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25 Two Cornrow Styles to Stay Glamorous in 2024

Two cornrow styles must be on the top of your hairstyling list because they are pretty easy to style and look gorgeous. In addition to that, they require the least maintenance and can be designed pretty quickly. So, stop wasting time on whatever hairstyles you have in mind and start braiding!


Who Should Try Two Cornrows?

Cornrow braids have been around for many years as a wildly popular hairstyle for African American women. Therefore, it has proven its fair share of quality control and all that is left is that you employ them for your upcoming event.

Moreover, this style works best for African American women with thick and kinky hair that can hold this design in place for a while longer. However, other hair types can enjoy this style but for a shorter period of time because it might become loose.


Two Cornrow Styles That Suit Every Season

two cornrow braid styles for all season

The best designs range from cute cornrow braids peeking from below your wool hat on cold winter days to plaits that stay out of your face on hot summer days. Due to the high convenience of this design, it has spread out like a flu virus among everybody. On the other hand, choosing the design that is perfect for you can be a tricky task. So, we have compiled this shortlist of the top 25  two cornrow styles to end your searching spree!


Tools You Will Need

However, before you begin let us go over the tools you will need to make this dreamy style come to life.

  1. Hairbrush
  2. Elastic rubber bands.
  3. Hairspray or Mousse or any kind of fixative product.
  4. Styling clips (optional) if you want to add some kind of flair.


Detailed Step By Step Procedure

So, now just one more step before you get introduced to the top two cornrow styles. Let us get to know – how to really cornrow our hair.

  1. Wash or hair or spritz some water on it to dampen it.
  2. Brush your hair to get rid of all the unwanted knots and tangles.
  3. Part your hair into two sections with the help of sectioning clips or elastic bands.
  4. Moisturize your hair with cream for smoother braiding.
  5. Divide each section into three subsections and start braiding.
  6. Secure the ends with an elastic band.
  7. Add a strand of hair after every two stitches in case you are working with hair extensions.

And if these steps were not enough for your imagination, we’ve got you covered with this amazing DIY tutorial video to guide you through the whole process.


Most Popular Two Cornrows for 2024

Now that you know how to cornrow your hair, here are the best cornrow braids you can try.

1. Black and Yellow 

two cornrows with weave

Add interesting contrast to your two cornrows with weave. Honey blonde looks cool with black hair, for instance. Fasten the weave to the top of the scalp and braid it into french braids for a touch of edge on an otherwise sweet style. 


2. Headband Double Braids 

two cornrows

Instagram / thegoodhairday

This soft hairstyle uses double braids to frame the face in a headband fashion. We love this look on younger girls, though women of all ages can try it out for a romantic occasion. Leave the rest of the hair down for an easy vibe.


3. Pop of Purple

two thick cornrow braids

Whether you are creating French braids or two thick cornrow braids, a pop of neon is perfect for super dark hair. You could dye half of your hair or simply find some beautiful pieces in your favorite bright color. 


4. Curly Pigtails 

two cornrows with curly ends

Instagram / coiffuremoderne

The contrast between these two cornrows with curly ends is truly something to admire. Make sure hair is totally smooth up top before attempting these tight braids. As your hair reaches the back of the neck, loosen your braids so luxurious curls fall over your shoulders. 


5. Gold Beads 

two cornrow braided bun

Instagram / neneblessing

Hair jewelry is all the rage these days. They take a nice, simple style and make it one of a kind. Gold is ideal for contrasting with dark hair and drawing the eye inwards. Create a classic chignon at the back of the head for formal occasions or a work environment.


6. Grayish Streaks

two cornrows with extensions

Gray may not be your first hair color option, but it’s one of the best hair colors to pair with your beautiful brown hair. The addition of gray streaks can also make your two cornrow hairstyle stand out even more!


7. Touch of Gold

If gray is not your thing, gold must be! This gorgeous golden blonde shade adds pizzaz to your jet black hair and is the perfect match for warm skin tones. 

Last but not the least, this hair color will definitely make your two cornrow style summer-ready!


8. Two Cornrows into a Bun

Transform the cool and trendy two cornrow style into something classy and elegant by pulling it into a bun. It’s the perfect way to dress up your hair while preserving its stylish vibe. 


9. Half Top

half up two cornrow braids

Instagram / ninasbraids956

The half top is a subtle way to incorporate cornrow into your hairstyle. It allows you to make the most out of this beautiful hairstyle while keeping it workplace-friendly and still professional-looking. 


10. Zigzag Part

two cornrows with zigzag parts

Instagram / slaysbydanni

Tired pf the usual center or deep parting? Try this zigzag part for a refreshing change. It’s fun and playful and suits the bright red and yellow hair shades quite well. 

This is the best option for both the kids and the kids-at-heart!


11. Simple Straight Black Cornrows

two cornrow braids

Instagram / lara_made_it

Sometimes, the best way to show off your cornrows is to keep them black, straight, and simple.  And with the right accessories, you can always turn it into an eye-catching hairstyle. Case in point: these beautiful golden beads which draw the eyes to your enchanting braids. 


12. Wavy Ends

two cornrows with wavy ends

Instagram / laid2impress

If you want a low-maintenance cornrow, try this one. Make your cornrows look extra charming and ultra-feminine by keeping the ends wavy instead of curly or straight. Just simply keep your cornrows as tight and possible and cinch them with your braided hair and let the ends run loose and flowy. 


13. Charms and Braids

two cornrows for little girls

Instagram / vmake_me_up

Two cornrow styles for little girls should be fun. In this case, let your girl’s unicorn hair dreams come to life by adding purple and pink streaks. You can also add a few charms for a playful twist. 


14. Fiery Shade

This hair is on fire, figuratively of course! Lucky for you, you can easily cop her look by dyeing your hair in a variety of colors– orange, red, white, purple, and so many more. 

Adding a pop of color to your hair has never looked this gorgeous. 


15. Zebra Cornrows 

two cornrows with beads

Instagram / melaninhairstyles

Instead of creating a basic part in between your two cornrow braids, try something a little different. These horizontal cornrows are done in a zebra fashion for a truly impressive look. Time and patience are all you need. 


16. Blonde Feed In

two feed in cornrows

Instagram / klashairyyc

Using extensions is the easiest way to create this two feed in cornrows look. Try adding hair that is just one or two shades off from your regular color for interesting dimension. These braids are done at a slight angle so they curve with the natural shape of your scalp.


17. Side Part Braid with Edges

two cornrow braids with side part

Instagram / ezbeautified

Perfect, sleek, and shiny; these two cornrow braids with side part are a must-try. Create a sloping side part so that one of the braids creates a sort of crown along the top of the forehead. It’s so soft and feminine. Instead of hiding edges, define them for a truly beautiful look. 


18. Braid Crown

two cornrows updo

Braid crowns may be simple but they are always chic. Wear one for a wedding or any occasion that you desire. Simply create two braids starting at the temples and pin them underneath the nape of the neck.


19. When Cornrow Meets Dutch Braids

Dutch Braid Two Cornrow hairStyle for girl

By choosing the middle line that goes all the way from your forehead to the back of your neck as the focal axis of your design, you would be making a bold fashion statement. So just braid your hair from the center and towards your ears in a jagged cornrow pattern.

After that, you can spice it up a little with this edgy schoolgirl look by attaching pre-braided Dutch plaits to the ends of your cornrows.

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20. Eternally Stylish

Asian women Two Cornrow hairstyle

For hairstyling enthusiasts who are craving for eternally stylish two cornrow styles, this is your ultimate choice. Because throughout the centuries the white and black combination has been the only color combo to never go out of style.

Because the crazy contrast created from these two impeccable hues can get anyone to awe in shock and admiration. So, after getting your hair these white highlights you need to twist your cornrows diagonally backward to recreate the design illustrated in the photo above.

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21. Asymmetrical Updo

asymmetrical updo with two cornrows

Instagram / kevallay_hairway

Good News!! If you are in a mood for an updo, two cornrow styles look as good up as they look down. So, with this cute updo shown in the photo above as an example, you can get inspired. In addition to that, this design creates a sense of movement with its dynamic twisted cornrows that originate asymmetrically from the middle of your head.

Tip: This design works for both casual and formal events!

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22. Red and Blonde Cornrows

two red and blonde cornrows

Instagram / codite_afro_nazra

Cornrows are attractive and cool, but they enter a whole new arena of beauty and attractiveness when they are in red. The lovely red and blonde colors are the only thing that you need to stand out from others more while having cornrows made in your hair. The thick cornrows are stylish and easy to put together as you will need to make only 2 cornrows as opposed to making multiple small ones.


23. Jumbo Cornrow Style

two cornrows on natural hair

Instagram / braidsbyothisha

The hair here is black and shiny which makes these cornrow braids look more lovely and healthy. This jumbo cornrow style is extremely simple and has no fussy details about it. You need not spend more time on it and it hardly requires any products to stay in shape which makes it even more irresistible.


24. Honey Blond Style

honey blonde two cornrows

Instagram / laid2impress

This honey blond jumbo cornrows hairstyle is one of the best choices for you if you are simple and sophisticated but have a cool sense of style. The honey blond touch to the otherwise plain and simple cornrow braids is a great confidence booster for you.

This is an effective way of showing that you have a strong imagination and will not stop pursuing your heart no matter what. You just need to color the cornrow braids while the rest of your hair stays in its natural form.


25. Red Cornrows and Beads

Want to go all red and glamorous with a hairstyle update? If yes then this is where you can get the true inspiration from. The hair is dyed an attractive and irresistible red while thick cornrow braids are made out of it. 

The beads in front of the braids give this whole hairstyle a very cool and artistic feel.


With any of the two cornrow hairstyles demonstrated above, we guarantee you will be flawless. Which one you’re going to try? Let us know in the comments.