8 Stately Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Young Girls

With women breaking more and more gender stereotypes every day, badass hairstyles like the buzz cut is gaining popularity. No bangs hiding your eyes, no ponytail to adjust, buzz cut hairstyles for girls make a bold fashion statement.


Popular Buzz Cut for Girls

Buzz gives a very dynamic, hardcore look to the young girls with short hair. Have a look at our handpicked buzz cut styles for the girls for going with the trends.

1. Buzz Cut with a Fade

buzz cut with a fade for girls

The buzz cut with a fade is an undercut hairstyle that is taking the fashion world by storm. The hair on top is kept longer and it gradually fades down in the sides. It is aesthetically pleasing and extremely low maintenance. With a girls buzz cut style, you will need to spend zero time on hair care and styling.

It is done by simply buzzing the hair with electric clippers at home or in a salon. Because this is a gender-neutral style and also a highly popular haircut for men, most hairdressers know how to do it. Save yourself a lot of time and money spent on hair products by getting a buzz cut with a trendy fade.


2. Geometric Side Buzz

buzz cut with geometric design

If you want to look absolutely badass then you should definitely consider the geometric side buzz. Instead of cropping the entire length of your hair in a complete buzz cut, you can just get one side sheared.

Flip the longer length of hair to different sides to change styles and wear your hair differently. Now, customize your buzz cut with cool designs such as geometric shapes. Just head to a hair salon and give exact instructions to your hairdresser.


3. Buzz Cut with an Ombre

ombre buzz cut for young girls

Ombre and balayage colors have been in trend for a while now. You can still create an ombre effect even if you get a buzz cut hairstyle for girls. An ombre is basically shading or creating a gradient with colors.

To create an ombre effect you can get two or more hair colors and dye your hair with them. It is fairly easy to do by yourself if your hair is cut super short.


4. Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

platinum blonde buzz cut for girls

Seeing how platinum hair is so in right now, we couldn’t resist adding this to the list. Here is a picture of English actress Cara Delevingne with a platinum blonde buzz cut for girls.

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5. Cropped Cut for Curly Hair

buzz cut for curly hair

Women with curly hair often shy away from getting very short cropped haircuts. But buzz cut girl styles on curly hair actually look drop dead gorgeous. You can regulate the length of the hair based on how much of your curls you want to show off.

Cropped haircuts are extremely low maintenance for girls with curly hair because they always remain tangle free. They also let you have a cool head during the sweltering summer heat.


6. Crew Cut Hairstyle

crew cut for girls

The crew cut is a variant of the buzz cut that also derives its name from military haircuts. It is one of the most popular choices among buzz cut hairstyles for girls. Get a crew cut by cropping your hair very short and keep its longest part at the front forming a sort of pompadour.

The most significant aspect of this haircut is that it creates a horizontal hairline at the front. This girl’s buzz cut has been popularized by the character Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown in the Netflix series Stranger Things.


7. Buzz Cut Using a Razor

razor fade buzz cut

While buzz cut for girls is generally done with an electric clipper, it can also be done with a razor. You can control the length of your hair according to the final result that you have in mind. The advantage of using a razor to do this is that it produces amazing texture.

This buzz cut on girls hair appears to be edgy and even more fabulous. If you want to further enhance the hair texture you can also use some texturizing spray.


8. Side Shaved Buzz Cut

side shaved buzz cut

Do you have a gorgeous head of long hair that you just don’t want to get rid of? Get the best of both worlds by getting a buzz cut on one side and keeping the hair long on the other side. This asymmetrical style is great for showcasing your rebellious nature without any dramatic change.

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Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Natalie Portman have all rocked the buzz cut on girls hair. It is fun for young girls to experiment with their looks so go crazy with these top buzz haircuts for girls.