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High Ponytail Vs. Low Ponytail: An In-Depth Style Comparison

Ponytails are the simplest yet the most attractive of all updos. You may rock a super high sleek pony on one day and choose a messed-up low-lying one on another occasion.

Both of them create totally different final looks and that’s exactly why we’ve made a high ponytail vs. low ponytail comparison.

Although all ponytails involve pulling your hair through a hairband, each one of them stands unique depending on the height, hair length, and texture.

High Ponytail Vs. Low Ponytail

high ponytail hairstyle vs low ponytail hairstyle

A ponytail is a simple hairstyle where you gather all your hair back and tie it up. They can keep your hair out of your face and even save you on a bad hair day.

Depending on where you position the tie, it can be:

  • High Ponytail: This is when you tie your hair close to the top of your head. It gives a fun and energetic vibe, perfect for active days or when you’re feeling a bit sassy.
  • Low Ponytail: Here, you tie your hair down near the bottom of your neck. It’s more laid-back and has a calm, sophisticated feel, great for relaxed days or more formal settings.

You can also use accessories on high and low ponytails and combine them with other hair techniques to make them exciting. For instance, you could braid, curl, twist, knot, and texture to fit any occasion.

Below is a comparison table showing the differences between high ponytail and low ponytail so that you can pick the ideal style for you.

TopicHigh PonytailLow Ponytail
Appearance– Gives a slick, beachy, and youthful impression

– Ideal for nights out

– Elongates the face, suitable for round faces
– Subtle and soft

– Can impart a boho feel when loosened

– Ideal for formal occasions
Hair Damage– Puts strain on the hair, potentially leading to breakage and hairline receding

– Causes pain
– Better for the scalp as it doesn’t fight against gravity

– Lower risk of hair damage
MovementOffers greater hair movement, attracting attentionSubtle movement allows emphasis on other aspects of your body
PersonalityCan convey sporty vibes, high maintenance, or playfulness depending on styleGives a laid-back yet polished impression
Style LimitationsLimited by hair length; challenging with short hairSuitable for all hair lengths without limitations

You can easily recognize a high and low pony simply by looking at the position of the tie. But this is not the only difference.

There are many other things to consider when you are choosing between a high ponytail and a low ponytail. Check out the key differences between these two ponytail styles.

1.  Appearance

Did you know that your hairstyle can change the way your face looks?

High ponytails can give you a slick, beachy, and young impression. In short, it’s perfect for your nights out!

What’s more, high ponytails draw your hair up and make your face seem elongated. This means it’s great for people with round faces.

On the other hand, low ponytails are subtle and soft. If you loosen a low ponytail, it imparts a boho feel.

Meanwhile, tight low ponytails are formal and clean. It’s ideal for occasions where you need some formality!

2. Hair Damage

Tying your hair up can create tension that leads to breakage, thinning, and bald spots. People who often tie their hair up will notice their hairline receding.

Unfortunately, high ponytails put a lot of strain on your hair. Even Arianna Grande admits her high ponytails caused constant pain in 2018!

Low ponytails are better for your scalp because you’re not fighting against gravity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear high ponytails. As long as you allow your hair to rest, it’s okay to do it once in a while!

3. Movement

Hair movement is so fascinating that physicists study it to explain how it works.

As you would expect, high ponytails have greater movement than low ponytails. Meaning, you’re more likely to draw people’s attention with this type of ponytail!

On the flip side, low ponytails are subtle. Because they don’t swing around as much, it’s possible to emphasize other aspects of your body.

Simply put, you can wear a high or low ponytail depending on where you want people to look!

4. Personality

You can show your personality through your ponytails.

For example, a semi-straight high ponytail gives you a sporty vibe. Ultra-snatched styles can make you appear high maintenance, while half-up ponies seem playful!

Meanwhile, low ponytails give the impression of a laid-back but polished woman. For men, having a low ponytail shows you’re confident, comfortable, and non-conformist.

5. Popularity

Is the high ponytail or the low ponytail more popular? At first, it appears that people favor low ponytails because they’re less painful.

In 2019, Fashion Magazine Elle marked the death of high ponytails during New York Fashion Week. Most of the hairstyles on the red carpet used low ponytails. Even Jennifer Lopez gave her high ponytail a rest.

But we have seen both high and low braided ponytails in 2023 New York Fashion Week.

6. Style Limitations

High ponytails are more limited than low ponytails in terms of hair length. It’s difficult to get a beautiful high ponytail if you have short hair. Strands are sure to fall out of your elastic.

The good news is low ponytails don’t have this limitation. Anyone can get a low ponytail regardless of their hair length!

Celebrities With High Ponytail and Low Ponytail

Let’s take a look at celebrity hairstyles for both high ponytails and low ponytails.

Low Ponytail Styles

Here are some celebrities who like to tie their ponytails really low:

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie with low ponytail
Margot Robbie, Source: Maelle/Pinterest

Low ponytails aren’t boring if you execute them well. You can keep it fresh like Margot Robbie. She ties her hair just above her neck. This style creates volume in a flat hairdo.


Rihanna with low ponytail
Rihanna, Source: minajlikecarey/Instagram

Rihanna styles her hair by wrapping a segment of her hair around the hair tie. This low ponytail style looks so elegant with her party dress.

Low ponytails are the most flattering if you tie them a half-inch above your neck. You can keep it off-center to make it modern.

High Ponytail Styles

These celebrities tie their hair high near the head crown and they look stunning with their high ponytails.

Arianna Grande

Ariana Grande with high ponytail
Arianna Grande, Source: refinery29/Pinterest

We can’t talk about high ponytails without mentioning Arianna Grande! You may have already seen her classic slicked-back look, but the singer changes it up as well.

Here, Ariana pairs her high ponytail with bangs. The rest of her hair is textured and colored, making it look fun and casual!


Beyonce with high ponytail
Beyonce, Source: theweddingpost/Pinterest

You can make the ponytail extra high like Beyonce. She curls the ends of her hair for a unique appearance.

When tying a high ponytail, you may want to pay attention to how neatly you slick your hair back. Loose hair may make it look like you just came from a workout!

So, High Ponytail or Low Ponytail: Which Style Is More Trendy?

High ponytails are perfect for those who prefer eye-catching styles. Its movement gives you a playful, vibrant appearance. You can achieve a lifted look with a high ponytail style if you have a round face.

Yet, low ponytails are better for everyday use. Low ponies can provide you with a mature, classy image. They’re comfortable, and anyone can wear them. Most importantly, they don’t damage your hair like high ponytails do!

If you’re deciding on which ponytail to wear to a party, by all means, go for the high ponytail. However, don’t pull your hair into a high ponytail every day to avoid damage.

High Ponytails:

  • Eye-catching.
  • Best for special occasions.
  • Gives a lifted look for round faces.
  • Save high ponytails for events.
  • Avoid daily high ponytails to protect hair.

Low Ponytails:

  • Suited for daily wear.
  • Offers a mature, classy image.
  • Causes less hair damage.

In conclusion, you can style high and low ponytails in several ways. High ponytails will bring your personality out and attract people’s attention. Yet, it can severely damage your hair if you wear it daily.

Low ponytails are low-key and don’t move as much. People love it because it takes less effort to tie. Of course, I’m sure you’ll look amazing with whichever hairstyle you go for!