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How to Twist Afro Men’s Hair

More and more men are embracing the beauty of their natural hair. From stunning braids to Bantu knots, there are many ways to show off natural hair. One of the most popular styles is twisting.

Twist hairstyles are unique because they work well on women and look amazing on men’s hair. The style offers a ton of versatility in the twist itself and the cuts and fades that the twists can pair with.

While twisting hair is a relatively easy style to create, you must prepare your hair, have the correct products, and settle on a style. If you’re not sure where to start, below is a start-to-finish guide on how to twist afro men’s hair.

How to Twist Afro Hair

how to do twists on afro hair for men

No matter what type of twist you want to do, properly preparing your afro hair is key to ensuring your hair stays healthy and styled.

Since some styles of twists can remain in your hair for weeks, a few products help keep your hair moisturized and your curls type defined.

First, for any twist style, your hair should be clean and conditioned. It’s never a good styling experience when the hair is tangled and difficult to work with. Twist styles are easiest to work with when your hair is damp so your hair stays hydrated.

Next, you will want to section the hair into at least four even sections. Sectioning will help keep you organized as you work through your strands and keep hairs from overlapping uncomfortably.

Once you section your hair, you are nearly ready to go. But, you need to keep some of these products and tools close by:

  • Curl stretch or curl elongating product – These products not only have a ton of beneficial ingredients for hair health, but they help your curls define as you start to twist out. One highly-reviewed and popular product is Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding.
  • Moisturizing butter or cream – It’s essential that you moisturize hair as you style and maintain your twist. Using products that contain ingredients like glycerin, avocado oil, and shea butter gives your hair the moisture and vitamins it needs to stay strong. With so many unique moisture levels across many types of hair, it’s best to shop around for the best option for you.
  • Spray bottle – To put together most twist styles, you need to keep the hair a little damp. Damp hair keeps the hair pliable and easy to work with. Make sure your products have moisturizer in them to lock in as much hydration as possible. Since some of these twists can take a long time to complete, keeping a spray bottle near can help you dampen the hair as you need to.
  • Wide-tooth comb – Even if you detangle your afro hair before this step, it’s a good idea to keep a comb nearby. If your hair gets tangled along the way, you can work through it and keep styling. But, some people prefer to just use their fingers, which also works well.

Once you have all this set, you are ready to choose your twist and start styling!

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to do twists on Afro hair.

Popular Twist Styles for Afro Men

Since twists are so popular, there are many renditions of the style that look great and are easy for beginners and experts to accomplish.

Even though there are a few different types of twists, you can go for even more individuality when you pair them with a fade or cut.

Finger Twists

men's finger twists

This style is also sometimes known as a one-strand twist, and you style just like you’d guess: with one finger!

Just take a single strand and use a finger to twist the hair in its natural direction, and you have a finger twist. If you are looking for an even smaller curl, you can achieve this by dividing the twists once they dry.

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Flat Twists

This twist is different in that it is not meant to provide volume. This style typically stays close to the head by keeping the twist close to the scalp.

With this being a tighter twist, it can be harder to create, but it can give a lot of definition to the curl and even the roots of your hair.

While it might have a different look, this style is a two-strand twist. After you’ve sectioned your hair, take two strands and moisturize.

Then, overlap one strand over the other to create a twist effect. It’s important to keep the same tension throughout the twist, or it can look sloppy.

Two-Strand Twists

two strand twists for afro men

Two-strand twists take the same approach as a flat twist, but this style does not start so close to the scalp. It’s hard to talk about the exact way to style this type of twist because there are so many sub-categories of two-strand looks.

The basics are the same: isolate two strands of hair, apply your moisturizer, and overlap. A good way to add some extra definition to this style is by finishing off each completed twist with a finger twist.

There are many other ways to create different textures and styles, so take full advantage of the versatile nature of this hairstyle.

Three-Strand Twists

The three-strand twist style is great for creating more defined curls with less frizz, but it can be much more time-consuming and a little confusing. It is frustrating when muscle memory makes you want to form a braid instead of a twist.

To start this twist, you separate a lock of hair into three sections. Remember to moisturize and then overlap the furthest strand over the other two. Repeat this overlapping and avoid weaving and intertwining to achieve an impressive three-strand twist.

Mini Twists

Mini twists are another style that falls into the two-strand twist category. This is another tight twist but does not start as close to the scalp as a finger twist.

After you’ve sectioned and moisturized, take two strands and tightly overlap them. Finish off each section with a finger twist to create more definition and curl.

With tight twists like this, it’s necessary to moisturize often so your hair does not become damaged.

Twist Out


If you rocked a damp two or three-strand twist and gave it time to dry, you are ready for your twist out. This is a great style to show off natural hair in all its glory.

As you unravel your twist, use your fingers to separate the sections to create small, defined curls. Take your time with this step, so you don’t damage any hair unnecessarily.

As you untwist, you can apply spray products to control frizz. Also, if you have weird parts due to sectioning, use a pick to redistribute the hair and give it more volume.


Even though twists are popular because of their versatility and protective style, you can make these unique with different variations.

While each twist has its look and vibe, each needs products that help protect, strengthen, and moisturize the hair.

Whether you want to sport flat twists, three-strand twists, or a classic twist out, you have all the tools you need to create a trendy style that is perfect for you.