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20 Flattering Short Hairstyles with Pastel Color

The spring season is approaching quickly, and before you know you’ll be enjoying the warm sunny days. How about getting a style shake-up?

This is the perfect time to try pastel hair shades that are soft, dreamy, and calming yet super stylish at the same time. If you are a blonde get your hair dye this instant but if you have dark tresses a little bit of bleach surely won’t hurt.

Pink, purple, blue, green, while the list of these pale nuances goes on, the following short pastel hairstyles will make your hair look even better!

Short Hairstyles with Pastel Colors

Express your fun and carefree side by opting for a short crop with the funkiest pastel tones on top!

1. Multi-Colored Mushroom Cut

short thick hair with pastel colors

The nostalgic mushroom cuts are emerging again among those usual bobs and pixies. Opt for blunt bangs that extend straight toward the back with an undercut or try a soft tapered version instead.

Achieve a pop of color by adding streaks of your pastel shades unevenly all over the head.

2. Cotton Candy Pixie

short pixie with pastel teal color

Cotton candy hair is too good to be true. Take part in this sweet hair trend by adding light pink streaks on a pastel blue base or vice versa.

Try the look on a pixie and sweep the strands sideward for a funky yet office-friendly look. Yummy!

3. Pastel Purple Feminine Quiff

short pastel purple hair

This messy short hairstyle with pastel colors in purple tones is perfect for all the bold ladies out there. Go for clipped sides and a long layered top with dark purple roots that lighten towards the ends.

Add silvers streaks for a frosted appeal and style the strands in a ruffled quiff.

4. Gray Undercut with Hidden Rainbow

short pastel rainbow hair

Try peekaboo hair with a twist. Ask for a pixie with long bangs that shorten towards the nape into a V-shape with an undercut along the sides.

Add pastel rainbow colors along the sides and on the roots while painting the remaining hair bluish-gray. Simply stunning!

5. Pink Pop Layers

short pastel pink hair

Pink hair is still in style. Celebrate your femininity with hot pink roots that turn pastel pink while reaching the tips. The key to achieving a seamless look lies in blending the colors perfectly together.

A textured shag with eye-covering bangs will look the best.

6. Frosted Silver Faux Hawk

short pastel silver pixie

Consider getting an androgynous short pastel hairstyle if you are not a girly girl type. Experiment with a pale steel blue nuance on a pixie cut.

Ask for plenty of texture and gather those strands on top in the middle to end up with a statement-making faux hawk.

7. Blue Gradient Bob with Bangs

short pastel blue hair

Gradient hairstyles are quite common but dark roots transitioning quickly into a lighter tone are not something seen every day.

Show your love for pastel colors with denim blue roots and icy blue tips. Flaunt your new hair shade with a blunt bob and uneven thick bangs.

8. Short Crop + Contrasting Angular Fringe

short asymmetrical haircut with pastel colors

Use your creativity to make sure your hairdo is one of a kind and here is an inspiration to start with. Try a super short textured crop with very long angular fringes that reach below the chin.

Add multi-tonal pastel stripes on the bangs keeping the remaining strands monochromatic. Wow!

9. Color Split French Bob

short pastel color bob with bangs

Looking for something classy when getting a hair color for short hair inspiraton with pastel colors? Nothing can be better than a chic French bob with wispy bangs.

Dye half of the front in a contrasting shade to add a groovy touch to an otherwise sophisticated haircut. Pale blue and green won’t look bad!

10. Vibrant Color Melt

short pastel orange hair

You can always add some vibrant shades if you find pastel tones too light. Make eyes pop wherever you go by chopping the mane into an angular short bob.

Set it on fire with fierce orange roots that melt seamlessly into a soft vanilla blonde tinge.

11. Icy Lavender Mullet

short pixie mullet with pastel color

Get wild this year with a hipster mullet defined by V-shaped bangs at the front with pointy sideburns and a bunch of long curls at the back.

Add a metallic shine to your mane with a frosted lavender base and icy platinum babylights.

12. Soft Pastel Highlights

short fine hair with pastel color

Highlights are a good idea for those hesitant to set step into the world of pastel colors. Consider getting a light base shade like this sterling silver to make the light pink and purple pop on top.

Get a sassy appeal with a face-hugging wedge cut and you won’t regret it!

13. Light Green Buzz

short buzz cut with pastel green color

Take a break from your tresses and associated styling with a groovy buzz cut. You can snip the strands at uniformly all over the head or leave the top slightly longer.

Bleach the strands and dye them pastel green for a refreshed makeover that can be achieved at home with ease.

14. Yellow Wedge Cut

short pastel yellow hair

Get a summery look by choosing a bright pastel orange base shade. Don’t stop here; spice up your locks further by coloring the tips vibrant yellow for a dip-dyed effect.

A wedge cut with sharply disconnected bangs, side locks, and a long straight back is sure to turn around many heads.

15. Sunset Shullet

short pastel hair for women over 50

This short pastel hairstyle will bring an entire sunset on your head. The shullet is a softer version of the traditional mullet with buzzed sides, a forward-swept textured top, and a neck-length back.

All you need is a touch of deep purple, hot pink, orange, and pale flamingo pink!

16. Ultra-Modern Short Haircut

short pastel hair

Can’t take off your eyes, right? If you’re confident enough to stand by your bold choices then this ultra-contemporary short hairdo is surely your shot.

Ask for a light sea foam green French bob, shaved sides, and long wavy bangs with orange and violet lowlights. That’s it!

17. Rose Brown + Powder Blue Streaks

short hair with pastel highlights

Create an eye-catching light and dark interplay by combining chunks of soft rose brown with frosted powder blue streaks. Avoid any third shade to achieve a flawless two-toned look.

A layered pixie cut with thick side-swept bangs is ideal to conceal a wide forehead.

18. Lilac and Lavender Love

short pastel lavender bob

Lilac and lavender are one of the dreamiest shades of purple. The only difference is that the former has a pinkish undertone while the latter lies more on the bluish side.

Dye your bob in whatever order to end up with a dreamy gradient that won’t be ignored.

19. Pastel Color Blast

messy short hairstyle with pastel colors

Purple and green create an eye-popping color contrast when it comes to hair. Go for a short shag with choppy layers and add varying pale tones of purple and green.

Some blue and yellow will make a huge difference. Don’t forget the brows!

20. Salmon Orange Choppy Bob

short pastel peach balayage hair

Here’s an idea for those who want a low-key short hairstyle with pastel colors. Get a chopped-up bob with a salmon orange base and a barely-there pastel orange balayage.

Don’t let go of your naturally dark roots completely and finish off with beach waves.

With style comes maintenance and all of these short pastel hairstyles require proper care to prevent the shades from fading too soon. Wash your hair less and with cold water using suitable shampoos and conditioners. Just a little effort and your hairdo will look like no one else’s!