The Best Pastel Green Hairstyles to Try

If you are just getting on your way to changing your hair color drastically, you are in for a fun ride! Pastel green hair can help you create a wonderful image of a romantic girl.


New Ideas for Pastel Green Hair

Are you wondering if a pastel green hairstyle is suitable for your skin tone? Most of the time, this hue is a good choice for women who have pale skin tone. Girls with olive and tan skin may use the pastel green shade when it’s coupled with some brighter colors.

Pastel green also looks great with white hair. If you are planning to make an ombre, white or even silver hair is a great addition to the light green shade. We came up with 5 hairstyles for you to enjoy and maybe even copy.

1. Rainbow Pastel Green Hair

 Rainbow Pastel Green Hairstyle

Pastel green hair is amazing when mixed with other light rainbow hues. If you are bold enough to go for the pastel green shades, nothing should be stopping you from adding some more wild colors into the mix. Enjoy your drive!


2. Pastel Green Hair With Highlights

Pastel Green Highlight Hair

If you have bleached white locks, you don’t have to dye all of your hair pastel green. Highlights will do the job just as well. They will naturally blend in with your white tresses and create a delicate hairstyle.


3. Pastel Green Hair With Dipped Ends

Wonderful Pastel Green Hairstyle

Mixing green and red is a wonderfully brave idea! You can dye your locks pastel green and then make the ends red or burgundy depending on your preferences. You can use temporary dye for the red part.


4. Pastel Green and Purple Hair

 Pastel Green Hair color idea

A stylish pixie with green and purple highlights can definitely make an impression on your friends, family, and coworkers. Give it a go!

Short Pixie Hairstyles


5. Ombre + Purple Green Hair

Ombre Pastel Green Hair

Pastel green shades coupled with dirty purple hues can help you create a stylish ombre. You may have a hard time keeping the colors bright but the effort is nothing when you see the effect.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas


Did these pastel green hairstyles leave you wanting more? Use your imagination to come up with more striking color mixes!