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6 Fabulous Katniss Braid Hairstyles for Girls to Copy

If you are as obsessed with The Hunger Games as we are, you probably want to know how to recreate the Katniss braid. Katniss Everdeen is a synonym for strength and power, so her hairstyle is just one of the things everyone got fixated on. Today you can learn how to do it thanks to our step-by-step guide. You can also check out the variations of the braid that are so gorgeous and on trend.


How to Do The Katniss Braid

How to Do The Katniss Braid

Katniss Everdeen is one of those iconic movie characters which is a huge inspiration for ladies. She is strong, fearless, and always has the perfect hairstyle. Katniss Everdeen braid starts above the ear, on one side of the hair.

Comb the hair very well and get a section on the side where you plan for the braid to start. It should be in the front and above the ear. Divide the section into three strands. Start with the one closest to the ear. Put it under the middle section. Continue with the top section and move it under the middle one.

From here on, you can start adding strands of hair from both the right and the left side. This is actually a Dutch braid, or also known as the reverse French. You should be moving the Katniss braid at a 45-degree angle to the opposite side of the head. Finish braiding it as a classic three-strand braid.


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Amazing Katniss Braids Ideas

We have compiled 6 of the most exciting ways to style Katniss Braids for you. Have a look and pick your next braided hairdo!

1. Classic Katniss Braid

Classic Katniss Braid for Girls

Nothing can beat the classic. We really wanted you to see the OG of all the Katniss braids so that you know how this style exactly looks.

Ideal for: Great for both long and medium hair lengths. It is the easiest one to do, so you should definitely try it out.

How to Style: It is a fun, oversized Dutch braid that starts in the front on one side and on the bottom of the opposite side.


2. Fishtail Finish

fishtail katniss braid for girls

Cute new styles are always fun to opt for. If you’ve already done the classic Katniss Everdeen braid several times, you should check out this new version.

Ideal for: It would look amazing on everyone. The fishtail braid is so simple to do and gives that boho vibe to the hairstyle.

How to Style: Instead of finishing with a classic braid, you can do a fishtail. Just do a regular Dutch braid and once you’re done with it, continue with a fishtail.

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3. Twisted Katniss Braid

Twisted Katniss Braid for Women

Hair twists seem to be a perfect match with Katniss braids. Work your magic by adding some twists and turns here and there.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for ladies who are really into experimenting with different additions and are open to options.

How to Style: Instead of braiding the whole hair, leave several sections where you’ll add fun twists. Add them to the braid when you get to that part of the hair. It’s such a simple but cute accessory.


4. Katniss Lace Braid

Katniss Lace Braid for Girls

Skip the regular pattern and add some lace vibes to the look. If you already know how to do a lace braid you can feel free to alternate the Katniss Everdeen braid for an even prettier look.

Ideal for: It is amazing for both kids and grownups. The Katniss braids, in general, look much more impactful when the lady has long hair.

How to Style: Begin with a lace braid on one side that goes up to where the ear starts. Do the same on the other side, just take this braid to the opposite ear where the first one ends. Continue braiding the two together.


5. French Fishtail Braid

popular katniss braid styles for girls

Have you ever seen a more beautiful Katniss braid? The original is overshadowed by this amazing variation.  It’s called a French fishtail braid, the coolest one of them all.

Ideal for: If you have long hair and are willing to pay around with different types of braids, this is your chance.

How to Style: Do a French or Dutch fishtail braid and work your way from one side to the other one of the hair.

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6. Katniss Rope Braid

katniss style rope braid for girls

This is not your regular braid, it is a much more vibrant one! Get ready to try out a rope version of the Katniss.

Ideal for: Perfect for long hair, where you’ll have the chance to really show off how pretty a rope braid is.

How to Style: Just follow the same pattern as a Dutch Katniss braid, but with the rope braiding technique.


Katniss Everdeen has rocked with her braids and female fans can’t get over the beauty of the Katniss braids!