40 Hairline Tattoos to Express Yourself Explicitly

Hairline tattoos are gaining popularity. Both men and women can appreciate this decoration that can be hidden by the hair or a high collar. Imagine the surprised looks of people who first see your hairline tattoo!

While the tattoo making process may not be pleasurable, the results are so magnificent, many people go on to create further masterpieces. Another huge advantage of the hairline tattoo is that you can choose anything you wish to be portrayed there. You can pick the theme and the size too.

Hairline tattoos look sexy and appealing if you can do it right. When you silently ponder over and over how to get what’s on your chest off, or when you feel that words aren’t enough to express yourself that you’ve been through then showing it through a tattoo on your hairline can be a solution!

When your lips can’t formulate any words, tattoos will speak for you. They are one silent language that speaks in a hundred different ways. The hairline is a great deal when it comes to positions of tattoos, they’re close to your face yet you can choose not to make them that explicit by hiding them with your hair, especially the ones above your neck and behind your ear.


Do Hairline Tattoos Hurt?

hairline tattoo ideas

Before getting a hairline tattoo, both men and women wonder if they hurt. In fact, the hairline is one of the most painful places you can get a tattoo. The skin in that area is very thin, which makes it painful to work with. However, most hairline tattoos are usually rather small so they don’t take a long time to create.

If you are opting for a large tattoo, make sure to prepare for some discomfort. Pain is usually not something that prevents most men and women from getting a tattoo. So if pain is the deciding factor, you might want to choose another place to make a tattoo. However, it won’t be as subtle and striking as the hairline masterpiece.


Unique Hairline Tattoo Ideas

A hairline tattoo can completely change your style. You can go from a pretty girl to an extravagant woman by creating just a small image on your hairline. When men and women make a decision to create a tattoo, they need a little inspiration.

If you are sure that you want to get one but need some ideas as to what to create, we are happy to offer you some help. Below you can find 40 cool hairline tattoo ideas to choose from. Even if you don’t pick one of them, they can definitely inspire you.

#1: “Don’t grow up. It’s a trap” Tattoo

nice hair line tattoo

When your young at heart and can’t help wanting to show it to the world, then don’t hesitate. Choose your favorite animated characters and get them permanently inked. In the end, there’s a child in every one of us, that we simply chose to keep hidden.


2. Prominence


When you think about creating an original hairline tattoo, you might want it to be a little more prominent. Both men and women can allow the tattoo to stick slightly out. This is a great artistic move.

#3: Peekaboo

Peek aboo hair line tattoo for girl

This peekaboo tattoo is really cute, it’ll draw a smile on every beholder’s eyes. Especially if you’ve got a bubbly personality.


#4: Whispers of Your Heart

hair line tattoo

Sometimes a little bit is a lot. Sometimes a single symbol speaks a thousand words. With a small mark hidden under your hairline, you can capture the silence of your heart and let the mark speak for you.


5. Men’s Large Hairline Tattoo

large hairline tattoo for boy

Large tattoos may start from your hairline and go down your neck. This is not the case when you make one small tattoo and go on to make a few more. This is a solid image that you need to plan fully beforehand.


#6: Silent languages

hair line tattoo

They say silence speaks louder than words, and a picture speaks volumes. And so, when you choose to ink something permanently, make sure you choose wisely, for it’ll be speaking for you even when you’re not aware.


#7: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust hair line tattoo for girl

When it comes to hairline tattoos, especially the ones behind your ear, you get to choose whether to show, or hide them behind the curtain of your hair. But with a little bit faith, trust and pixie dust, you’ll be wanting to show it all the time.


#8: Permanent Strength

hair line tattoo

People tend to express their hardships through tattoos when they can’t will their lips to speak. And it really helps in keeping your mentality sane. It’s like saying “though you don’t know what I’ve been through, at least know that I’ve been through a lot.”


#9: “For You, I Shall Live”

hair line tattoo

If you love reading, and feel like sometimes your heart falls in love with words more than it does with people. Then what’s a better way of satisfying your heart than by keeping your favorite quotes permanently weaved within your skin?


10. Long Leaves Tattoo

girls best Hairline Tattoo

If you have long hair and not afraid of the pain, you can go for a large hairline tattoo. It can run along the hairline and then go down your neck. In fact, neck tattoos don’t hurt as much as scalp tattoos, so don’t be afraid of too much discomfort.


11. Hairline Tattoo Phrases


A phrase is a great idea for a tattoo along your hairline. You can fit several words on one side or even run a phrase along the bottom of the hairline. Whatever you choose, remember that each tattoo master has a different handwriting.



12. Seahorse tattoo

little Seahorse hairline tattoo

Seahorse is a wonderful tattoo idea since it can be as small or as big as you wish. Since the small images don’t exactly run along the hairline, they can be less painless to create. Consider creating them on one side instead of the bottom.


13. Going all out

nice hairline tattoo art for men

Many men don’t stop with just a simple hairline tattoo. They prefer to go further. In fact, some people believe that tattoo is addictive. Once you start with a small image, you might not be able to stop.


14. Flock of birds tattoo

bird design hairline tattoo for girl

A flock of birds flying along your hairline can become a wonderful way to make a statement. There is something special and dreamy about the birds trying to fly away just like your thoughts about someone.


15. Words


If you are not ready to go for a phrase that runs along your hairline, you might want to consider a single word. You have to give this word some thought. Think about how it may fit into a phrase, you might decide to tattoo later.


16. Easy way

girls favorite hairline tattoos

If you are considering a hairline tattoo, you might want to start with hair design. The hair design near your hairline can help both men and women understand whether they are ready for a full blown tattoo.


17. Temporary tattoo


If you need to create an image for the party, you might want to go for temporary tattoos. They can also be a great choice for people who are not completely sure whether they need a hairline tattoo for their image.


#18: Addicted to coffee hairline tattoo

coffee design hair line tattoo

Things that may seem trivial to others may mean a lot to you, and coffee is no exception! It’s always delightful to express to the world what you love in your personal way.


19. The drop


A hairline tattoo doesn’t necessarily need to run along your hairline. It can start at the hairline and then go down your neck. It can be a word, a phrase, or a picture. If you chose to go through with this tattoo, you give up on the subtlety.


#20: Catch Your Dreams While You Follow Your Path

girl beautiful hair line tattoo idea

While hairline tattoos tend to be a bit hidden, some are actually prominent. But why would you ever want to hide a dream catcher? It simply defeats the purpose! You can get your own version of a dream catcher tattoo so wherever you go, all you’ll end up with is a good night, with a hopefully good dream followed by a new adventure.


21. Tyson tattoo

This hairline tattoo is far from being subtle. It starts near the hairline and goes toward the face. Such approach can look very beautiful but it might also be rather painful. The size of the tattoo depends on your personal preferences.


22. Large flowers

beautiful flower art tattoo idea for girl

Large flowers always look stunning at the hairline. You can start on one side of your head and go down to the neck to make the tattooing less painful. Some women prefer playing around with the color of their flowers. Colorful tattoos look amazing.


23. Neck tattoo

Neck hairline tattoo idea for girl

The neck tattoo starts at the hairline and goes down to the neck and back. Depending on how large you want the tattoo, you can plan the width. Make the top of the tattoo thinner, so it can be hidden under the clothes.


 Floral tattoo on hairline


spider tattoo on shaved hairline




tattoos on side hairline





snake tattoo on side shaved hairline





hairline tattoo




snake tattoo on side hairline


funky hairline tattoos


We hope these hairline tattoos gave you a good idea of what men and women all over the world ask for when they go to the tattoo salon. A hairline tattoo is a wonderful chance to use your imagination and change your style.

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