15 Stunning Short Ombre Hair Ideas for 2020

We have created a list of 15 of the best short ombre haircuts and styles. In the hairstyling community, ombre traditionally means color which blends seamlessly from one shade into another. However, many people on the internet now use the term “ombre” to mean a hairstyle which contains 2 or more different colors and shades. We have used both definitions in our list.


Ombre on Short Hair

Ombre coloring can look amazing on long haircuts, but it often looks most effective on short hairstyles. Ombre short hair works really well because the cuts and colors need to be more dramatic. This gives the wearer more opportunity to show off their personality as part of their hairstyle.


#1: Short Ombre With Bob

For a fierce and fashionable short ombre hairstyle, cut your hair into a sloping bob. Your hair will be longer at the front of your face than it is at the rear of your head.


#2: Gorgeous Green With Ombre

short green ombre hairstyle

Turn heads with a short ombre hairstyle which is bright green. Color the style so that it subtly segues from a dark-colored parting into fresh bright green tips.


#3: Short & Ombre Half Up – Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down hairstyle with short ombre

Use hair grips to pin half of your hairstyle up whilst leaving the other half of your style down. Pinning your hair like this can help to show off the color changes in your short ombre hairstyle.


#4: Cute Bob with Ombre Under-layer

short bob cut with ombre

A lightly layered chin-length bob is a super cute haircut for people with ombre hair colors. Color the underlayers of your hairstyle whilst leaving the top layer of your hair its natural color.


#5: Lightly Curled Bob with Dusky Purple Shades

short curly bob with purple ombre

Subtle curls look amazing when they are colored with a gorgeous dusky purple color. Use ombre hairstyle techniques to seamlessly segue dirty blonde color into dusky pinks and purples.

The Reverse Ombre Ideas


#6: Heavy Side Fringe A Mild Ombre On Short Hair

Get in touch with your emo side with a short ombre hairstyle with a heavy fringe. Black and bright blue shades set each other off perfectly because of the intense color contrast.


#7: Shaggy Half ‘n’ Half Bob Black and Red/Pink Ombre

Shaggy bobs are heavy short hairstyles which have a lot of movement. Add an extra dimension to your shaggy bob by coloring your hair two very distinct colors. Red/pink and black create a fantastic contrast when they are paired up with one another.


#8: Signature Fringe

short ombre hairstyle with fringe

Short ombre hairstyles look amazing with a signature fringe. Keep most of your hairstyle the same color, but dye your sweeping fringe a different dramatic color.


#9: Tousled Bob

short ombre with tousled bob

Tousled hairstyles look even better when they are created on ombre hair. The subtle color changes really help the tousled sections of the hairstyle to stand out against the darker background colors.


#10: Ice Queen

short ombre haircut with icy blonde

Create an ice queen hairstyle by teaming up platinum blonde hair with a blue shade. Show off your blue ombre hair by using curlers to flick your hair out and away from your face.


#11: Purple Top Layers with Dark Underlay

For a really dramatic short ombre haircut, dye the top layer of your hair a bright color. Leave the lower layers a dramatic black color. This creates a really dramatic effect that will be sure to turn some heads.


#12:  Messy Short Ombre Style

Messy short ombre hairstyles are low maintenance yet they look great. All that you need to do is run a little bit of soft hold hair gel through your hair when you get out of bed.


#13: Purple Passion

If you are passionate about the color purple, then choose to dye your hair an amazing purple ombre color. Your hair should blend from pinky lighter purple shades into darker bluey purple colors for the best look.


#14: Dark Roots With Short Ombre

short ombre haircut with dark roots

Mossy dark roots can actually help your hair to look thicker and more textured. Keeping your roots darker also helps to highlight the bright colors at the tips of your hairstyle.


#15: Subtle Ombre Highlights

subtle ombre highlights for short hair

Sometimes the most effective ombre colors are the most subtle ones. A short ombre hairstyle in a bob shape looks great with very delicate ombre highlighting.



Short ombre hair is the perfect choice for women who want to show off their facial features and highlight their cool personalities. For a unique look, ask your stylist to give you a variation on one of the short ombre hair ideas from our great list. Alternatively, try out one of the other fantastic lists on hairstylesout.com.