look by growing your facial hair into a French beard style. This look is trendy for guys who want to emulate celebrity style.


Read the following frequently asked questions to learn about French beard style.

Is a French beard professional?

A short, neatly kept French or circle beard is a classic style that gives off an air of maturity, so it is a great look for people who want to keep their facial hair while working in a more formal environment.

French beard vs. goatee: what’s the difference?

A goatee is a style of beard in which the cheeks are clean-shaven, leaving only a mustache and hair on the chin. The French or circle beard is a type of goatee.

In some goatee styles, like the French beard, the mustache and chin hair is connected, whereas they are separate in others.

Are a regular French beard and a French fork beard similar?

The French beard and French fork beard do not have much in common aside from their names. A French fork beard is a full beard that splits into two points at the ends.

It is achieved by cutting a triangular shape out of the middle of the beard or by using styling wax.