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How to Cover Up Blonde Highlights With Brown

Fresh blonde highlights are as transformative as any look; however, they can fade over time, and you can grow tired of them. What do you do if your new look doesn’t fit you anymore? Well, you can certainly use brown to spice things up.

Below, we’ll explore how to cover up blonde highlights with brown and how to fix any mishaps.

How Do I Cover Up Blonde Highlights With Brown?

Covering your faded blonde highlights with brown hair color can be a great way to switch up your look without making a drastic change or damaging your hair.

In addition, brown hair is easier to maintain and will last longer than its lighter counterpart, blonde, giving you more time between salon visits.

With the right preparation and guidance, you can DYI achieve beautiful, long-lasting results that will make you feel confident and stylish. But if you don’t have experience dyeing your hair, visiting a professional hairstylist is a good idea.

Here’s how to cover up blonde highlights with brown hair dye:

Step 1: Read The Manual

reading hair dye manual before covering up blonde highlights with brown

The first step in dying your hair is to read the instruction manual. It’s important to always read the instructions or manual that came with the hair dye, especially regarding safety and allergy precautions.

If you have any allergies or injuries on your scalp, you need to read the instructions to check if it is safe for you to use.

The manual will contain important information like how to mix the dye, apply the dye, and how long to leave the dye on.

Step 2: Separate Hair

Comb and separate your dry hair into four even sections. This will help you apply the dye evenly throughout the entire head. If you have thicker or curly hair, it may help you to separate your hair into even smaller sections.

Use a wide tooth comb to brush out any tangles, making applying the dye evenly a lot easier.

Step 3: Mix The Dye

Mix the dye with the developer by following the provided instructions. Typically, this just involves pouring the dye into the developer and mixing it. All the bottles will be labeled, so you will know exactly what to do.

Step 4: Apply The Dye

applying brown hair dye over blonde highlights

Now comes the most important part of dying your blonde highlights brown: applying the dye. Working on one section at a time, apply the brown dye evenly from root to tip. Double-check that the dye is applied evenly and there are no dry patches.

You will know that you have saturated all hair strands when there is no hair dye left in the bottle. Be sure to wipe your head off any dye that may have gotten there accidentally.

Step 5: Let Color Develop

Leave the dye on your head for 40 to 45 minutes, or whatever the instructions say. Do not leave the dye on for any longer than instructed, as this will not result in the brown looking darker.

Step 6: Rinse

When the time is up, you must rinse out the excess dye with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. How long this takes will depend on your hair thickness and length.

Step 7: Apply Conditioner

Apply conditioner after dyeing blonde highlighted hair brown

The final step in dying your hair is treating it. Hair dye can be quite damaging thanks to the chemicals, so using a conditioner afterward is highly recommended.

Some hair dyes will come with a conditioning treatment that you can use after dying. Or you can use a deep conditioner.

The brown dye over blonde highlights process is pretty similar for both permanent and semi-permanent hair dye. It is best to wash your hair and dry it before applying semi-permanent hair dye.

Can Brown Hair Dye Turn My Blonde Highlights Green?

Blonde Highlights Turned Green after Dying it Brown

Yes! Brown hair dye can turn blonde highlights green, especially if you bleach your hair to add blonde. When your hair turns green, this usually means that the underlying pigments in your hair have shown up during the dying process.

It’s all about primary colors. Depending on the shade you choose, the bleached blonde will have added yellow undertones, and the brown dye will have blue pigments. When mixed, yellow and blue create green, hence the reason your blonde highlights are now green.

Another reason why brown hair dye can turn blonde highlights green is if your hair is very porous. Bleaching your hair is one way of making it extremely porous. Porous hair is weak and will absorb the undertones of the brown dye.

To ensure a successful outcome and avoid the dreaded green hair, you must invest in quality products designed for colored hair and regular trims from a professional stylist.

Another good trick is to avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, as the chemicals can turn your hair green. 

How Do I Fix My Blonde Hair That Turned Green After Dying It Brown?

Fixing Blonde Highlights That Turned Green After Dying Brown

Unfortunately, one problem some people do encounter while dying blonde hair brown is that it can sometimes turn green.

If your blonde highlights is green from brown hair dye, there are some ways that you can fix the problem.

Here are some of the best things that you can use to get rid of green hair:

  • Red-based hair dyes
  • Ketchup
  • A neutral hair dye
  • A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda
  • Bleach your hair
  • Visit a professional hair stylist
  • Deep cleansing or Clarifying shampoo
  • Color remover
  • Using a toner to neutralize the green tint
  • Applying a hair mask with natural oils to restore moisture to the hair
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water or using chlorine-removing hair products to prevent future green tints

Consulting with a professional stylist and using red-based dyes, bleach, ketchup, vinegar, and baking soda will help fix your green hair.


To cover blonde highlights with brown, you can use either a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. If your hair is dry and damaged, opt for a semi-permanent brown dye for coverage. For healthy hair, use a brown permanent dye to cover your blonde highlights.

Bleaching your hair beforehand is a good idea if yellow pigments are present; otherwise, your hair will turn green. It’s also essential to do a patch test before dyeing your hair to check for any allergic reactions or adverse effects.


Here are some frequently asked questions about covering up blonde highlights with brown.

Can I put dark brown over blonde highlights?

Yes, it is possible to put dark brown over blonde highlights. It’s recommended to consult a professional who can assess your hair and recommend the best way to achieve the desired result.

How long will semi-permanent brown hair dye last over blonde highlights?

Semi-permanent brown hair dye will last around six weeks on blonde-hued hair. The more you wash your hair, the faster it will fade.

Do I need to bleach my hair to dye it light brown?

If your hair is bleached blonde, it will most likely contain yellow pigments, and if you want to dye it light brown, you will need to bleach your hair to remove the pigments.