41 Brightest Black Boy Haircuts to Rediscover Your Look

If you are looking for haircut ideas for black boys, look no further. We have collected the best modern black boy hairstyles out there to make you look fabulous on any occasion. Any African-American boy out there wants to look his best without doing too much styling in the morning can try these haircuts. That’s why hairstylists came up with the most stunning hairstyles that don’t require too much effort to maintain. However, high-maintenance haircuts always look better than low-maintenance ones. So if you are not scared of a little hassle, you can truly become the most fashionable man on the block. Taking care of your tresses can become the easiest part of your morning routine once it becomes a habit. Don’t be afraid of complicated hairstyles. Embrace them!


Amazing Haircut Ideas for Black Boys & Men to Look Fine

Looking 100% cool is not an easy task. Thankfully your hairstylist can make your job much easier by creating a black boy hairstyle that will really change your image. There are many things black men and young boys can do with their hair, including such outrageous decisions as mohawks or military styles. There are also subtle options, such as undercuts and hair designs. Take a look at these ideas and you will definitely find one for yourself.

1. Ocean waves and hair art

Ocean waves and hair art for black men

Ocean waves can be a great style all on their own but it will look great coupled with some hair designs on the side. You will need to get a special brush and watch some videos to learn how to make these waves at home.


2. Trendy high taper fade for black boys


A high taper fade is the best way to deal with unruly curls on the sides while flaunting the thick hair on top. This is a great hairstyle for black boys who hate any hair hassle in the morning.

High & Low Taper Fade Cuts for Black Men


3. Stars and stripes

stripes haircut for men

If you decided to go for a close to military hairstyle, diversify it by creating some fun hair art. You can go for any designs, including stars, stripes, geometrical shapes and etc. Anything goes.


4. Fun mohawk

Funny mohawk hairstyle you like

Since black men usually have thick and curly hair, they can create a simple mohawk and it will stay intact without any styling. The curls will hold the volume on their own. Give it a try!


5. Flaunt the curls


When you are going for an undercut or a fade, consider leaving the top part of your hair just long enough to show some curls. You won’t need to do any styling, just brush them and go.


6. Shape it up

cool Shape it up hairstyle for men

Shaping up your hair is always a great idea since it gives it a great form and a plenty of volume. You can either fade the sides or shave them altogether. In any case, this is a perfect haircut for black boys.


7. Simple mohawk


This simple to make and easy to maintain mohawk will make your life absolutely worry free. Perhaps some gel will be needed to keep up the shape of the top part once it grows a little longer.

Want to try Taper fade with Mohawk? See these options


8. A blowout

 blowout hairstyle for black boy

The popularity of a blowout can’t be overlooked. You will need to keep the top part neat with some hair gel to get the best impression. However, a messy look is allowed as well.


9. Shave the sides


By just shaving the sides of your mohawk hairstyle, you can get an amazing dragon tail shape that will have all the girls turning your way. Do some hair design to complete the image.


10. Tiny cornrows

best Tiny cornrows hairstyle for men

These fun tiny cornrows will make you look truly fantastic. They are not easy to create but they will make you forget about daily styling without doing any shaving. A great idea!


11. Military black boy cut


When all else fails, go military haircut. If you are tired of the way your hair looks and want something outrageous yet simple, shaving your head is a way out. It will save you money on shampoo too.


12. Geometrical fade

Geometrical fade hairstyle for black boy

Using geometrical forms to shape up your fade is always a great idea. This kind of hair art is easy to make and will change the way your hairstyle looks in a flash.


13. Creative fohawk


If a smooth and creative fohawk is not good enough for you, consider some fun hair designs by shaving the sides and leaving a couple of lines above your ears. Unfortunately, this haircut for black boys will  be very short-lived.


14. Modern Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


A simple high top fade haircut can turn absolutely amazing with the help of some shaving and fun art. Ask your hairstylist to use her imagination when dealing with the back of your head.


15. Wavy fade

 Wavy fade haircut your favorite

Ocean waves look good on the hair of any length as long as it’s done correctly. Ask your hairstylist to give you a couple of lessons on how to achieve this black boy hairstyle on your own.


16. Flaunt the curls


Allow your voluminous curls to impress the girls by leaving about 4 to 5 inches on top of your head. Make some fun lines on the sides to shape up the top part and give your image some zest.


17. Creative black boys

nice creative haircut for men

Creative hair art is better than the greatest haircut idea for black boys and men. You don’t have to do any hair styling; it just looks cool all on its own. Unfortunately, it becomes a mess once the hair gets longer.

Difference Between Taper and Fade


18. Utter simplicity


Sometimes you just don’t feel like going all out with your hair. That’s when absolutely simple short haircuts come in. Make your hair all the same length and let it grow a little. It will be a great ground for new experiments.


19. Black boys: get a beard!

black men hair with beard hairstyle

Even the simplest hairstyle will look great when coupled with a cool beard. You don’t need to grow anything very long or complicated. A simple short goatee will do wonders for your image.

Black Men’s Haircuts for 2019


20. Very short fade


Creating a classical taper fade on very short hair is not an easy task. If your stylist is up to it, you’ll get a fashionable hairstyle that will stay intact for a very long time.


21. Go higher


The higher your black boy haircut is, the better it looks. Just don’t forget that the hair won’t look this perfect on its own. You will need to style it daily and get regular touch-ups at the salon.


22. Classical mohawk

Classical Mohawk hairstyle for player

A classical mohawk will make you look terrific on any occasion. You will need to spend sometimes spiking it up and making it look terrific but the result is truly worth it.


23. Stylish cat


Even the simplest hairstyle can make you look stylish if you keep it neat and do regular maintenance.


24. Soft and natural

natural curly hairstyle for men

Give your hair a break and don’t use any hair products on your stylish tape fade. The soft and natural look will get you a lot of attention.


25. Get bangs

Usher Mohawk Haircuts 5

Black boy’s with curly hair can get their own special fringe by growing the hair over their forehead. These spiky bangs will look fun and natural.


black boy haircut


black hair boy


african american boy hairstyles


boy afro hair


black boy ponytail



african american boy hairstyles



black boy braid





black boy hairstyles


black boy dreadlock




Spend some time browsing these options and looking for the best black boy haircut for yourself. African-American boys can start with the natural looks and go further getting more and more creative. Don’t forget to try the hair designs!