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12 Charming Banana Clip Hairstyles Trending in 2024

If there is any hairstyle that is coming back in 2024, it’s one that makes us nostalgic for a simpler time. Case in point: banana clip hairstyles, which were very popular in the ’80s are popping up on the hair trend list for this year.

Banana clips are U-shaped hair accessories with two plastic sides and a middle lined with little ‘teeth.’ It functions a lot like a hair claw but can create a wider variety of hairstyles.

As if being versatile and absolutely adorable wasn’t enough, banana clips are said to be easier on the hair than your regular old hair tie.

They work for every hair texture and almost any hair length, so why wouldn’t you try them?

Cute Banana Clip Hairstyles

These 12 hairstyles are about to show you why you need to run out and pick up a couple of banana clips for yourself!

1. Smooth Half Updo

banana clip hairstyle for medium length hair

Whether you’re just going into the office for another work day or you’re going out in a little black dress, smoothly comb your hair back into a half ponytail and secure it with a banana clip.

2. Black Afro Updo with Red Clip

banana clip hairstyle for black women

For Black women who want to get their afro hair up off their shoulders, comb it all up into a large ponytail shape but use a printed clip to keep it all together. Against dark hair, we love a bold red striped hair clip.

3. Curly Highlighted Hair

banana clip hairstyle with highlights

Your banana clip doesn’t have to secure all your hair back away from your face.

Show off those new blonde highlights you just got and your beautiful curly hair by leaving some of it loose to lie along your face and over your forehead.

4. Ponytail with Side Bang

woman with 80s banana clip hairstyle

Instead of tying your ponytail up with a regular hair tie, let a banana clip keep it all together.

Use one to make a high ponytail at the back or the side of your head. Soften the hairstyle with a short layered side bang.

5. Updo for Thick Wavy Hair

banana clip hairstyle for frizzy hair

If you’re blessed enough to have long blonde hair with natural curls or waves, count yourself lucky and call it your duty to show it off. A low updo is all you need to tame and flaunt it gorgeously.

6. Pinned Up Bun

updo with banana clip

A low bun is one hairstyle every woman has reached for at one point or another. Put a twist on it, literally, by making a low pony and twisting it up before pinning it in place with a banana clip.

7. Salt and Pepper Curls

banana clip hairstyle with grey hair

For older women with naturally curly salt and pepper hair, we love a sophisticated half-up-half-down style. It only takes a minute to smooth the hair back at the crown and slide a banana clip in.

8. Twisted Half Updo

half up half down hairstyle with banana clip

Is your hair shoulder-length or longer? Opt for a casual half-updo. Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail shape, then twist it up and around once or twice before securing it with a clip that matches your hair color.

9. Top Knot

high updo with banana clip

A high updo is a great look whether it’s a blazingly hot summer, you just want your hair off your shoulders, or you’re looking for a chic hairstyle.

We love this slicked-back high top knot with its little twist. A black banana clip on black hair is a seamless look.

10. Curly Hair with Side Twist

banana clip hairstyle for curly hair

Perfect spiral curls like this will be perfectly seen in a mid-height updo. Make the look a little more interesting by twisting a section of hair at the side and pinning that in with the rest of your hair.

11. Teased ’90s Updo

80s banana clip hairstyle

What girl doesn’t like the way her hair looks with more height and volume, especially when it’s a vintage 90s updo?

Get this easily by adding large waves to your hair, teasing the hair at the front and crown of your head, and then making a high ponytail.

12. Curly High Half Updo

half up banana clip hairstyle

Tight ringlets like these are best shown off in a half updo, so slick back the top half of your hair into a high section and secure it in place with your favorite banana clip.

If you’re having trouble deciding which of these banana clip hairstyles is your favorite, that means we’ve done our job!

You can pick up a pack of these hair clips at any store that sells hair accessories. Grab some in both neutral and colorful styles to give any of your hairstyles a fun nostalgic ‘90s feel.

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