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10 Most Famous Natural Hair Salons in London

Some salons may say they know how to treat natural hair, but how can you be sure without trying them out?

This article focuses solely on the top natural hair salons in London that specialize in Afro hair created by the cream of the crop Afro stylists.

In a city like London, it’s not easy to be the best, but the following salons have proven themselves as excellent style-makers.

The Best Natural Hair Salons in London

Complied according to unique features, tons of rave reviews, achievements like awards, international recognition, and press, below are the 10 recommended natural hair salons in LONDON.

1. Purely Natural Hair

Purely Natural Salon Salon

As its name describes, this salon utilizes high-quality, natural ingredients and methods in all of its services. From color services to implementing a variety of braids, locs, and weaves, Purely Natural Hair has been reliably serving the community for several years.

Just in case you were wondering, they are available for styling for weddings. The salon also carries its own signature hairline, Purely Natural by Anastasia, so you can purchase the nourishing products that they offer for your home. The natural ingredients moisturize hair and heal scalp conditions with ingredients like nectar oil and butters.

Purely Natural makes beautiful, handcrafted sandalwood hair tools that feel luxurious yet also down to earth. Choose from a variety of combs and wooden hairbrushes. With over 4.2 Google stars on over 100 reviews, this salon is known for its service and overall friendly customer experience. Bookings are available by appointment only.

2. Hair Lounge

Hair Lounge Salon

If you’re looking for a top-tier experience for your natural hair, look no further than the multi-award-winning salon, Hair Lounge. Run by Charlotte Mensah and her impeccable staff, Hair Lounge is known for its expertise, quality, and forefront style.

Give yourself a treat and book an appointment for various services, including braids, treatments, relaxers, and more. They also offer top-color services. In a nod to the craftsmanship of the industry authority, Charlotte Mensah, the salon carries her line of products. There you will find various oils, shampoos and conditioners, mists, and pomades. Plus, you can pick up a copy of her book, Good Hair. 

Time and again, customers note the salon for its clean and professional atmosphere as well as the warm and friendly staff. Book your appointment as soon as possible!

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3. The Palms Peckham

The Palms Peckham Salon

The Palms is an “Afrocentric retail space” that caters to the hair and beauty space while also boasting chic food and drink venues. Here, stylists are employed individually, giving them a chance to build their own name and personal brand. Each stylist is listed online with reviews and a direct link to booking an appointment.

Head to this location for an ultra-modern and exclusive experience. While they fulfill any service you desire, from braids and twists to washing and styling, you’ll want to directly communicate with the stylist of your choice ahead of time.

Both men and women can feel relaxed and at ease at The Palm. They are also part of the Antidote Street Salon Manifesto, a group that agrees upon core principles of service and collaboration, so you can be sure that your natural hair is always in the right hands.

4. Morris Roots

Morris Roots Salon

If you’re looking for the best place to go for locs, Morris Roots should top your list. They have four different salon locations including those in Highgate, Tooting, and Fulham. This award-winning and internationally acclaimed salon specialize in hair locs as well as all other natural hair methods.

Founder Morris Roots has been a loctician for almost 20 years and has trained dozens of phenomenal stylists to pass on his prized skills. He took second place in the 2004 World Natural Hair Show.

Naturally, they carry their own exclusive line of Morris Roots products. All are made with natural essential oils and only the most nourishing of ingredients. Be sure to inquire about the specialized Lock it Up hair products meant for starting and maintaining locs. Choose from either honey, kiwi and melon, or the refreshing Neroli and Orange scents.

5. Simply Gorgeous

Simply Gorgeous Salon

Simply Gorgeous is a family-owned salon with a modern aesthetic. Started by her Nigerian mother, Deborah Johnson has continued to run Simply Gorgeous with the view that our hair is a way of expressing ourselves. They remain true to that ethos in their level of business and attention to detail.

Simply Gorgeous salon views itself as a “space for like-minded women to gather”  while receiving the utmost in services. They include braids, weaves, relaxers, and cornrows in addition to the basic wash and cut all in a friendly and inviting yet professional atmosphere.

If you would like to partake in the impeccable treatment at Simply Gorgeous, follow the link above and book via email.

6. Honey Hand

Honey Hand Salon

Honeyhand is a salon in Northeast London with a clean, modern vibe. Run by owner Hannah Balogun, this salon supports the employment of female staffs and embodies women empowerment.

While they create all Afro styles, their specialty is wigs and weaves that they sell directly from their website. All are made with 100% virgin hair for only the very best in quality. They are perfect if you’re in the market for short, elevated styles that are fashion-forward.

Honeyhand also sells their own Acacia ceramic hair straightener that is gentle on weaves and wigs with loads of positive reviews. If you’re considering supporting a female-owned business, call Honeyhand today and book a hair appointment.

7. Chop Chop Salon

Chop Chop Salon

Getting your hair done at Chop Chop London is like getting your hair done in the future. This salon is gender-neutral, meaning that they offer blanket service and singular prices regardless of one’s gender. By charging only for your specific service they are able to keep costs low and your time in the chair to a minimum.

Chop Chop is perfect for Afro trims, dry styling, bridal, braids, and even fades. Virtually any service you can imagine is made possible at any of their three locations. You can find them in Old Street, Wembly Park, and Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

Don’t leave it up to Vogue, The London Evening Standard, and Dazed Beauty to give Chop Chop acclaim. Check them out today and book an appointment to see for yourself.

8. Devine Rootz Hairdressing

Devine Rootz Hairdressing

To succeed in the hair salon business, you need a loyal clientele. Rootz hairdressing of London has just that. Besides offering top-notch service for all things Afro hair care, they have set the standard for how your hair should be treated by focusing on hair management in addition to styling.

Female-owned run, Rootz is headed by Uju Ozumba, a beautiful woman with over 20 years of experience in hair care and training who ensures all of their stylists uphold her skills.

You can head to Rootz for a truly professional weave, braid, twists, or natural hair care treatment knowing that this salon is the recipient of multiple awards. Rootz has also been mentioned internationally on sites like Buzzfeed. Click the link above to schedule an appointment.

9. Neville Hair and Beauty

Neville Hair and Beauty Salon

Looking for a high-end option for your Afro hair? Neville Hair and Beauty salon caters to regular customers and the fashion elite alike, styling for major magazine covers, red carpet events and runway models during London fashion week.

If you’re worried that their clientele is to luxe, think again. With 4.7 stars on nearly 200 Google reviews, it’s clear that they offer exceptional service in a chic atmosphere to all of their customers.

Neville provides a complimentary consultation to every new customer so you can be sure that you will be receiving the look you’re craving alongside expert input. Call them today to book an appointment for cut, color, treatments, or Afro styling.

10. Kannis Beauty

Kannis Beauty Salon

Finding feminine beauty and expert styling for your weave or wig is easy once you’ve discovered Kannis. This London-based studio deals only with the premium when it comes to hair quality and the stylists that they employ.

Like many successful hair salons, Kannis Undiscovered Beauty offers exceptional Afro hair services as well as a line of their own products. KUB specializes in gorgeous virgin hair weaves and wigs in silky smooth textures or soft curls. They offer lace closures and frontals, grips and headbands, and more. Products are available for purchase online.

For salon services, check out their studio, Think Pretty Salon. Countless testimonials can attest to their professionalism and superior service. Call them today to get your individual quote on an upcoming service.

Never think that there aren’t enough natural hair salons in London again. Each of the 10 salons listed above offers exceptional natural hair services all while bringing something unique to the market. Which salon will you book with next?

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