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10 Engaging Low Fade Hairstyles for Curly Haired Men

The low fade is a cherry on the top of curly hairstyles. Low fade curly hairstyles are trending over Insta and men are going crazy over this.

Having curly hair is like not having thin hair problems at all.  Thus, it boosts your confidence and gives you a supreme aesthetic look. Styling and regularly trimming your curly hair is essential because they can get rough if not treated well. Care for your curly hair with low fade if you want to shine bright among the crowd.


Trendy Curly Top Haircuts with Low Fade

If you have curly hair and you think it is not easy to style them, just know that you are terribly wrong here. Because curly hair can be designed in hundreds of different ways and by various methods that are super easy and doesn’t require a lot of styling products, gels, and pomades.

So, next time you think that you can’t style your curly hair, think again. Because you certainly can. Scroll down to find the top 10 easy methods to style your low faded curly hair!

1. Curly Hair with Temple Fade

Curly Hair with Low Temple Fade

This is an ideal haircut for everyone, of any age. To get this haircut, leave your top hair long enough so that they retain their natural curls. Shave the hair towards the sides and back with a low temple fade to complete the look. Get a marvelous look with this low fade curly top hairstyles for men.


2. Short Faux Hawk with Fade

Curly Faux Hawk with Low Fade

Low fade goes well with the curly hair texture of black men. Trim the top kinky hair short with a neat frontline. The side hair and the hair on the back are shaved low to the skin. This low skin fade makes you look super modish.

Various Types of Fade Haircuts for Men


3. Low Fade Afro

curly afro hair with low fade

Kinky afro hair is best styled when raised high. It gives your over-all appearance an illusion of added inches. All you got to do is trim the rough top hair. Shave the hair towards the sides and the back in the style of low fade. It not only makes you seem good but also makes you a true style icon for everyone.


4. Curly Fade with a Line

curly highlighted hair with low fade and design

Highlights look exceptionally sensational. To achieve this low fade curly haircut, dye the edges of your curly hair a blonde color and leave the roots black for a stark contrast. Run a sharp line design between equally trimmed hair and a fade.


5. Buzz Cut with Fade

black guy with curly hair and low fade

If you can’t handle long hair, then you would like this curly haircut with low fade. This haircut is about the almost shaved head. The frontline is in a neat form, and the temple hair is shaved low to the skin. The rest of the hair is shaved in the form of high fade.


6. Kinky Spikes with Low Drop Fade

It is not necessary that you can only get spikes with straight hair. Men with curly hair can also get really cool spikes. This low faded curly hairstyle for men is about short kinky spikes that are going to make you look stunning. The tapered fade is added to complete the style.

Coolest High Top Fade Hairstyles with Curls for Men


7. Low Bald Fade with Line Design

Short spikes are ideal to be styled with kinky hair. Cut the top hair in the shape of a mohawk style. Trim the lower hair lightly to the skin and leave a line design along with it. Below the line design, shave the hair to the skin. This one of the top curly hairstyles with low fade for men on the list.


8. Curly Flat Top with Fade

curly flat top with low fade

If you know how to carry flattop haircut well, then you better get this low fade curly top haircut right away. Raise your short curls high and trim the top and sides neatly to form flattop. Shave the remaining hair entirely to the skin, and you are all set.


9. Fohawk Fade

spiky curly hair with line design

High spikes are the hot trend of 2023. It is time to take a lot of gel and raise that curly hair in the form of high spikes. Put some line designs between the subtle trim to the skin and low fade downwards to create high contrast.


10. Messy Curls with Taper Fade

messy curly hair with low fade

Messy curls are a thing and that too, a super marvelous thing when it comes to men with curly hair. Use some pomade to leave your curls messy on the top. Add a fade to the remaining hair and get ready to rock your low fade curly hairstyle.