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10 Funky Pink Hair Colors for Men to Get Inspired

In this day and age when gender-neutral living is becoming more mainstream, if a pink hairdo is ticking your fancy, then maybe it’s also time for you guys to jump on the latest non-binary extravaganza of tinkering with your tresses.

pink hair color for guys

With trends such as the man-bun becoming more commonplace, unisex living is booming! And it’s not just the hairstyles that are changing – its men’s hair color too!

More and more men are joining the psychedelic trend of Merman Hair and are dying their locks (and sometimes beards and eyebrows) with a rainbow of impressive, surprising and dramatic colors.


Tips to Color Your Hair Pink

If you are thinking about joining suit with the Merman Hair trend, or even just staying away from more ‘natural’ color hair, then here are a few things to consider for guys with pink hair first:

  • Fierce or Flattering: With the number of colors available to play with, first decide if you want to go bold and brash or more playfully pastel. But also make sure that the color choice will suit you. Some pastel colors can wash out those with paler toned skin, those with darker skin may have problems with yellows and oranges and reds can sometimes cause the skin to look pallid. So, make sure your decision will suit your skin, and if in doubt, have a word with your stylist.
  • Temporary Tones: Not all hair color has to be permanent, and if you are just wanting a temporary change or to test the water with a new shade, then make sure you only opt for a semi-permanent dye.
  • Work-It: You may be rocking your new look, but this doesn’t mean that your boss will be on board. Check first of all that your new style isn’t going to cause a shaded snag with your employer.
  • Be Patient: A bold and unconventional color doesn’t always take straight away, especially if you have dark hair. Getting the color of your merman dreams may involve several attempts or visits to the stylist which can result in more cost than you had anticipated.
  • Bleach Boy: If you are after a particularly bold and bright color you may have to bleach your hair, and if you are precious about the quality of your tresses, then this may not be something you want to opt for. Bleach can be highly harmful to hair causing breakage, so it is often advisable to seek the advice of a stylist before slathering on any chemicals.
  • Don’t Be Dull: Unconventional colors, especially bold ones, can also fade very quickly. To keep the color longer you are advised not to wash your hair as regularly as this will fade or dull the hue. You will also need to reconsider the products you use so that they do not strip the color from your hair.
  • Back To Your Roots: If you do opt to have a more eccentric look, such as a rainbow dye, then you will need to keep on top of the coloring so that your style stays in top condition. Hair can grow quickly which means you may be re-doing your roots every 4-6 weeks, which can be time-consuming and also costly.


Guys with Pink Hair: Best Ideas

There are countless shades of pink available, that you can experiment to find a tone that you are comfortable with and uncover one that matches both your personality and style.

So, if bubblegum pink isn’t doing it for you then how about dabbling with some rose gold, dusty, pastel, cotton candy pink, magenta, light, ashy pink, neon or rocker, soft or platinum pink!

Here are some guys with pink hair ideas to get you inspired:

1. Short And Sharp

short pink hair for men

Skin tone plays a good role in how it sets your hair color off and this is a great example of how pastel colors work great with darker skin. A simple cropped and short hairstyle really makes themen’s  pink hair color stand out.


2. Boyish Charm

guy with light pink hair

A modest and boyish cut really looks great with an unconventional color such as this cotton candy pink! By leaving the undercut portion a naturally dark color it can really add a distinctive contrast for guys with pink hair and fair complexion.


3. Merman Hair

pink hair ideas for men

Pink hair for men doesn’t have to mean one block solid color. Try blending several colors together such as this classic colored merman style. It makes for a very unique and eye-catching hairdo.

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4. Magenta Mohawk

mohawk with magenta pink for men

A mohawk is always a statement style, so why not pair it with a statement color? This magenta hue makes for a really stark and bold look against the clean-shaven sides and is a very edgy look for any guys with pink hair.

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5. Russet Roots

hairstyle with pink roots for men

This is a really quirky style and a good option for pink hair dye for men who is wanting to grow their color out. Running a bold pink color, such as this fierce fuchsia, through the ends of the hair but leaving the roots and the undercut a dark natural color is a very striking yet laid-back way to do men’s pink hair.


6. Conventional Cut

Having a slightly more avant-garde hair color doesn’t mean that you have to have a whacky hairstyle! This traditional and well-groomed cut looks great on men when paired with a pink hue. And the clever choice of pink shade really enhances the skin and eye color of the pink haired men model.


7. Bold and Bearded

pink hair with beard for men

OK, so this one will take a lot of confidence and is not for the light of heart, but this is a full-on Merman look.

Dying the hair and beard both a bold rocker pink color really makes a statement, and I think you’ll agree, there is certainly nothing effeminate about it.


8. In The Pink

Dark afro hair can take some work to change into a pastel hue, but when done correctly, it is worth the time, effort and cost. The hair needs to be bleached on this occasion, but the bubblegum pink and natural afro curls work beautifully well together and is a striking look for any black guy short hair with pink color.


9. Colored Roots

hairstyle with pink roots

By adding the pink to the roots and leaving the tips a more natural color it makes for a very unique look and turns the tables on traditional boy hair highlighting methods and is a quirky twist for the guys with pink hair.


10. Cerise Curls

curly hair with pink highlights

Some pink shades may be high-maintenance to care for but when paired with a relaxed ‘do it can be a very attractive style. This ashy-pink is combined with loose and soft curls and makes for a very boyish and cheeky look.


Just remember that altering your hair color is supposed to bring about change or enhance confidence in your daily life. If you’re innately shy, then being the center of attention with daring and bright hair may not be for you. However, don’t let this stop you from joining the many guys with pink hair who are heading head-first into a new world of bold and brilliant hair hues.