25 Beautiful High Ponytail Hairstyles To Make Your Hair Shine

11. Messy ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles 11-min

Girls with thick and wavy hair know all there is to know about messy ponytails. Since it will take too much hair gel to make them tight and neat, a messy look is in order. Straighten out your bangs to add your image more style.


12. Combined ponytail

teen age girl favorte Combined ponytail hairstyle

If you have long bangs, you can make a combined ponytail that will really turn some heads. Collect your bangs and brush them backward. Create a regular high ponytail with a strand to cover the elastic band. Clip the bangs where the ponytail starts.


13. Pinned ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles 13-min

When you think about a ponytail you often imagine an elastic band. However, you can create a special hairstyle by pinning your hair backwards strand by strand. Use some bright pins to make your ponytail really outstanding and catchy.


14. Ponytail with a bun

young girl high ponytail hairstyles

If your hair is long, you can make a mix between a ponytail and a bun. Start by making a bun, but let the rest of the hair hang in a ponytail. The result will be really impressive. The same image can be achieved by attaching a weave to your existing bun.


15. Keep it neat

high ponytail hairstyles 15-min

If your hair is thick and wavy, it is very hard to keep it neat in a ponytail. You can forget about tight and sleek hair on top of your head. What you can do to add your hairstyle some neatness is created really high hair. Use a little hair gel to keep it straight at least on top.