40 Epic Beard Styles Without Mustache

When you imagine growing a beard, a mustache seems to be a must-have accessory. Rarely men consider beard styles without a mustache.

However, there are plenty of them to choose from. Both a beard and a mustache require special care. If for some reason, you feel as if a beard is taking up so much of your time that a mustache is overwhelming, you can choose one of the most interesting beard styles that don’t need a mustache to go with them. You can always grow a mustache later if you wish. It’s a much easier job than growing and shaping a beard.


Why Choose a Beard Style Without A Mustache

men with no mustache

When most men see a beard style without a mustache, the first question that comes into their heads is “why”. Here are 4 solid reasons to help you understand the mustache-less style. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to change your facial hairstyle.


1. You Want to Stand Out of The Crowd

Of course, beard styles with a mustache are not as unique as, say, blue and pink mohawks. Meanwhile, they are much neater looking. Making a statement is your hair is as old as time itself. A smart way to go about standing out of the crowd with your facial locks is to choose a unique beard style.


2. You Are Bad at Shaping a Mustache

Mustaches are easier to grow than beards, but they are harder to shave. They require a certain precision you might not be ready to apply. Instead of torturing yourself every morning, the simple solution is to get rid of it altogether. Meanwhile, a beard might require more maintenance but doesn’t need too much precision on your part. So keep the beard, off with the mustache!


3. You Shaved it Off!

Let’s admit it. It happened to every man at least once. Shaving off more than you were planning to is a common mistake. Don’t get nervous and shave the rest of the beard off if you made a mistake with a mustache. Consider it a chance to create a brand new amazing look. Go through the below options to choose the style.


4. You Are After a Certain Style

Some beards look gorgeous without a mustache. Soul patches and chin curtains are amazing on their own. Growing a mustache can slightly alter the style and make it much less impressive. So if you are after a certain beard style don’t be afraid to shave the mustache off.


Best Beard Styles Without Mustache You Can Pick

Another occasion a beard style without a mustache can come in handy is when you make the wrong move with your razor. Accidently shaving a mustache off is not a reason to get rid of the beard, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a new style. We tried hard to come up with 40 appealing options to help you understand how unique and fun the beard styles without a mustache can look. Give at least one of them a try and you won’t regret it.


1. Simple stubble

Simple Beard Styles Without Mustache for young men

If styled neatly, a simple stubble can look terrific with or without a mustache. You can wait until the beard grows longer to decide whether or not you need to complement it with a mustache. Meanwhile, enjoy the stylish look.


2. Little cheater

chin Beard Styles Without Mustache

If you are planning to grow a long chin curtain, a mustache is optional. While you are just taking the first steps toward a nicely shaped beard style, you can leave some stubble on the upper lip. You’ll just have to get rid of it later when the beard takes shape.



3. Chinstrap

Chinstrap beard for men

Not every man is brave enough to deal with a classic chinstrap. It requires plenty of trimming, shaving, and shaping. Meanwhile, a mustache might seem out of place among such incredible work. Shave it off.


4. Lincoln style full beard

Lincoln style Beard Without Mustache for men

Lincoln beard hasn’t gone out of style for centuries, so why not take advantage of it? You can go even further to grow your facial hair much longer than the 16th USA president.  A full beard with wild touches is fantastic.


5. Beautiful goatee styles

goatee Beard Styles Without Mustache

The only way to enjoy the real goatee style is to shave the mustache off. The beard itself looks much more prominent when there is no mustache in sight. This beard style is a wonderful choice for men with thick hair.