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10 Famous Celebrities With Green Hair to Copy

We often look to celebrities for style advice because they aren’t afraid to experiment and post their results for their fans on social media platforms.

Whether changing it for a performance, a look on the red carpet, or a specific season, celebrities with green hair never cease to amaze us with their results. 

One aspect of their style they often change is their hairstyle and hair color. For example, green became a big trend because of its ability to make the wearer stand out through various dying techniques

Celebrities With Green Hair

Green wasn’t a trendy hair color until the last few years, but now all our favorite stars have joined in on the trend by dying their hair green color.

The following ten celebrities have green hair, but no two styles are alike. Instead, they have their style and color pairing, making their use of green dye unique.

Here are the top ten celebrities who have personified their style the best.

1. Cynthia Erivo – Buzz Cut

Cynthia Erivo With Green Hair

Here’s one celebrity who isn’t afraid to rock short hair! Cynthia’s dyed green buzz cut perfectly matches her Maison Valentino train, and she looks straight out of Wicked or the Wizard of Oz.

She pairs it with white and green earrings and silver eye shadow, which nicely contrasts her dark skin tone.

2. Billie Eilish – Two Tone

Billie Eilish With Green Hair

You can’t think of Billie Eilish without seeing her trademark slime-green and black hair.

Billie mentioned to her fans that it was the color and style she held the longest during her mental growth and stability.

In this picture, the green roots of her hair were paired with green earrings, offsetting her outfit’s dark blue and black tones.

3. Lady Gaga – Barely There

Lady Gaga With Green Hair

Lad Gaga goes for a vintage look in this picture and pulls it off perfectly! Her curled bob and pastel green hair match her fair complexion and pink lipstick.

Gaga wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t push boundaries, as she also dyed her armpit hair green!

4. Nicki Minaj – Dip Dyed Hair

Nicki Minaj With Green Hair

Nicki Minaj expresses herself through her many styles and color variation of wigs. In 2010, she wore a platinum blonde wig with dipped green bangs at the American Music Awards.

She pairs her wig with lots and lots of pink and gold, which makes her look like Cleopatra.

5. Hilary Duff – Ocean Waves

Hilary Duff With Green Hair

Hilary Duff told fans that her green hair was inspired by the ocean when she was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The shade of green she picked matches well with colors like white and purple. This is an effortless style to attempt if you want to make a change.

6. Chloe Norgaard – Pastels

Chloe Norgaard With Green Hair

Chloe is known for My Little Pony hair because of the often bright and multi-colored ways she dyes her hair.

She uses more pastel green for her hair in this picture, as it matches the floral hat and earrings she is wearing, giving her a fun tropical look.

7. Bella Thorne – Green Ombre

Bella Thorne With Green Hair

Bella Thorne’s long hairstyle in this picture is an ombre green mermaid style. The top of her hair is sunburst orange with silver glitter, while the tips are neon green.

Bella pairs her hair with orange eye shadow, red lipstick, and a black suit, which makes the green pop.

8. Avril Lavigne – Money Piece Highlights

Avril Lavigne With Green Hair

Avril Lavigne loves to go with a straight-haired style with a splash of color that embraces her punk roots.

Her picture shows that even a basic haircut can be trendy with a splash of color with the money piece streaks. Avril’s haircut shows why she is one of the most stylish celebrities with green hair.

9. Mabel – The Grinch

Mabel With Green Hair
Instagram / mabel

This celebrity sported grinch green hair at the Jingle Bell Ball, where she performed. She pairs her hair color with a white jacket, a diamond stud onesie, black leggings, and white boots with fur.

Mabel looks like she lives in a winter wonderland or is visiting from the south pole.

10. Saweetie – Feathered Hair

Saweetie With Green Hair
Instagram / saweetie

This fun and flirty selfie from Saweetie shows how she matched her green-colored bob with flipped ends to her green daggered nails.

Matching colored accessories can add to your style, as shown by this celebrity with green hair. This shade of green matches her bronze skin tone very well.

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed seeing these top ten celebrities with green hair who wasn’t afraid to take risks. Their confidence will inspire you and give you many fun hair coloring style goals.

There is a style for everyone, whether it is dipped bangs, pastel colors, or neon green. Green is a great hair color because it pairs well with many clothing colors and light and dark skin tones, making the wearer stand out.

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