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How Much Do Different Types of Cornrows Cost?

How Much Do Cornrows Cost?

Prices for cornrows mostly vary depending on the number of braids. There are hundreds of cornrows styles, and prices vary anywhere between $30 and $300.

There are other factors that influence the price (geographical location, braidist’s range, extensions used, pattern’s complexity, length of hair, etc.) but the main criteria, in general, is the braids amount (or time).

In general, fewer braids mean less time, less money, and they also last less. In opposition, many tiny cornrows would cost the most, and they’re also the most durable.

According to that, the most inexpensive braids would be one-side braids (2-4 small cornrows only on one side), two jumbo braids, one halo, top braids, or similar, generally valued between $30 and $75, cheaper without extensions added.

types of cornrows
Top Braids, Two Jumbo Braids, Top Men Special Design (g-Clef), and Side Cornrows (Photos from Archive ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

The next ones would be classical, no-extensions jumbo cornrows between 3 and 6 rows. They are worth somewhere between $50 and $80.

Consider that some braidists or salons have smaller rates for children and some even for men. On the other hand, there are somewhere prices that start at $75.

Moving on, we’ll have those jumbo cornrows with extensions, the same as mentioned before but with synthetic hair added, valued between $60 and $100, same as more classical no-extensions cornrows, let’s say up to 10. 

Different Cornrows
Cornrows Pictures from Inashan’s Archive (©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

We keep going like this and increase the number of braids, we already added the extensions, and we hit the level of 6-12 braids, which would cost between $80 and 150$. Here we can include large lemonade, VIP ponytail (updo), and others.

Assuming that you already understood the algorithm, we make it to the 10+ cornrows, which would cost $100+ and can get up to $300 or even more.

Cost of Cornrow Braids
Cornrows ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp

Usually, cornrows’ costs are indicative, as they must be discussed according to the chosen pattern, length, whether you want extensions added or not, and other preferences.

So the prices could be like “$85 and up” for up to 7 braids. Other salons have prices listed for each number of cornrows, and the rate increases together with the number of braids.

In this case, they always stop somewhere and have an approximate price for the last one. There are also some that have prices for specific patterns, and some that have no prices listed at all, just services and the option to call for prices.

You can think of cornrows’ prices as tattoo prices. The size is like the number of braids and length, the complexity of the model chosen – it costs less for letters or tribals than for portraits – same for cornrows, and the shades would be.. the extensions.

Which Are the Most Expensive Cornrows?

fulani cornrows
Fulani-style Cornrows (©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

The most expensive cornrows are usually those mixed with single braids (box braids/twist), like Fulanis style, for example. These kinds of cornrows would rather be scored as box braids.

Small Lemonade, small Updos, two or three layers braids, and other small or micro cornrows styles would also cost over $150.

Since there are so many types of cornrows, they are almost impossible to be precisely categorized. Also, values such as “small”, “medium”, and “large” can be differently estimated from braider to braider.

The best option would be to refer to images, but don’t forget that hair types and head shapes are unique and all designs must be adapted to each individual.


Can any hair type get cornrows?

Yes, but for the Caucasian type, it needs to be at least 8cm long. Some salons/braiders could also charge extra for non-afro hair types.

Do I need extensions for cornrows?

It is optional, but they help, even if you choose a feed-in style with the same color as your natural hair, it will make the braids look better and last longer.

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