20 Lovely Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair

Haircuts with straight hair are not just for adult men out there, but also for young little boys who can rock their hairstyles equally to how adult men can do.

To have an idea of what hairstyles would suit a little boy with straight hair, keep on reading this article to see some of the best haircuts that are in trends these days.


Haircuts for Little Boy with Straight Hair

In this article, you will find some charming straight haircuts for little boys. You can try these styles on your kid’s hair for their next haircut.

1. Front Edge Spikes with Tapered Undercut

little boy haircut with front spikes

This haircut is for that little boy with blonde straight hair that is too naughty and wants to look super-cool and feel the best amongst their friend’s circle.  The top hair is cut into layers and made into a faux Mohawk while the sides have been taper faded into an undercut.


2. Front Fringes in Straight Ginger Hair

fringe cut for straight ginger hair

Kids that are ginger heads are considered to be one of the most adorable little boys out there. Their shy nature and behavior plus the haircut are what add up to their innocence. Ginger heads that have straight hair can go for fringes over the forehead with a nice side-parting and the rest of the hair staying neatly in place.


3. The Classic Side-Swept Cut

side swept haircut for little boy

Some kids prefer having a modern, yet sophisticated look. They want a look for their hairstyle that would suit them well according to their mature personality. This straight haircut for little boys is quite simple, just a regular side-parting with the sides cut short enough to remain in place.


4. Bob Haircut for Asian Kid

little boy's bob haircut for straight hair

Asian hair is known to be straight and silky amongst all hair types. To really make your baby boy’s hair look nice and neat, a bob haircut would do just right as adorable as the one shown in the picture.


5. Long Straight Hair with Layers

layer haircut for long straight hair

Some kids look really nice with long hair, especially if it’s straight. To avoid them from looking too dull and coming over the face, get a layer or step cut done in the little boy’s hair to settle them nicely in place.


6. Burger Shape Straight Hair

little boy haircuts for straight hair

This hairstyle has been popular since the 90s. Kids from back then that are adults now used to have this haircut done by their mommies from the salon. This haircut resembles a burger shape which has hair falling over the forehead and the sides are slightly longer and grow longer till it reaches the back of the head which is perfect for little kids that have straight hair.


7. Long-Layered Front Side-Swept

side swept with layers for long straight hair

Boys who have long straight hair can style this look really well. The hair is combed towards the side with layered side-swept fringes and the back of the hair naturally falling over the nape of the neck.

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kid with slicked back straight hair

kid with slicked back straight hair



little boy straight hair for school

straight haircut for school



straight hair mohawk for little boy

straight hair mohawk for little boy



little boy straight haircut with fade

straight haircut with fade



thin straight hair for little boy



little boy with medium straight hair

little boy with medium straight hair



little boy with thick straight hair

little boy with thick straight hair



straight hair faux hawk for kids

straight hair faux hawk for 12 years old boy



straight haircut for little black boy

straight haircut for little black boy





Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair



crew cut for kid with straight hair

crew cut for kid with straight hair




To sum up, these super-adorable little boys know exactly how they have to carry their straight hair just like how mature men would do and can rock any type of hairstyle that is worn by adult men regardless of the length of the hair.