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10 Outstanding Auburn Hair Ideas for Men

We’ve seen many men coloring their hair for a fresh look. One of the latest trends in men’s fashion is the auburn hair color, which has a warm, rich vibe that looks great on guys.

The range of auburn shades goes from light reddish-brown to deep burgundy means you can find a tone that suits your hair type and skin tone. Auburn works whether you have straight, curly, thick, or thin hair.

Since there are different shades of Auburn, they are versatile and looks good on various hairs and skin tone.

No matter what hairstyle you rock – short, long, textured, slick – there’s an auburn hue that will make it pop. Ready to join the Foxy Ginger club?

Unique Auburn Hair Colors for Guys

If you are looking for an Auburn color for your hair, we are here to help. We have listed some of the best hair color ideas, which you can pick to match your hairstyle.

1. Dark Copper

dark auburn hair color for men

This auburn hair color for men has a red undertone with a touch of metallic copper. It gives a striking and eye-catching look to faded hair while you simply dye the top part of your head.

2. Light Auburn

light auburn hair color for men

Light auburn combines brown hues with reddish-brown shade and lighter tones. It can also be described as a golden or honey-colored base with subtle hints of red.

This hair color looks good on long curly hair and resembles the color of autumn leaves.

3. Light Golden Brown

auburn brown hair for men

You can get this golden brownish color Auburn hair color by combining the brown and red tones.

However, the exact warm and rich shades may vary on lighting conditions. This hair color adds depth to a white man’s overall appearance.

4. Copper Shimmer

medium auburn hair color for men

This unique auburn hair contains a copper base with metallic or shimmer highlights throughout the hair. Although this color may vary in intensity, it can create a touch of shine to the overall look.

5. Coppery Red

guy with long auburn red hair

Coppery red features a copper base with a red undertone throughout the hair. The result is a fiery combination of red and copper hues. This auburn hair color works great on long hair.

6. Brownish Blonde

curly auburn hair for men

Any man can achieve this hair color by combining blonde and the warmth of a brownish tone.

When paired with curly hair, it creates a vibrant look and enhances the natural texture. If you have bushy hair, it needs a lot of time for maintenance.

7. Light Warm Brown

auburn highlights for men

This color contains a lighter shade of brown with a warm undertone. It adds balance between warmth and lightness, making it suitable for curly hair and you can get a professional or casual appearance easily.

8. Chestnut Auburn

chestnut auburn hair for men

The chestnut color on brown hair gives a vibrant auburn tone through a harmonious blend.

The chestnut hue works as a base color and gives an earthy foundation, while the auburn tone adds a lively appearance.

9. Light Natural Brown

teen guy with auburn hair

It is a muted brown shade perfect for any type of hair and skin tone. It looks good on men in their early 20s and enhances their natural appearance.

To get more focus on the natural brown tone, you may cut the sides short.

10. Light Golden Auburn

guy with auburn wavy hair

This auburn combines golden and brown undertones. The golden tone provides a dry glow, and the brown shade gives a subtle texture all over the hair.

Whether your hair is messy or combed, the light golden tone will always appear on your head.

From rich chestnut brown to fiery red undertones, the auburn color helps men to show their creativity. Let your hair be a canvas, and choose a color from this list to complement your appearance.

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