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20 French Fork Beard Styles for Adventurous Men

If you’re thinking about joining the beard gang, you might want to give the French fork beard a thought. This is a style where the beard splits in the middle to create two distinct sections that resemble a fork.

Old-school French fork beards take a while; they’re usually for guys with the patience to grow out a serious beard. But hey, grooming isn’t one-size-fits-all.

For the adventurous ones, there’s flexibility to play with this style. For example, do you have a long goatee? With some tweaks, it might just resemble a French fork.

Still on the fence? Not sold yet? Take a peek at how different men wear their French fork beards. You’re bound to find one that’s suitable for you.

Who Should Try A French Fork Beard?

French fork beard
French Fork Beard Style

French Fork is not a beard style for everyone, but if you’ve got the confidence and the flair to pull it off, it might just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

The French Fork beard has roots going back to ancient times, worn by iconic figures who shaped history. Wearing this beard style today taps you into that powerful lineage. You’ll be in the company of men who dared to be different and who set trends rather than following them.

So, who should try this? If you’ve got a square or oval face, the French Fork beard might be your perfect match. The style adds length and breaks up the symmetry, offering a unique contrast to your look.

Trendy French Fork Beard Styles

Ready to become a modern trendsetter with a beard style that’s as old as time? Keep reading, and let’s get you well on your way to rocking that French Fork beard.

1. Long Ginger Beard with Glasses

French fork beard for men with glasses

The shape of this beard is what you would call the classic French fork beard. It has a bushy appearance with the hair split at the bottom end and is almost square in shape.

A thick, connected mustache goes well with it, while the side fringe haircut keeps you from looking too old and outdated.

Don’t overlook the pairing of metal-frame Pantos glasses with the beard. He dyed his beard red, giving him a mysterious mix of rugged and gentle looks.

2. Gray Beard with Salt and Pepper Walrus Mustache

French fork beard for older men

Are you an old man with a gray beard? Show your trimming skill by creating a well-defined ‘W’ shape with your beard and pairing it with a salt-and-pepper walrus mustache.

3. Curly Beard and Shaved Head with Round Glasses

French fork beard for men

It’s a nightmare for men with a curly beard and receding hairline to find a proper beard style. But worry not this can be your style.

The artistic French fork beard style got an exaggerated split, making them look like upside-down horns. Paired with a shaved head, it offers a solution to the receding hairline dilemma.

To tie it all together wear oval shape glasses with a keyhole bridge. It will keep the forehead from appearing too large.

4. Hipster Beard with Long Golden Hair

blonde hair with red French fork beard

Call it a hipster style because the long beard, mustache, and hair take up the center spot in this style. The French fork beard is quite wavy here, with a cowlick effect on the sides.

What really sets this style apart is the golden hair, which is a huge contrast against the color of the beard. The haircut looks like a shoulder-length bob for men, with a hair band. The straight hair covers both sides of the face.

5. Scraggly Gray Beard with HeadBand

French fork grey beard

Some people intentionally go for a nomadic look. If you’re one of them, this long, scraggly gray beard is for you. The beard isn’t really trimmed much, except for the split, so you can see some stray hairs sticking out.

The curly facial hair pairs well with a salt-and-pepper mustache. And the red headband gives the finishing touch to that nomadic style.

6. Parted Goatee with Chin Curtain and Long Wavy Hair

curly hair with French fork goatee beard

Do you want to look like a rock star with your French fork beard? If yes, this is the look you should go for by growing a long goatee that’s parted in the middle.

There’s also a chin curtain beard running along the jawline. With long wavy hair, people are sure to confuse you with some rock star. Last but not least, complete this look with tinted aviator sunglasses.

7. Parted Grey Circle Beard with Oversized Wraparounds

Brad Pitt with French fork beard

Here’s Brad Pitt with a look you can’t ignore despite it being quite minimalistic. The gray circle beard is parted but not excessively. It’s only a couple of inches long and looks quite fine with a well-trimmed chevron mustache.

What sets this celebrity look apart is the oversized wraparound sunglasses that cover a huge portion of the face.

8. Double-braided Long Goatee with Bald Head

French fork braided beard style

It’s the French fork beard of all beards that people can see from a mile away. It’s in the shape of a goatee that hangs several inches (maybe a foot) down the chin and has metal hats covering the ends.

The fork effect is obvious as the beard is tied into two braids. With a shiny bald head, it is surely a look for those who want to look like a bald Nordic warrior.

9. Long Silver Beard with Mid-parted Hair

long French fork beard style for older men

Growing a long beard is ideal for older men because it doesn’t require much maintenance, and it gives them quite a look when they can grow very long hair.

In this case, the beard is long enough to cover the chest and parted in the middle, aligning with the haircut, which is also parted in the middle. The bushy and overgrown mustache covers both lips.

10. Salt and Pepper Stringy Beard with Rectangular Sunglasses

salt and pepper French fork beard

An untamed look where the beard is quite stringy and almost without any trimming. This salt-and-pepper French fork beard is split into two separate braids with lots of flyaway hair.

The rectangular sunglasses cover the eyes, whereas a beanie covers the head. So, you’ll have a very small part of your face exposed when you go for this style. Perhaps, that’s what suits bikers.

11. Very Long Waterfall Beard with Spiky Hair

very long French fork beard

This one’s hard to beat because of its length, as you can see, it’s almost resting on the gentleman’s belly. The long waterfall-like beard splits midway and has a typical bushy feel to it. The receding hairline doesn’t look bad with the hair on the front turned into spikes.

12. Short Beard with French Mustache

short French fork beard

A French fork beard style, but with a short beard! This is perfect for those who don’t want the upkeep of a long beard but still love the look of those splits.

The chin beard is a tad longer, with the chin strap neatly covering the jawline. The split resembles the legs of a “star” shape. And the short French mustache? It rounds off the whole French facial look.

13. White and Long Swirled Beard with Handlebar Mustache

older man with French fork beard

This long and white French fork beard is for older men who aren’t afraid to show the silver in their hair. The long white beard is parted and then both ends have been swirled almost into the shape of a curved horn.

With this style, choose a mustache that goes well with the beard, and nothing is going to look better than a big handlebar mustache.

14. Bandholz Beard with Messy Hair

hipster guy with French fork beard

You can recognize the Bandholz beard from the amazing mustache that doesn’t let the big and powerful beard take away the limelight. In this particular case, the mustache is also a bit different in color from the beard.

On the other hand, the beard is slightly curly, parted in the middle, and thins significantly near the bottom. The messy hair is a bit of a surprise here.

15. Long Red Beard with Overgrown Regular Mustache

very long French fork beard style for men

The long and red beard hangs more than a foot down the chin and is parted in the middle, but you can see this split isn’t overdone.

It’s also interesting that the beard isn’t too thick on the cheeks, and so it looks quite narrow. A regular yet overgrown mustache goes well with this type of beard.

16. Tapered Ginger Beard with Bald Head

French fork ginger beard

This ginger French fork beard stands out for its color and also for its neat look. The beard and mustache are very neatly trimmed for a clear shape.

Also, you can notice some tapering happening on the sides to further add to the neatness of this look. What more could you ask for to aim for this fine look than a bald head?

17. Wavy Long Beard with The English Mustache

French fork beard with handlebar mustache for men

To get this type of beard, you’ll have to have rough and hard facial hair. It’s clear here that the rough quality of the hair has allowed the gentleman to part it in the middle and have it in the desired position.

You can notice subtle waves in the hair, but what steals the show here is the perfect English mustache with its straightened ends.

18. Grey Garibaldi Beard with Imperial Mustache

older black guy with French fork beard

Don’t let your age define your style. This grey Garibaldi beard is long and stylish, and suits older men who like to grow long facial hair.

The two split ends aren’t too thick here, but who’s judging? As soon as you get your eyes off the beard, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautifully curved imperial mustache.

19. Curly Full Beard with Shields

bushy French fork beard style for men

It’s a full beard with nothing dramatic happening to it. However, you can notice the split that makes it the famous French fork beard.

The curly quality of the hair doesn’t make the split too prominent and the regular mustache doesn’t get too much attention. What stands out here is the pair of shield glasses.

20. French Fork Goatee with Rectangular Glasses

curly French fork beard style for men

When you have an oblong face, you don’t want a beard that makes it look longer. So, a regular goatee wouldn’t cut it, but this one with a big part in the middle and two ends going in opposite directions would. To add further width to the face, you should go with rectangular glasses.

So, these are some French fork beard styles that include options not only for young men but for older men as well. Contrary to common belief, you don’t necessarily have to have a very long beard to go for this style, as can be seen here, some are pretty short. So, go for it!