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10 Chili Bowl Haircuts Every Men Should Try

Some people take hairstyling onto a whole new level like this chili bowl haircut that everyone finds amusingly odd. Styling one’s hair is one of the most prominent and important aspects of grooming that everyone gets done according to their preferences.

However, this hairstyle is not for all hair types as it only goes with hair that is silky and straight in texture. This unusual style not only makes one look unique and stylish, but it also gives a nice impression on another person.


Best Chili Bowl Haircuts for Men

Here are 10 different ways of wearing a chili bowl haircut that we have discussed according to different types of hairstyles with different haircuts.

1. The Basic Chili Bowl Haircut

classic chili bowl haircut for men
If you look at the picture of chili bowl haircut, then you’ll realize that it is legit cut by using a chili bowl by keeping it over the head and trimming off the excess hair around the cup. This hairstyle is quite popular among young male runway models.


2. Chili Bowl Undercut Fade Style

chili bowl haircut with undercut

It’s always fun to go for more than one hairstyle in your hair. Getting a chili bowl cut with a faded undercut is not only trendy, but it’s also a very light-weight on your head and fashionable too.


3. Bleached Hair Chili Bowl Haircut

chili bowl haircut for bleached hair

You have freshly cut your hair into a funky hairstyle and still want more to your look, then go for a complete bleached hairdo to bring a new change in your hairstyle and let the eccentricity take over you.


4. Tapered Chili Bowl Haircut

Tapered Chili Bowl Haircut

A tapered undercut can be a good combination to a chili bowl hairstyle for men. The hairstyle looks fashionable and does not seem to look odd or unusual like a simple chili bowl haircut looks.

Tapered Crew Cut Styles for Men


5. Short Front-Fringe Chili Bowl Haircut

chili bowl haircut with front fringe

It is not always necessary to style the look like its original way of cutting the hair. One can add their own styles or ways of cutting the hair to feel comfortable and at their best. Adding some fringes towards the forehead will give a nice touch to the chili bowl haircut and give it a modern look for men.


6. Modern Spikes Chili Bowl Style

Spikes can go with any type of hairstyle even with a chili bowl look. If you love walking side by side with the latest trends in store, then going for a modern spikey chili bowl is what you should go for as it’s currently hot in trends.


7. Cap Style Chili Bowl Haircut

Cap Style Chili Bowl Haircut

This is almost the same as the original chili bowl haircut, just the difference that the hair seems like a cap. This hairstyle can look even better if the hair is light-colored and silky straight.


8. Helmet Style Chili Bowl Haircut

Hairstyles are mostly inspired by real-life objects. It can vary from being inspired by an object that looks like a cap to an object that looks like a helmet. This men’s hairstyle looks just like a cycler’s helmet which has shorter hair at the back and longer hair towards the front. The rest of the hair is surrounded by an undercut.


9. Thick Hair Chili Bowl Cut

chili bowl haircut for thick hair

A lot of people think that a chili bowl can only be cut into thin hair, which is actually not true because chili bowl goes in hair that is straight regardless of its texture. A chili bowl cut will not only look good in thick hair, but it will also let the hair grow out healthily and more evenly.


10. Ash-Grey Chili Bowl Haircut

chilli bowl hairstyle for grey hair

Men who are confident about trying out new creative ways of styling hair can get their hair dyed. This sleek ash-grey hair tone looks classy and even more amazing if the hair is cut like chili bowl shape. The hair needs not to be long; they can keep it into spikes to really add in a nice edgy look to the haircut.


Trends like this chili bowl haircut can sometimes seem unusual at first, but with time, people slowly start accepting and adopting the style by bringing variations in them according to what they feel would look great on them and how it ends up blending well with their hair and their face cuts.

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Sunday 21st of April 2019

People that laugh at other people's haircuts or just showing their ignorance everyone's unique and everyone's an individual was 10 different ways to do an undercut 10 different ways to do a flat top and 10 different ways to do a chili bowl cut whatever the difference is it doesn't matter because it's what the customer wants their always right

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