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13 Models with Beautiful Curly Hair

Models have such incredible hair, don’t they? I mean, if you’re tired of styling your curls the same old way every day, you can totally look to fashion models for new hair inspo.

From messy top buns with loose curly pieces framing their faces, to long spiraling curls with cool balayage coloring, big natural afros, and other wild styles, models are rocking some gorgeous manes on the runway.

We put together a list of 13 models showing off beautiful curly hairstyles that’ll make you swoon. These models’ fabulous curly locks are sure to spark ideas on how to keep your curls looking fresh and fabulous!

Whether you feel like switching up your own curls or just want some hair inspiration, this list has chic styles any curly-haired girl would love to try.

Most Stunning Models with Curly Hairstyles

Sure, you’ve looked through your stylist’s books for an inspiring new hairstyle, but don’t forget to check out these popular celebrity models with curly hair.

1. Alanna Arrington- Cornrow Half Updo

model with Afro curly hair - Alanna Arrington

Victoria’s Secret model Alanna Arrington beautifully demonstrates how to style curly black hair with this low half-updo.

Starting at the hairline, secure small sections of hair in thin cornrows, then join the hair together at the back mid-height, leaving the rest of your hair loose.

2. Camille Gilles- Round Afro

model with Afro curly hair - Camille Gilles

Leave it to French model Camille Gilles to confidently rock her afro. For Black women who want to give their natural hair a break from styling, a voluminous afro is a stylish choice you can’t go wrong with.

3. Cindy Bruna- Wild Curly Hair

model with curly hair - Cindy Bruna

Make your curls look like you’ve spent all day at the beach by finger-combing them and letting them hang loose. Use your fingers to part your hair off center, giving your mane a boost in volume.

4. Dorit Revelis- Headband Hairstyle

model with curly hair - Dorit Revelis

This vintage hairstyle, flaunted by model Dorit Revelis, is super cute and a great excuse to bring out your favorite hair accessory.

Wrap a scarf around your head or slide on a headband in bold color that pops against your hair color.

5. ENYA- Messy Curls

model with Afro curly hair - ENYA

Even at her young age, ENYA is the model to look at for how to style up your long thick curly hair. A high ponytail secured messily right on top of your head makes for a dramatic Insta-worthy hairstyle.

6. Frederikke Sofie- Blonde Curls with Middle Part

model with blonde curly hair - Frederikke Sofie

There’ll be no mistaking you for anything other than a beach babe when you work a little curl cream into your blonde hair to get this enviable soft texture. All it takes is a middle part to look your most gorgeous.

7. Grace Mahary Braid Updo with Spiral Curls

model with curly hair - Grace Mahary

Canadian model Grace Mahary knows the best long curly hairstyles are all about the details.

Her hairline is lined with thick twists that come together in a half updo. Thin braids drape over her ears and long spiral curls fill the bottom half of her mane.

8. Imaan Hammam Short Layered Curls

model with curly hair - Imaan Hammam

Imaan Hammam is a former Victoria’s Secret model famous for her luscious curly hair. While she normally wears it down, this hairstyle was a great example of how to use short layers up front to soften an updo.

9. Jasmine Sanders Curly Blonde Balayage

model with Afro curly hair - Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders knows that using hair color is one of the best tricks for enhancing her naturally curly hair. Try lowlights under blonde hair or blonde balayage to lighten up your look.

10. Mélodie Monrose Long Curly Pixie

model with curly hair - Mélodie Monrose

French model Melodie Monrose shows women everywhere how short curly hair can still be sexy.

Trim yours into a long pixie, using your fingers to shape extra spirals where desired. You can part the hair over your forehead in the middle to create a bang.

11. Mica Arganaraz Shaggy Hair with Bangs

model with curly hair - Mica Arganaraz

A shaggy hairstyle is incredibly sexy and super easy to do with naturally curly hair. Ask your stylist for a shoulder-length haircut with top-heavy layers and a thick bang.

12. Noémie Abigaïl Pinned Back Hairstyle

model with curly hair - Noémie Abigaïl

French model Noémie Abigail has naturally thick curls. Instead of taming it with a short haircut or wearing it all up in a bun, she pins back the front sections near her temples so that natural texture can capture all the attention.

13. Pauline Hoarau Brown Balayage

model with curly hair - Pauline Hoarau

For women with naturally dark curly hair, we recommend a brown balayage to bring it back to life.

Pauline Hoarau frequently wears her messily layered hair down and parted in the middle, loading up the ends with extra curls by scrunching in curl cream.

When it comes to models, they’re a great resource for more than just the popular new clothing styles – they’re the ones to look to for a trendy new hairdo too! So, if you are a curly girl, try one or two (or all!) of these curly hairstyles.