Top 15 Mohawk Ponytails for Ladies

You can’t deny the eye-catching quality of ponytails with a mohawk. It’s such an unlikely combination, yet it looks right at home on the catwalk. Forget about your boring, everyday ponytail—it’s been done and then overdone. Make a bold choice. Take a chance. Remember, hair grows back, so there’s no reason to avoid taking risks with it.


How to Style Ponytail With Mohawk

If you’ve never seen a mohawk ponytail, then you have no idea how much potential ponytails truly have. Don’t just throw up your hair and tie it with an elastic. Shave your sides, or slick them back. Using a bump, braid, bun, or teasing comb, add some sky-high volume to your crown. Even if your mohawk isn’t the genuine article, you can fake the fab,

#1. All Twisted Up

Twisted Mohawk Ponytail hairstyle

You can do a lot to a ponytail with a mohawk and never worry about overwhelming it. Here, protective twists are twisted themselves, creating a bump of volume that doubles as a mohawk, before being secured with an elastic. Can I just say, “va-va-voom”?

High Ponytail Hairstyle for Every Woman Out There


#2. Small Center Braid

Mohawk Ponytail with braid hairstyle

Your mohawk doesn’t have to be pronounced; even something small will stand out as an eye-popping detail. A tightly plaited braid running up the center of your crown is more than enough. Add a little glam by wrapping a strand of hair around your ponytail fastener.


#3. Double the ‘Hawk

Mohawk Ponytail hair for black women

There’s no reason in the world you shouldn’t get inventive with your mohawk. Who cares if it’s a modern take or a signature interpretation? Darling, that’s how hairstyles evolve. If your hair is done up in thick twists or braids, then make your mohawk out of oversized buns. Smaller plaits can result in many buns.

Fohawk or Mohawk- Which One to Go For?


#4. Puffed ‘Hawk

How cool is this coif? I told you—it’s possible to get incredibly inventive with a mohawk ponytail. Although this style appears complex, it really involves nothing more than a bunch of elastics and a teasing comb.


#5. French Braided

Mohawk Ponytail hairstyle you like

It’s quite easy to create a mohawk out of a French braid, as well. Again, just for the lift, you’ll want to tease it a bit. As you can see, it’s possible to pull the sides tight and slick instead of actually shaving them. Not everyone wants to make that kind of commitment.


#6. Multicolored and Crimped

All right, I give. This isn’t exactly a ponytail—it’s more of a braid, held tight with a banana clip. I don’t care because it’s the most magical unicorn hairstyle I’ve ever seen and I’m compelled to share it with all of you. Honestly, it’s a masterpiece. Woof.


#7. Shaved Sides

shaved Mohawk Ponytail hairstyle

Many ponytails with a mohawk fake the shaved sides. Going the authentic route requires bravery and confidence. It will sharply delineate your features and draw attention to your face, jaw, and neck.

Give A Shot to Braided Mohawk


#8. Long Mohawk Ponytail


#9. Short Mohawk Ponytail 


#10. Ponytail Mohawk with Curls


#11. Three Ponytail Mohawk


#12. Mohawk Ponytail for Black Hair


#13. Dutch Braided Mohawk Ponytail


#14. Mohawk Ponytail with Weave


#15. Mohawk Ponytail for Little Girl


Ponytails with a mohawk have a pretty, punk rock appeal. It’s the perfect combination for women who are eager to embrace an edgy aesthetic. Could you wear a mohawk with your ponytail?