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The Best Hairstyles for Girls With Big Foreheads

Though some traditional beliefs suggest that a broad forehead is a sign of prosperity, most girls with a big forehead can most commonly associate with a sense of misery better. This is because, in the world of styling and hair fashion, the best way is to cover the forehead.


Best Hairstyles for Girls with Big Forehead

Here we shortlisted some of the best hairstyles for girls who have bigger forehead. These don’t just make you look pretty, but they also convert your large forehead into an asset more than a liability.

1. Choppy Bangs

Girls Hairstyles for Big Forehead

This is perhaps the most conventional approach taken by girls to hide their big forehead. The fringes in front always come in handy.

Almost an internationally popular option, this is a style that goes well with most types of dressing and hairdo. That has also enhanced the acceptability of the style.


2. Low Messy Bun

side bun hairstyles for girls with big foreheads

The other handy option for those with a large forehead is to divert attention. This side bun strives to do exactly that and a lot more. It instantly shifts the focus from the face to the bun.

Additionally, it also adds a distinct degree of sweet alluring charm to the face that is hard to ignore. Subtle, cute and adorable, this is a type of styling for girls that looks suitable in both casual and formal occasions.


3. High Bun with Bangs

top knot with bangs for girls with big foreheads

In case you are looking for a statement-making style, this bun with bangs will do the trick. It covers the broad forehead with bangs, and at the same time, shifts the focus quite conveniently to the knot on top.

With the right type of accessories, you can rock this anywhere from the boardroom to the bar.


4. Girls Undercut

bangs with undercut for large foreheads

Styling your hair is almost like trying out new dresses. You incorporate a variety of elements, mix and match concepts and then stick with something that makes you look exceptionally striking.

Here you have the white blonde hair swept to the side with undercut revealing a darker shade at the roots. All in all, this style is about combining a set of wow elements that make a stunning hairstyle.


5. Messy Half Bun

half bun hairstyles for girls with big foreheads

In this case, the entire hair is not tied into a bun. Only the top half is taken to make a small bun at the lower end of the crown, and the rest of the hair is free-flowing.

This goes a long way in taking the attention away from the big forehead.


6. Medium Side Bangs

This shaggy layers on medium length hair is another popular option that easily covers the big forehead for girls. It is a style that effortlessly brings out a subtle charm to your face.


7. Short Messy Bob

The messy bob is another practical and comfortable way to wear the hair for girls. It effortlessly exudes a cool and stylish edge to the overall hairdo and helps you achieve a sense of warmth about your overall persona.


8. Pixie with Bangs

Did it ever strike you that the pixie cut can be a great option for girls to hide a long forehead? As you can see in this pic, one small improvisation in this blonde pixie cut has totally changed the dynamics of styling here.

The hair in front is short and sits prettily, almost like fringes but a lot messier. That is what completes the pixie look and covers the forehead too.


9. Center Parted Bangs

bangs hairstyles to hide big foreheads

This type of center parting with bangs introduces a definitive softness and sexy appeal to the face. The overall face shape appears longer than usual, and the low pony sitting on the nape completes this look.

It brings about roundness and makes the styling standout. Whether you pair it with a wedding gown or a corporate meet, this is a cool and a rather chic way to dress up your hair.


10. Curly Bob with Bangs

bob with curly bangs for women with big foreheads

The curls have their own unique code of styling. This is clearly borne out in this bob with bangs. The only unique point here is that the bangs are curly.

So they do not sit like straight forward bangs, and that is what gives this style a brand new dimension. Additionally, for girls with a big forehead, these shifts focus completely away from their broad temple.


Instead of trying to camouflage their big forehead, girls must look at styling with an interesting fall. It shifts the focus immediately and also introduces a softening touch to the whole face. In that way, this is a type of styling that is both practical and serves the purpose well.