How to Curl Short Hair: 6 Ways

You are probably loving your short hair and feeling quite sassy or rebellious but you have not yet settled on ways to rock your hair. Sometimes when hair is short, figuring out the best way to curl short hair can prove to be a major challenge. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are a number of ways to curl short hair!


Different Ways to Curl Your Short Hair

Here are 6 different ways to curl your short hair.

#1: The Curling Iron

iron curling

The standard device for curling short or long hair is the curling iron. However, have you considered the fact that you can leverage different barrel sizes to style your short hair? You can use a larger barrel for a fuller look or looser curl pattern. A smaller barrel may be used for a tighter curl pattern that makes a statement. If using any form of heat, remember to you apply a good thermal spray to protect your hair from heat damage.


#2: A Roller Set

roller set curly hair

A good roller set never goes out of style. It is a reliable method that has been used for decades. In today’s world, a good rod set coupled with supportive curling or setting solution can go a long way to help you establish beautiful, short curls. Foam rollers, flexi-rods or even perm rods can help you achieve a classic, vintage look.

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#3: The Curling Wand

curling wand

If you are considering the application of heat, in addition to the curling iron, the curling wand is another tool that can be used to establish short, eye-catching curls. Again, you will want to use a good thermal protectant with the curling want to protect your hair from heat.


#4: Flat Iron Flip

flat iron flip to curl hair

Depending on the length of your hair, a 1” to 1.5” flat iron may be used to curl short hair into a modest but contemporary flip style. Envision hair that is full of volume and bounce, flipped to perfection.


#5: Bantu Knots for Curls

bantu knots for curly hair

Looking for a process that does not require heat? Wash your hair and apply a good leave-in conditioner. Next, section your damp hair into sections. Apply some curling or moisture based cream to help your hair in this curling process.

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Your hair can be sectioned into small sections or may be separated into four major sections. Smaller sections will help to prevent those large parts from being visible at the time of the “Knot Out”.

curly bantu knots

To achieve this style, twist your hair, then wrap that hair into a single ball and seal it off with a rubber band. Be careful not to apply too much tension or you will risk breakage. Apply a scarf or stocking to secure hair for 6 to 8 hours. Ideally, you will sleep while your hair is molding its curls to this style.

bantu knot to curl

The following morning, ensure that your hair is dry before you begin to take down your Bantu knots. Once your knots are down, spend some time working with your hair to help relax the curls. If you are happy with the curls, you may not have to do much work in relaxing them. Instead, your primary focus may need to shift to ensuring that parts in your hair from the night before are no longer visible.


#6: Pin Curls

pin curls

Pin curls are a wonderful, traditional approach to creating curls in short or long hair. Pin curls can be created using bobby pins or pin curl clips. To complete this process, section your hair into a small square using a rat tail comb.  Next, apply a bit of moisture (can be water or moisturizing spray) then curl the hair by rolling it into a curled shape. Next, secure the curl down, flat to the head with a bobby pin. Repeat this process, creating clean rows until all of your hair pin-curled.

pin curls photo

Pin Curls – Example 1

pin curls

Pin Curls – Example 2

Once the entire head is pin-curled, apply a bit of spray to the hair. Secure your hair with a scarf before you go to bed to keep hair and pins immobile. The following day, remove the pins –but first ensure that your hair is dry before completing this step. Once you remove the pins, go back over your curls to gently separate them so that our hair looks fuller and you achieve the desired style.

There you have it! These are just six easy ways to curl short hair using both heat and non-heat practices. Remember if you choose to use heat, apply a good thermal protectant to your hair!

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