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12 Incredible Pastel Green Hair Colors to Steal

Pastel green hair hues are highly popular at the moment, like all other pastel colors. Women love them and started showing off their confidence when applying these stunning bold shades and hues.

Also, you’d be tempted to think that when choosing such a nuance, your options are not too vast. We are here to tell you that you are so wrong!


Pastel Green Hair

Women transformed this trendy pastel green hair into a statement and mixed it with other pastel colors like pink, purple, teal, or yellow creating limitless choices for those who want something out of the ordinary.

Also, the balayage technique gives them the opportunity and occasion to make stunning gradients that are totally mind-blowing.

If you are ready to get stunned and take this big step into the world of green, check out below the most surprising pastel green colors and shades to mix and match.

1. Long Pastel Green Hair

pastel mint green hair

A pastel mint green hair fabulously works on fair skin and green or blue eyes. This gorgeous earthy hue will look even more breathtaking if you go for some waves and curves that will fall in a cascade on your back.

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2. Curly Sombre Green Pastel Hair

curly pastel green hair

Curly pastel green hair with teal tins gives your ringlets so much texture! Tousle the mane to obtain that messy look, and your curls will shine in the sunlight and bounce with every movement. 


3. Patel Green Seafoam Hair

Pastel seafoam green hair will flatter you most if you have cool undertones. Layer your hair, use a straightening iron to make it look flawless and beautifully wear it on your back.


4. Mint Pastel Space Buns

Opt for a pastel green hair for black girls, in a mint shade. Part the mane in two and get two space buns on top of the head. Make them look messy and wear two strands from your bangs on each side of the face, framing it. Complete the look with an eyeshadow in the same tone as your strands. 


5. Electric Pastel Green Hair

If you think a pastel lime green hair won’t suit you, you don’t have to style it from your roots. Create an ombre that gradually transforms from your natural shade to this gorgeous electric hue. 


6. Pastel Green Pixie Hairstyle

When you are up for a significant change, a short pastel green hair is something that will get you noticed once you enter any room! Why? That color is eye-popping and very trendy, and it beautifully coats each strand. 


7. Pastel Teal Long Hair

Pastel hair colors, green shades included too, are obviously jaw-dropping but also come with a downside. The hue tends to fade away quickly, so if you are planning to go on this route, make sure you are committed enough because you’ll need to revive the nuance quite often.


8. Rainbow Pastel Green Hair

Rainbow Pastel Green Hairstyle

Pastel green hair is amazing when mixed with other light rainbow hues. If you are bold enough to go for the pastel green shades, nothing should be stopping you from adding some more wild colors into the mix. Enjoy your drive!


9. Pastel Green Hair With Highlights

Pastel Green Highlight Hair

If you have bleached white locks, you don’t have to dye all of your hair pastel green. Highlights will do the job just as well. They will naturally blend in with your white tresses and create a delicate hairstyle.


10. Pastel Green Hair With Dipped Ends

Wonderful Pastel Green Hairstyle

Mixing green and red is a wonderfully brave idea! You can dye your locks pastel green and then make the ends red or burgundy depending on your preferences. You can use temporary dye for the red part.


11. Pastel Green and Purple Hair

Pastel Green Hair color idea

A stylish pixie with green and purple highlights can definitely make an impression on your friends, family, and coworkers. Give it a go!

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12. Ombre + Purple Green Hair

Ombre Pastel Green Hair

Pastel green shades coupled with dirty purple hues can help you create a stylish ombre. You may have a hard time keeping the colors bright but the effort is nothing when you see the effect.

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Did these pastel green hairstyles leave you wanting more? Use your imagination to come up with more striking color mixes!